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ANTHEM - Part 1

[sfx: footsteps]
Chungsung: My, this certainly is a splendid party, isn't it? All eight teams that participated in the Paradox Live coming together all at once-- it certainly is a sight to behold.
Dongha: Hmph. I have no use for it. I am only in attendance as a matter of obligation.
Chungsung: Bocchama, is it not a party in your honor as well?
Dongha: To hell with that.
Chungsung: [chuckle]
Dongha: What?
Chungsung: Apologies, I mean no disrespect. I am simply already enjoying myself quite thoroughly.
Dongha: Hah?
Chungsung: To be a member of AMPRULE, and to have the honor of standing by your side as a partner. Words fail to capture the depths of my pleasure. Ah... how could I be expected to not enjoy it?
Dongha: [sigh]
Chungsung: "There will be no second chances". Such was the word of the master, and it took no small amount of effort to convince him to overturn that decision, but the negotiations were worth it.
Dongha: Is that so.
Chungsung: Indeed, it is quite so.
Dongha: [sigh] I would never have taken you for the type to have such a conversation with my father.

[flashback begins]
[sfx: footsteps]
Chungsung: With all due respect, master, before bocchama receives his scolding from you, might I venture to say something?
Dongha's Father: I have no time for your excuses.
Chungsung: It is true that a loss is a loss. But if I may speak, as one humble Baek Chungsung, I tremble at the magnitude of your brilliance.
Dongha's Father: What do you mean by that?
Chungsung: I am certain that it is through the master's trustworthy discretion that our continued participation in the Paradox Live was permitted. If Bocchama were to win, then the status of the Yeon family would of course benefit further. It would be a master stroke that would serve as testament to Dongha's superiority over all others. However, even if we were to lose once more, it would teach Dongha -- who otherwise would know no failure -- the bitterness of defeat. I can think of no trial more suited to his becoming a more perfect successor. No-- I would even call it a blessing of the love of a parent. As a lion will drop its own cubs off a cliff[1], so too is the decision made by the master.
Dongha's Father: ...
Chungsung: Please take a look at the current Bocchama. The return on your actions, Master, is plain to see. Speaking as a butler who so loves Dongha, how can I thank you enough? Your humble Baek Chungsung cannot find sufficient words.
[flashback ends]

[sfx: chatter]
Dongha: Honestly... it is completely out of line for you to speak to father without me present. You're being presumptuous. You utter fool.
Chungsung: Should you fear that I have faced no repurcussions, I reassure you that the other night was more than sufficient. However, if you feel that you have not yet done so sufficiently, then--
Dongha: That's enough! ... what matters is, a loss is a loss. [sigh] I learned a lot in this defeat. Wars are not won by a single person.
Chungsung: --! ... indeed. Once you stand on stage, countless worms gather at your feet, drawn close by the blinding light that shines forth.
Dongha: That's just the kind of power I have. I can continue to forge my way higher.
Chungsung: I could not agree more.
Dongha: This is something I have to do. It is a necessary prelude to my defeating Yeon Hajun.
Chungsung: Oh?
Dongha: I'm certain I will overtake him, on the path that I chose for myself. It is only in service of that that I am here and that I raise a glass. ... [sigh] So what are you staring at like an idiot!? Hurry up and go get me something to drink! You stupid pig!
Chungsung: Yes, sir. Straight away.
[sfx: footsteps]
Allen: Hey, Dongha! You came!
Dongha: --! Sugasano Allen. [sigh] ... what do you want. Did you want to come gloat about your victory?
Allen: Oh, no, not at all! It's just-- that time we met before our battle, we kind of parted ways in a hurry, yeah? So I just wanted to know how you're hanging in there.
Dongha: I do not need concern from the likes of you.
Allen: Well, maybe so-- but, you know, it was kinda fun, right?
Dongha: Hah?
Allen: I'm talking about the battle! You had a really intense expression, and you put on a great performance!
Dongha: I did--?
Allen: Yeah! I'd never have guessed it was your first time doing something like that! But it's totally what I'd expect of Hajun's little brother! It's like, the moment you stand on stage, you'd already taken the world for yourself.
[sfx: Dongha expressing concern as Allen clearly invades his personal space]
Allen: You guys are a duo too, but you've got a totally different feeling from someone like cozmez! The strings and the percussion on the track all come together in this great cohesive way, but the best part was that it was also still totally hiphop!
[sfx: Dongha REALLY getting uncomfortable]
Allen: And the lyrics you put down on it were great too! And like, the fact that you're a team that can get away with calling your heads worms is something else! [laughs] Like, it's the first time I've ever seen something like that!
Dongha: You're so close...
Allen: But I'm not saying it's a bad thing! Oh, by the way, Dongha, how long have you been doing hiphop? And how long have you been working with Battler?
Dongha: What on earth are you doing!? Chungsung, get back here this instant! I'm going to make you wish you'd never been born after this--!
Allen: [simultaneously] Like, I don't know what's up with that guy at all, and that quiz he gave us was totally weird--


