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Aoi: It seems... we didn't win the SHOWDOWN round, huh...
Shogo: Yeah. But... I think we made a good showing. I think we have a lot to be proud of.
Kantaro: T-that's right. We may have lost, yeah, but... we still really did our best...!
Aoi: Yeah... we did. All of the Stellas gave us all the support they had.
Shogo: And it's because of that that we were able to put on the best performance we possibly could. There's no doubt about that. Right, Toma?
Toma: ... yeah...
Aoi: ... Toma?
Kantaro: Are you okay? You look sorta like you've been in bed all day...
Toma: ... it's just that this time, we really had to win. Right?
Shogo, Aoi, Kantaro: ...
Toma: We couldn't live up to the support all of our Stellas gave us by winning... not even a single time. That promise we made to them... we couldn't keep it. ... so it's like... how much longer... are we going to be able to be VISTY, you know?
Shogo, Aoi, Kantaro: ...!
Aoi: The president said that if we didn't show results in the Paradox Live, then we'd... ... didn't he, Shogo?
Shogo: ... yeah.
Kantaro: ... ... honestly, there was some part of me that thought we could handle it. I thought that if we just gave it our all, then everything would just work out.
Aoi: But all hope isn't lost yet, right? If we just negotiate well enough with the president, then maybe... ... [sigh]
Shogo: ... hey, guys. To tell the truth, I've kind of been thinking about this for a while...
Kantaro: Thinking about what?
Shogo: About what if we... ... left our agency, and went indie?
Toma, Aoi, Kantaro: --!
Toma: Leaving the agency... would VISTY be able to keep going if we did that?
Shogo: I...
Toma: If we did that, we'd probably get a lot less work than we've ever gotten. In fact, worse than that, our name might be mud in the industry...
Shogo: Even if we don't, if we keep on this way then sooner or later VISTY will be disbanded either way. Even if it's just one possible option, don't you at least want to consider it?
Toma, Aoi, Kantaro: ...
Shogo: That's... what I felt when we went into the Paradox Live. What it is that our Stellas love? What do they see when they look at us?
Aoi, Kantaro: --!
Shogo: Whatever the outcome is, we have to accept it. We can't change the past. But... we can make the best of our own future.
Toma: ...
Shogo: If we're disbanded while we're still under the agency, then we're probably just going to completely fall apart. I don't want that to happen. I want to keep going as the four of us. I want to give it all I've got with you guys.
Toma: Shogo...
Shogo: Aoi, Kantaro, what do you guys think? About going independent.
Kantaro: ... that's...
Aoi: Continuing to be idols under our own power... I've never even considered it.
Kantaro: ... but... I'm worried. About if people will really... stay interested in us.
Aoi: Yeah... I can't help but wonder if our Stellas would still follow us, if we went independent and had to start from square one all over again.
Shogo: ... right. Then let me make one suggestion. Why don't we do a Stella Live right now?
Toma: A Stella Live? Is this really the time?
Shogo: I'm sure that hearing what our Stellas have to say will help you guys figure out whether or not it's worth it.
Toma: But at a time like this...
Shogo: I think it's because it's at a time like this that we should do it. To remember the reason we're idols-- what we're doing all of this for.
Kantaro: ... let's give it a shot. I agree with Shogo.
Aoi: ... that's right. Count me in as well. Toma, how about you?
Toma: ... got it. Well. Let me put my face on first.
Shogo: Toma...!
Toma: If you're gonna do something, may as well do it right. What you're saying... I don't entirely get it, but I'm sure you've got your reasons.

VISTY: Good eve-VISTY!
[sfx: wildly fake stock cheering]
Shogo: All of our Stellas are the source of our strength! This is Shogo!
Aoi: I want this sweet time with our Stellas to last forever... I'm Aoi!
Kantaro: In charge of shining bright, I'm Kantaro~!
Toma: The fairest of them all is.... me-me-me! This is Toma!
Shogo: To all of our Stellas, thank you so much for your turnout in the battle round! We thought today would be a good chance to recap what happened in the SHOWDOWN battle--
Toma: Whoa, you guys are quick on the draw with the comments! What're they saying? "I was really disappointed with the results of Showdown, but you were still amazing!" Whoaaa! That makes me feel like I could pull off a triple axel on the spot out of gratitude~!
[sfx: wildly fake stock trumpet, VISTY laughing]


