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Rokuta: Yaaay, karaage~! And perfect hamburger steak, too! And super fluffy omurice, too, I'm so happy~! Tonight's dinner is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen~!
Itsuki: I believe you are the one who suggested that, because this meal is a send-off for the Paradox Live, we should pull out all the stops on dinner, Rokuta.
Rokuta: [eating] Oh, yeah, I did say that, didn't I? Even though the results were really frustrating to get back, the Paradox Live was still a lot of fun, wasn't it~?
Kei: ...
Rokuta: Kei-chan?
Kei: ... ah. Sorry. Were you saying something?
Itsuki: Are you not feeling well? You're barely even moving your chopsticks.
Rokuta: Maybe he's having a worse trap reaction than usual...?
Kei: No, it's nothing like that. I was just... thinking about something.
Rokuta: Thinkin' about something?
Kei: ... yes. I was thinking about what's going to become of us now.
Rokuta and Itsuki: --!
Kei: 1Nm8 was a team formed with the express purpose of winning the Paradox Live and addressing the danger posed by phantometal.
Itsuki: However, our loss has made achieving that goal far more difficult... yes, we must reassess our plans for future activity.
Rokuta: I mean... I guess that's right, yeah.
Kei: Our thoughts were not able to reach the world. So is there really any point in 1Nm8 continuing to do phantom lives...?
Itsuki: ...
Rokuta: Umm... maybe we can, like, take a break from doing phantom lives for a while?
Itsuki: "Take a break"?
Rokuta: I'm thinking, maybe the three of us could get away from doing music for a little while, and go somewhere far away, like to relax. Like, Kei-chan, you really love the sea, right? So maybe it'd be nice to go to a town near the sea or something!
Itsuki: ...
Kei: I think that may be a good option to consider.
Itsuki: Kei...
Kei: ... but is that really what you think, Rokuta?
Rokuta: Huh...?
Itsuki: Rokuta, you certainly seemed to enjoy being on stage during the Paradox Live quite a lot. I find it difficult to believe that you would be so eager to walk away from doing music.
Kei: It's very kind of you, Rokuta. You're trying to be considerate of me, aren't you?
Rokuta: ... yeah. To tell the truth... I wanna keep 1Nm8 going, if it's at all possible! Being in the Paradox Live was super exciting. We went out there as one, and gave it our all... and so many people were cheering for us. My heart was pounding like crazy. I kept thinking, "I wanna keep doing this forever".
Kei and Itsuki: ...
Rokuta: But... but even saying that, Kei-chan and Itsuki-nii are my top priorities. If Kei-chan doesn't think there's any point in continuing to do phantom lives, then... then I think we should stop.
Kei: Rokuta...
Itsuki: Likewise, my top priority is Kei and Rokuta as well. With that established, allow me to say this much: I don't want to step back from doing phantom lives, either.
Rokuta: --!
Itsuki: Through doing the phantom lives, I was able to see the realm of possibilities created by Kei's music. I think it would be foolish to simply cease our activity as 1Nm8 without exploring that. ... Kei, what about you? If it is not an imposition, could you share your current thoughts on the matter?
Kei: ... ... I... was supposed to have made that resolution. To do whatever it takes to abolish the use of the metal, and cleanse this filthy world. But with that no longer being possible... I'm not sure how to move forward from here. Our pleas may have fallen on deaf ears; we may only be able to watch from the sidelines while the tragedy of the world unfolds around us.
Itsuki: Kei...
Kei: This was all because I wasn't strong enough. I had set out to accomplish something and I even implicated the two of you into it, but I still couldn't manage to do it. My music wasn't able to save anybody...
Rokuta: I don't think that's true.
Kei: Huh...?
Rokuta: It's like I said, right? I was so excited to be taking part in the Paradox Live. If you hadn't made the choice to form 1Nm8, Kei, I probably never would have had any chance to experience something like that.
Kei: Rokuta...
Itsuki: We made the choice to follow you of our own volition, Kei. I do not think of us as implicated in the slightest. Growing up in that isolated facility, our lives had no purpose. You were the one who bestowed upon us that light.
Kei: ...! ... thank you, both of you. But... I'm sorry. I still need a little more time to think about what I'm going to do from here.
Itsuki: It is no trouble. Take as much time as is necessary.
Rokuta: You can think it over a lot, and we can talk about it a lot. Then we'll be able to decide on what our best course of action is gonna be.
Kei: Yes... I'm sure you're right.
Rokuta: Hehe! ... ah! My karaage's gotten cold! Itsuki-nii, do you have any more?
Itsuki: There is indeed more. Pass me your bowl; I will go to refill it for you.
Rokuta: Can't I do it myself?
Itsuki: Have you forgotten that just last week you broke the serving utensils? Please sit down and wait quietly.
Rokuta: ... 'kaaaay.
Itsuki: Kei, you as well. Even if you have no appetite, you should at least try to eat something.
Kei: Mm. Thank you. It's a meal for all of us to enjoy together, after all.
Rokuta: Yeah, yeah! Might I recommend you try the karaage~?

[sfx: washing dishes]
Itsuki: And with that, the cleaning up is complete. Has Rokuta already gone to bed?
Kei: Yes. He was already getting tired, so I told him to go ahead to the bedroom ahead of everyone else.
Itsuki: I see. I am about to go rest, as well; what about you, Kei?
Kei: I think I'm going to go out for a bit of a walk. I need to clear my head.
Itsuki: ... understood. However, please do not be too hard on yourself. You do not have to bear this burden alone, Kei. I am always willing to help you in any way that I can. I am sure that Rokuta feels the same way.
Kei: ... thank you. Good night, Itsuki.
Itsuki: Yes. Good night.

[sfx: footsteps]
Kei: ... cleansing the world with music... I'm certain that that ideal hasn't changed. So why do I feel like this dark cloud in my chest won't go away? Where am I supposed to go from here...?

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