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REVOLUTION - Part Buraikan

Yuto: Raimentei, Raimentei... oh, this must be it. I received an invitation from Buraikan to come here, but why on earth would a place like this be...? ... "Reserved today"...? Is this the wrong place, after all...?
[sfx: door opening]
Yuto: Um, excuse me, but--
Chisei: Yo! You made it!
Yuto: Y-Yasha-san!? And SUZAKU-san and KANATA-san, too... I-I'm sorry to keep you waiting!
Allen: Ah, we both just got here, too!
Kanata: ... he's like a totally different person, huh.
Chisei: Anyway, Shura's over there. In the kitchen! While I was gone he went off and became an old man who runs a ramen shop. It's hilarious, right?
Haruomi: ... be quiet.
Yuto: Um... ah...
Haruomi: Hurry up and sit down.
Yuto: Yessir!

[sfx: door closing]
Haruomi: Well, then. Sugasano Allen. Yatonokami Kanata. Inukai Yuto. I've gathered you here as the leaders of the teams going into the finals.
Allen, Kanata, and Yuto: ...
Haruomi: First of all. Let me congratulate you on a job well done.
Chisei: Oi, oi, is that all you've got? Surely you've got some more praise to lavish on them. First of all: BAE. You've made it this far again, same as you've done before. Ah, the shade that 48 pulled out in the battle against AMPRULE was pretty good! It was totally savage and didn't mess around. [laughs] It almost makes you feel a bit giddy, right?
Haruomi: Even while continuously improving yourselves, BAE have managed to maintain their signature sound. You managed to pull off what seemed to be impossible. Since the battle with TCW, you seem to have become more secure in where you stand.
Allen: Thank you so much!!
Chisei: Next up is cozmez. You're really strong. Though we already knew that.
Kanata: Yeah.
Chisei: I mean, to put it bluntly, you must have wondered what was going on when we put you up against VISTY in the first round.
Kanata: ... yeah, that was...
Chisei: But, you still didn't cut a single corner. And VISTY came back at you at full power. Even I have to admit, it was a little surprising to see those kids who had been hanging their heads suddenly shining bright on stage.
Haruomi: Being able to draw out the best in your opponents as well... you fight a worthy battle as the defending champions. And your battle with Akan Yatsura was--
Chisei: Super close, right? You could really see the sparks flying. Neither side gave an inch. For real, it was a  match for the ages.
Kanata: ... sure.
Chisei: [laughs] Still as cold as ever. Right, then. Then last up, we've got the ones who pulled out the win in the comeback round: GokuLuck.
Yuto: Y-yessir!
Chisei: You don't have to be so formal.
Yuto: ... b...but...
Chisei: You're totally different from how you are on stage, huh?
Yuto: I... hear that a lot...
Haruomi: The losers' round was defined by explosiveness and momentum. GokuLuck pulled out in front of the rest in that regard.
Chisei: Thanks to your rowdy attitude, right?
Yuto: I-I'm sorry!
Chisei: Nah, it's a compliment. No matter who you're up against, you bite down hard and give them a thrashing with your music. It was a good fight!
Haruomi: Not giving up until the end... that's exactly it. It was the insatiable desire to win that brought you the victory. Your wills rose up with GokuLuck's sound and bound the heads' hearts to you.
Yuto: ... yes.
Haruomi: But the real game is just beginning. Paradox Live: Road to Legend doesn't end just at determining which team is the strongest.
Chisei: It's an event to find which team is going to become Buraikan’s successors.
Haruomi: The finals. The next moves you make will decide it all.
Allen, Kanata, and Yuto: --!
Chisei: The theme you'll be writing songs for is... "REVOLUTION". An upheaval. [1]
Haruomi: Come prepared to  literally take the throne from us.
Allen, Kanata, and Yuto: --!
Allen: Revolution... a sound that can turn everything upside down... We can make a new future with our music. We can raise our flag and show the world who we are with our sound.
Kanata: Whatever the theme, cozmez are going to be the same as ever. Our music is the only thing we believe in.
Yuto: Revolution... seizing freedom with GokuLuck's sound... ... heh. I don't know why but I feel like I'm starting to get excited. I haven't felt like this in a long time.
Chisei: Oh? Getting the pre-battle jitters? Are you gonna just let this guy get a head start?
Allen: Eh? Ah, no, no! I'm super excited, too!
Kanata: 'Super excited'? Are you a little kid?
Allen: It's just--! You feel the same, right, KANATA?
Kanata: Hah?
Allen: I've been thinking for a while that I wanted a chance to go against cozmez again! So I can't afford to lose!
Kanata: ...
Allen: Do you not feel the same, KANATA?
Kanata: Eh.
Allen: Well, this time around, BAE is going to win!
Kanata: You say that.
Yuto: Ah... um...
Allen: Huh?
Kanata: Hah?
Yuto: I-it may not be my place to say as a newcomer, but since we've gotten this far, we don't intend to lose, either.
Allen and Kanata: ...
Yuto: ... ... ah! Sorry, sorry! I'm not trying to pick a fight or anything...
Allen: ... [laugh] No, I get it, though! If we're standing on the same stage, it doesn't matter what came before or what comes later. In the moment, we're all equal as friends and rivals.
Kanata: We're not holding back. We'll show you hell.
Yuto: ... ... thank you very much.
Chisei: Well! I think things are starting to heat up nicely, aren't they?
Haruomi: Mm. Show us your full power.
Chisei: Who will inherit the legend? The revolution is just beginning.
Allen and Yuto: Yes!
Kanata: Yeah, yeah.
Haruomi: Incidentally, I have one more favor to ask, since I've called you all the way to the store.
Allen: Favor?
Haruomi: Yes. This.
[sfx: bowls being placed]
Kanata: Hah? Ramen?
Haruomi: It's a new dish. Thought I'd have you taste test.
Yuto: A taste...?
Chisei: Ahaha! He's been so busy with Buraikan business lately that he hasn't been giving any love to the restaurant. Didn't I hear you say that sales were down?
Haruomi: Shut up.
Chisei: So he wants to put something new on the menu to boost sales. Well, go ahead and eat it, and let him know what you think. If it sucks, just go ahead and say it.
Haruomi: Hey! ... give me your honest feedback. I don't want to serve anything half-assed.
Yuto: Ah... a... thank you very much. I'm just a little bit intimidated.
Haruomi: Don't worry about it. For today I'm just an old man who runs a ramen shop.
Chisei: Right, right! So go ahead and eat it before it starts getting cold.
Allen: Then...
Kanata: Fine.
Yuto: Itadakimasu].
Allen: Itadakimasu].
[sfx: chopsticks, eating sfx]
Allen: --!
Kanata: --!
Yuto: This is--!
Chisei: [laughs] Tastes like a revolution, right?

[1] Literally what he says is "revolution" in English and then rephrases in Japanese, but I tweaked this so it scans better.

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