[sfx: glass clinking]
Anne: Cheers!
[sfx: Anne drinking]
Anne: Aaah, victory champagne is the best!
Hajun: You're drinking too much, Anne. The party has only just begun.
Anne: It's fine, it's fine. Now, let's see, where can I get a refill...
Chungsung: Allow me, Anne Faulkner-sama.
Anne: Thaaank-- ... you?
Chungsung: My sincerest congratulations on your victory. As one of those who went against you in the first round, I too am overflowing with emotionality.
Anne: Ah... yeah.
Hajun: Did you come here just to say that, Chungsung?
Chungsung: By no means. I also wanted to say a few words to bocchama for what happened the other day.
Hajun: I am not your bocchama anymore.
Chungsung: [audibly smiling] Oh, my sincerest apologies, that is my mistake.
Anne: [aside] He totally did that on purpose.
Hajun: Your point?
Chungsung: I would like to report that Amprule has obtained permission from the master to continue our activities in Japan.
Anne: Oh, well that's good to hear!
Chungsung: It is not easy to say so, but I must thank Hajun-sama for giving bocchama a push forward at the airport that day.
Hajun: Is that all?
Chungsung: Not at all. I would like to give you an advance warning. Now that he knows defeat, Dongha-sama has become stronger. The day will come where he stands to usurp your throne.
Hajun: [laughs] Well, I hope you're right. But aren't you counting chickens before the eggs have even been laid?[2]
Anne: You're not going to catch up to us that easily. We're going to get there before anyone else. That's why we're BAE, after all.
Chungsung: I will keep that in mind. Now, then. If I am too late returning to bocchama, then... [chuckles] Surely, I will receive quite the scolding. with that, I take my leave.
[sfx: footsteps]
Anne: Chungsung-san is still the same... ah, how should I put this...?
Hajun: He's still as much of a total creep[3] as he ever was.
Anne: "Total creep"?
Hajun: Yes.
Anne: ...
Hajun: Is something the matter? Why are you looking at me like that?
Anne: It's just... [bursting out laughing] Hearing you say 'total creep'!
Hajun: Yes?
Anne: Hearing 'total creep' out of Hajun... it's too gap moe!!
Hajun: Anne, are you drunk?
Anne: I'm not drunk, I'm not drunk! It's just! 'Total creep', really! Hajun, you're too funny!
Hajun: This, over 'total creep'? I don't get you at all. I didn't think I was saying something funny...
Anne: [laughing]

[1] This is a very old apocryphal thing, wherein lions throw their cubs off of cliffs and only bother to raise the ones that survive the fall. As such it refers to like, very tough-love parenting.
[2] Literally he says "You're a hundred years early for that". (If you're like me, you may recognize this phrasing from EarthBound.) We don't really say it in English; it just means you're getting way ahead of yourself. I chose to translate it this way to maintain some of the idiomatic nature of the line while adding a little extra flair.
[3] What Hajun says is that Chungsung is キモい, literally gross/creepy, and the reason Anne laughs at this is because it's very crass and childish sounding-- specifically, it sounds like something a teenage girl would say. I joked that I should really have him say "he still gives me the ick" but I feel like that's a bridge too far.

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