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ANTHEM - Part 2

[sfx: footsteps]
Kanata: Nayuta. I brought you a cola.
Nayuta: Ah, thanks.
Kanata: This afterparty is such a pain in the ass.
Nayuta: It could be worse. If they're gonna give us some good food, we may as well, Kanata.
[sfx: VISTY approacheth]
Shogo: Um... Kanata-san. Nayuta-san.
Kanata and Nayuta: Hah?
Shogo: Ah, it's just... we wanted to thank you for helping us out that time we ran into each other!
[sfx: VISTY bowing]
Toma, Aoi, and Kantaro: Thank you for your help!
Kanata and Nayuta: ...???
Kanata: Hah? What do you mean 'help'?
Nayuta: I don't remember doing anything worth getting bowed to over.
Toma: Ah-- it's just, we're able to be here now thanks to the two of you.
Aoi: Could you please listen to what we have to say?
Kantaro: Please.
Kanata and Nayuta: ...
Nayuta: Knock yourselves out.
VISTY: ...!
Shogo: It's just that... to tell the truth, we were really in a precarious position back when we had our battle together.
Kantaro: Our agency was on the verge of letting us go, and we were having to deal with being called LeftoVISTY.
Aoi: It felt like no matter what we did, nothing was going to work.
Toma: Totally hitting rock bottom.
Shogo: We were even going to be forcibly disbanded unless we showed results in the Paradox Live.
Nayuta: Hm?
Shogo: But we got a wake-up call that day in the park. Our eyes were forced open. That's what kept us going on stage instead of running away. Even against us, the two of you pulled no punches in our fight.
Nayuta: Psh. Of course we didn't.
Kanata: Anything else won't fly in that venue.
Shogo: But even so!
Toma: I was so happy! That even if we were totally out of our depth, cozmez still went all out against us.
Aoi: It's been a long time since anyone took us that seriously. And now, VISTY's music...
Kantaro: It's because of that that we were able to get braver. Even if there's only four of us, we can still shine and illuminate our Stellas!
Kanata and Nayuta: ...
Nayuta: And? Are you done yet?
Aoi: Ah! No! It's just that because of that...
Kantaro: We've parted ways with our agency.
Kanata and Nayuta: Hah?
Kantaro: After all of that, we gained a huge boom in followers. And so, so many Stellas came to our live shows. So the agency decided to revisit how we'd be moving forward, but...
Shogo: We decided we were done. We made up our minds for ourselves.
Nayuta: Oh?
Kanata: And?
VISTY: --!
Aoi: We found VISTY's sound at the Paradox Live, and we want to believe in that.
Toma: Because even if you're in the gutter, you can still look up and see the stars.
Kantaro: We're idols, after all! As long as you don't forget who you are, you can keep sparkling no matter where you are.
Shogo: So will you please wait for us? We're definitely going to make it there and show you who we are. The four of us will shine brightly one day. I'm sure of it. We'll make our lies come true.
Kanata: ... Hm.
Nayuta: Nah. We're not gonna do that.
Kanata: We're gonna keep going higher.
Nayuta: Sure are. ... so, I guess you're just gonna have to try to keep up.
VISTY: Y-yes!
[sfx: people moving]
Toma: That was wild! To hear Nayuta-san say that we should keep trying to keep up!
Shogo: Ah, I was so nervous...
Aoi: It's alright. Should I go get some stomach medicine?
[sfx: VISTY leave]
Kanata: ... ah. Like I said, a total pain in the ass.
Nayuta: Heh. Kanata. You're making that face.
Kanata: What face.
Nayuta: You're furrowing your brow really hard.
Kanata: Hmph.
Nayuta: Heh. Well. I'm gonna go find Shiki. You gonna be alright on your own?
Kanata: ... hmph. You don't have to treat me like a little kid.
Nayuta: Well, I'll see you in a bit.
Kanata: Yeah.
[sfx: footsteps, Nayuta leaves]
Iori: Well hey there! You havin' fun, Kanata?
Kanata: Hah?
Zen: Here! I brought you some food, Kanata-kun. [handing Kanata a plate] It seems like you haven't eaten yet.
Kanata: Ah. ... thanks.
Zen: If you make sure to eat well and build up some muscle, you'll feel much better!
Kanata: ...
Zen: ... the final battle was a good one. Things got really heated.
Kanata: Yeah.
Iori: You're still the same as ever, ain't'cha? Would it kill you to look a bit happy for once?
Kanata: Why? We still lost in the end.
Iori: That may be so. [shifting] But, it was a fun time, wasn't it?
Kanata: Ah?
Iori: Standing on stage with Nayuta, I mean.
Kanata: ...
Iori: You've been makin' music for a while now, but this time, 'ya felt a lot more dangerous than y'did before.
Zen: You had total faith in your little brother. It felt like one wrong step and you'd get totally swept away in you two's vibe.
Kanata: ... you did good too.
Iori: Oh?
Kanata: The second round was really intense.
Iori: [laughs] Is that so! We really thought we were gonna beat you this time, but so much for that, huh?
Zen: We really pushed and pushed each other right up to the limit. The sparks were really flying. That kind of battle isn't the kind of thing just anyone can do. ... thanks. I'm glad we got the chance to know the two of you.
Kanata: ... yeah. S'the same for us.
Iori and Zen: [chuckle]
Iori: You're lookin' a lot better these days, Kanata.
Kanata: Hah?
Iori: Back at the start, you really looked like shit, like a stray cat that'd been goin' through it, thinkin' that the whole world was against you all the time with all your fur standin' up on end.
Kanata: ...
Iori: Hey, Kanata.
Kanata: Hm?
Iori: Are you happy now?
Kanata: ... ... I'm not satisfied yet.
Iori: That so?
Zen: Ah, look, you still haven't eaten at all! Kanata-kun.
Kanata: No, I'm just not hungry.
Zen: Ah, but you're so skinny! You won't be able to win the next one like that!
Iori: Well, then! Feels like we're buildin' up a bit of a long-standing grudge with 'ya.
Zen: Third time's the charm! Next time we're gonna blow you out of the water!
Kanata: ...
Iori: We'll get our revenge for sure. You and Nayuta oughta watch your backs.
Kanata: ...! ... heh. We're not gonna lose to you. We'll show you hell again next time.
Iori: Hah! Sounds like a plan. It'd be disappointing to see a stray cat turn tame that easily.
Zen: Give Nayuta-kun our regards as well!
Iori: Best regards.
Zen: Be sure to eat well! If you're ever hungry, feel free to stop by. You're always welcome.
[sfx: footsteps]
Kanata: ... at least I can eat now.
[sfx: Kanata eating]
Kanata: ... this is good.

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