Aoi: I knew the words of my princesses would cheer me right up...! Talking about how AOI-kun was the only prince for them...!
Kantaro: They said my tracks and my rapping were great, and they wanted to hear more! I'm really, really happy!
Shogo: That's right... Toma, did you hear it, too? What everyone had to say.
Toma: ... yeah... [sniff] Everyone was saying... how my smile always encouraged them... that's what they felt...
Shogo: There's so many people who support not just VISTY as a unit, but each and every one of us as individuals. Don't you think so?
Toma: Yeah...
Shogo: I have no idea what's going to happen to us in the future... but if everyone feels the same way that I do, then why don't we try to find a way for the four of us to stay together from here on out? Even if we have to change a little bit, as long as the four of us keep going up on stage, we can find a way to continue being VISTY.
Toma: ... I'm sorry. I was just thinking about my own feelings... I was so scared of VISTY just... disappearing. That I would lose myself, and everything we have.
Shogo: Toma...
Toma: ... but that's not what I'm the most scared of. If we dissolve and aren't able to make our Stellas smile anymore... that's what scares me the most. That's the worst thing that could possibly happen. I kept thinking about that, every time we were on stage. Ah... if I were able to stay with all of you guys, if I could continue to make everyone smile, wouldn't that be great?
Aoi: Yeah. Because of everyone here, I feel like this is the place where I really belong.
Kantaro: We've had our fair share of fights, too. But we've gotten stronger because we've faced them all together.
Shogo: It's like you said a little while ago, Toma. The tears we're crying now aren't the same as the tears we cried back then.
Toma: Shogo...
Shogo: That's why we can't just let it end here.
Aoi: That's right. I feel the same way.
Kantaro: We still have a lot more people we need to make smile!
Shogo: I want to keep doing that as a group. Even if we get dragged through the mud, even if things get ugly. I really think the four of us can stand our ground if we stick together.
Toma: ... that's right. I guess we all feel the same way, huh? ... I want to keep bringing smiles to our Stellas' faces. If that means we have to go indie, then that's what I'll do. ... I'll just have to turn my tears of regret into tears of joy, huh?
Aoi: I'm glad to hear that. It seems like you're back to your normal self, Toma.
Toma: [laughs] Soz about that. Guess I was acting pretty out of character, huh?
Kantaro: But even with all that said, we've still gotta negotiate with the agency, huh~...
We do. Going independent is a last resort. Let's talk it out with the president first.
Kantaro: Should probably pull up the number of views we've been getting on our MVs and our social media followers and stuff like that. It'd probably be good to have some concrete numbers ready to point to.
Aoi: With that in mind, we should do our best to negotiate.
Shogo: That's right, huh... there might be a lot of really harsh words getting thrown around... can I ask you to come along for moral support in case I start feeling like I'm gonna puke, Toma?
Toma: Leave it to me. I'll have your six in the trenches, Sho-chin!
Kantaro: We'll be there for you too, okay?
Aoi: Yes, we will. We'll support one another! That's how we've gotten this far, after all.
Toma: ... Sho-chin. Really... thanks. I kinda feel like I'm seeing a whole lot clearer now thanks to you.
Aoi: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous... but I'm sure that we'll be able to get through this if we do it together.
Kantaro: Yeah. We've already had to restart from zero-- no, we've already had to claw our way back out of the negatives; we got this.
Shogo: Right! Well, we're about to get really busy. We've got our work cut out for us!
Toma, Aoi, Kantaro: Yeah!
Kantaro: ... ... but I'm calling a bit of a time out first. All this heavy talk is making me kinda hungry.
Shogo: Ah, what a lucky break, then! Look at what I bought for all of us to eat together: tonkatsu-flavored gummies!
Toma: Back up, back up! Ease up on the gas pedal a little bit, Sho-chin, you're losing them!
Kantaro: And here I was thinking Shogo was acting like a real leader today. He was almost cool~
Aoi: [laughs] Shogo is still Shogo, after all.
Toma: He sure is. But I still like him... despite it.
Shogo: What's "despite it" supposed to mean!?
Toma: [laughs] Sorry, sorry! Let's give it a shot. Let's do rock-paper-scissors, loser has to eat them!
VISTY: [laugh]
Kantaro: What's with that!? Why's this game of rock-paper-scissors so high-stakes!
Toma: Shochin only buys the most outstanding gummies, after all!
Shogo: Hey, yeah, right, they're outstanding!
Aoi: Shogo, I don't think that's a compliment.

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