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[sfx: distant airport noise, footsteps]
Dongha: ...
Chungsung: Bocchama, I have just received word from the pilot. It seems that due to technical difficulties, the flight's departure will be delayed by approximately 30 minutes. For the time being, if it pleases you, you may wait in this lounge.
Dongha: ... I'm sure you will be informing my father that I will be arriving home late.
Chungsung: Yes. It has already been done.
Dongha: ... Chungsung.
Chungsung: Is something the matter?
Dongha: ... Will my father forgive me? For being defeated twice in a row...
Chungsung: I am certain he will. After all, you are the only legitimate heir to the noble bloodline of the Yeon family, Bocchama.
Dongha: ...
Chungsung: Is that not correct?
Dongha: You talk too much, Chungsung. As soon as I return home, I will once again devote myself to my studies in preparation for taking over the Yeon family.
Chungsung: That being so, your plans for AMPRULE going into the future are...?
Dongha: I already said you're talking too much. Leave me alone.
Chungsung: ... my deepest apologies. Then I will set myself to arranging a limousine for your arrival.
Dongha: ... I don't want to think about anything at the moment... let alone the future of AMPRULE.
[sfx: door opening]
Dongha: Chungsung. Bring me tea. I'm thirsty.
Hajun: ...
Dongha: Hm? Oi, Chungsung. What are you doing?
Hajun: Can you not do so much as make your own tea?
Dongha: --! Hajun...!? Why are you here!?
Hajun: I was invited, of course. But, by the looks of it, it seems that for all your posturing at authority, you were not aware?
Dongha: ... ... did Chungsung do this?
Hajun: I heard from him. You're returning to the Yeon family, are you?
Dongha: ... this is absolutely none of your business.
Hajun: What a warm welcome this is. And after I come all this way to see you, too. Should I prostrate myself at your feet, your honor?
Dongha: ...!
Hajun: But even so. To accept defeat and go running back to your master like a dog. I admire that kind of loyalty!
Dongha: What do you mean by that!?
Hajun: Running back to your home country with your tail between your legs, giving up on music, and faithfully walking the line set down by your parents... no, wouldn't it be more accurate to say being made to walk it? I think that's wonderful. It's a fate perfectly suited for someone so concerned about his pedigree.
Dongha: How dare y-- I'm going home to fulfil my duties! I'm not a mutt like you! I was born to be the chosen one! The burden on my shoulders is completely different from yours!
Hajun: ... pftt... ahaha!
Dongha: What's so funny!?
Hajun: I think it's lovely that you keep running away. You can't stand to live in the Yeon house, so you run away to do music; and then music wasn't bearing the results you wanted, so you go running back to the Yeon house again. You're really doing a lovely job at being the chosen one, aren't you?
Dongha: Shut up! What would you know about--!
Hajun: You're right. I wouldn't know anything about how it feels to be someone who runs away. I put everything I have into music. I've had more than my share of painful experiences and bitter pills to swallow. The difference is that I am going to continue to go onstage as a member of BAE no matter what happens. I decided a long time ago how far I was willing to commit.
Dongha: --!
Hajun: And as for you? Is AMPRULE something you're willing to toss aside after just one or two defeats?
Dongha: What do you mean, "just one or two defeats"? That's easy for you to say! Do you have any idea how much of a collosal, catastrophic failure that is for someone like me?! For someone with the lineage of the Yeon family...
Hajun: What is it that that maon used to say? "The word 'defeat' isn't in our vocabulary", wasn't it? That family has always tolerated nothing but absolute perfection.
Dongha: ...
Hajun: But aren't you the one who said it? That doing phantom lives was the first thing in your entire life that you'd ever sincerely wanted to do, and chose to do by yourself? That your mother and father had nothing to do with it, that it was a path that you had chosen for yourself?
Dongha: ...!
Hajun: To a certain extent, I appreciate your desire to leave the nest of your own volition. I do hope you don't let me down.
Dongha: ...
Hajun: Well then! It's about time that I be off. I don't have much free time to spend hanging around with spineless cowards like you, you understand.
Dongha: ... wait.
Hajun: Hm?
Dongha: I... haven't given up on surpassing you. It's true that this time, it was out of my control. I wasn't good enough to overpower and crush you. But even so... the next time we meet, don't count on the results repeating themselves!
Hajun: ... hm.
Dongha: AMPRULE is my freedom. Neither the Yeon family as a whole, nor even my father, can meddle in AMPRULE's music! It's the only possible way for me to exact my own will! I will not allow AMPRULE to end like this! I will eventually surpass you, and show the world that I reign supreme!
Hajun: Well, you certainly do have big dreams, don't you? I look forward to seeing how high your ceiling ends up being.
Dongha: Don't make me laugh. Your pitiful imagination can't possibly comprehend the scale of my potential!
Hajun: Heheh. Farewell.

Chungsung: My sincerest apologies for making you wait, Bocchama. It took longer than expected to get in touch with the driver...
Dongha: Hmph. What an awful cover-up story.
Chungsung: ... I see you have seen through me. I thought that you might enjoy the chance to spend some time with your brother, after not seeing him for some time.
Dongha: Stop bullshitting me. Why did you call that mutt here? Did you think I wanted him to comfort me?
Chungsung: Nothing of the sort. I simply informed Master Hajun that you would be returning home.
Dongha: Hmph... I'm feeling terrible now on your account. I didn't need some worm to remind me of my purpose.
Chungsung: ...! Then...
Dongha: I've made up my mind, Chungsung. The bitter taste of defeat can only be washed away by victory. I can't simply resume my ascent to the head of the Yeon household by coming back limping and pretending nothing happened. In order to become the perfect head of the family, I need to continue forward with AMPRULE's music.
Chungsung: Ah, that is quite correct. But, in order to accomplish that, then we would need to...
Dongha: I'm already aware. In order to continue as AMPRULE, I will need my father's approval. We must plan to negotiate accordingly.
Chungsung: As your humble servant Chungsung, I would like to support you in any way that I can, bocchama.
Dongha: How stupid are you? You're not being given a choice in the matter. I'll have you working until you'll be jealous of dirty, worn-out rags. Prepare yourself for that.
Chungsung: I would expect nothing less. My body, my heart, everything I have to give-- all of it belongs to you, Bocchama. Please use me to your heart's content.
Dongha: You already seem prepared. Then let's set off on the path to supremacy once again. ... ... and by the way, Chungsung. I certainly hope you don't think you're going to get away with calling Hajun here to see me?
Chungsung: Of course not. As your humble servant, I am willing to accept any punishment you see fit to give.
Dongha: Remember that for when we arrive back in Korea. I'm going to punish you mercilessly.
Chungsung: It is my pleasure to humbly accept your gracious offer...!

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