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Stage Battle "TRUST" - Part 2
Nayuta: So now what? He's just talking to some old guy. It doesn't look like any kind of date to me.
Satsuki, Reo, Hokusai: [sigh]
Nayuta: ... but it looks like they've been talking a while. And they're making really intense faces. You sure it's not just work stuff?
Satsuki: If it were, there'd be no need to hide it from us!
Reo: He said it wasn't work.
Hokusai: Zen wouldn't lie to us.
Nayuta: Tch. You have way too much faith in him. Even if you're family, there's things you don't always want to say.
Satsuki: Like what?
Nayuta: Hm?
Satsuki: Is there anything like that, that you don't talk about with Kanata?
Nayuta: ...
Reo: It's not like that with us. Whether it's trouble or hardship, our brothers tell us about everything. For instance, we all know where Satsuki's collection of dirty magazines i--
Satsuki: Shutthefuckup!
Hokusai: Everyone. Be quiet.
Restaurant Hostess: Thank you very much!
[sfx: footsteps]
Reo: Ah, the old guy came out first.
Satsuki: What's he doing?
Hokusai: I think Zen will probably start going home now. He said he wouldn't be out that long.
Satsuki: Then it's settled.
Reo: Roger that. From here on out, our mission is to tail that old guy.
Nayuta: What. You're not done?
Hokusai: Let's go, Nayuta. If we stand around talking any longer, we'll lose sight of our mark.
Nayuta: Eh? I'm included in this?


[sfx: footsteps]

Nayuta: So, what exactly are you planning to get out of following this old dude?
Satsuki: We've gotta find out where he's going and what he's doing!
Nayuta: And then what?
Satsuki: And then -- ... I'm still working on that part.
Nayuta: [sigh] What a surprise.
Reo: Ah! He's going into that building over there!
Hokusai: Let's hurry.
[sfx: jogging, heavy breathing]
Nayuta: ... [sigh, running after them]


Nayuta: Seriously... what is this place?
Hokusai: It's a police station.
Satsuki: Which means... the guy Zen-nii was meeting with...
Reo: Is a police officer? But... why would he...
Satsuki: That's...
Hokusai: ... it must be about that.
Nayuta: What? What's with this atmosphere? I know you guys probably aren't exactly fond of cops, but--
Hokusai: It's not that.
Nayuta: Eh?
Hokusai: If Zen... was meeting with old comrades, then there's only one explanation for it.
Satsuki: He's investigating the raid on the Suiseki clan. That's gotta be it.
Nayuta: "Raid on the Suiseki clan"? The hell's that?
Reo: You really wanna know?

Nayuta: So that's what went down.
Satsuki: The old man and all of our comrades got mowed down. We see it every time we have my trap reaction. It's a shared trauma between the five of us.
Nayuta: ...
Reo: The old man had been giving funds to the Alter Trigger company. But when he found out what they'd been doing to all those kids behind the scenes, he cut them off.
Hokusai: And not long after that, the shooting happened. We have no doubt that the Alter Trigger company were behind it. That was why we participated in the last Paradox Live in the first place.
Nayuta: Aren't Alter Trigger totally defunct now, though?
Hokusai: Yeah. But. The investigation was never properly closed. Who had instigated the attack, and who had perpetrated it are still, officially, a mystery.
Nayuta: So then, what are you going to do about it? Is that why you're sneaking around trying to investigate this guy?
Satsuki: Yeah. We don't have any other choice.
Nayuta: I don't know about that. Couldn't you just mind your own business?
Satsuki: Hah?
Nayuta: It's like I said earlier. Even if you're family, there's things you don't always want to talk about. You can't expect people to just share everything with--
Satsuki: I won't settle for that!
Nayuta: --?
Satsuki: If there's something that Zen-nii isn't telling us, then that means something's wrong.
Reo: Right. If there's something that our brothers won't tell us, then this is our only option.
Hokusai: They're doing it to protect us. But... I don't want to be the one who only gets protected.
Nayuta: ... the one who only gets protected.
Satsuki: Yeah. You feel like such a burden on the other person. You can't do anything about it. It's so fucking frustrating. It's an awful feeling. It feels like they don't trust you.
Nayuta: ...
Reo: We've grown up a lot, too. We just want to feel like that's being recognized, you know?
Hokusai: We shouldn't just be equals on stage. We have the ability to support our brothers, too. We want them to believe in us.
Nayuta: ... yeah. ... being the one who's always protected... is rough, huh.
Satsuki: Right?
Reo: Alright, it's decided. We'll just have to ask them about it when they get home.
Nayuta: Won't they get mad you were snooping around behind their backs?
Reo: Even if they do, that'll still feel way better than sitting around and sitting on our hands and moping about it.
If he's looking into investigating the Alter Trigger company, we want to help, too. We're going to avenge the old man together as Akan Yatsura. Even if it's dangerous.
Nayuta: ... you guys are...

Satsuki: Sorry about all this, Nayuta. We kinda dragged you through a lot.
Nayuta: It's whatever, I wasn't doing anything anyway.
Reo: Next time we meet, it'll be on stage, yeah?
Nayuta: Yep.
Hokusai: We don't plan on losing this time.
Nayuta: Hm. We'll show you hell all over again.
Satsuki: Words are cheap.
Nayuta: I'll be there, right next to Kanata. [sotto voce] ... I'm not going to just be the one protected anymore. [speaking normally] Try not to get too scared by the new and improved cozmez's sound.
Satsuki: Ha! Who says we're scared!? ... heh. Later!
Nayuta: Sure.
Reo: Say hi to Kanata for us!
Hokusai: We're looking forward to our battle.
[sfx: footsteps]
Nayuta: ... Kanata... guess I oughta check in on him.


[sfx: passing train, footsteps, door opening]
Nayuta: 'm back. ... ah, Kanata? You're here.
Kanata: Mmm? ... mm.
Kanata and Nayuta: Hey, so--
Nayuta: Ah... you go first.
Kanata: ... yeah. ... today I... ... it was my bad. I've just been really frustrated lately and I took it out on that reporter.
Nayuta: Yeah, I know~. You were a real brat, Kanata.
Kanata: ...!
Nayuta: Hey, Kanata. I was kind of holding back what I really thought, too.
Kanata: --?
Nayuta: To tell the truth, I was pissed off, too. I wanted to talk about music, but every time she opened her mouth it was just blah blah blah all about money. They see someone on the rise and they get dollar signs in their eyes. It's the same way people looked at us before the tournament, too. But I was biting my tongue, and I get why I was now.
Kanata: ... why's that.
Nayuta: Because I want more people to hear our sound as cozmez.
Kanata: --!
Nayuta: No matter how much of a boring fluff piece the article is, maybe someone will see it, and want to listen to our music, or come to a show.
Kanata: But people do that already--
Nayuta: Nah. Even if we play packed venues and are recognized out on the street all the time-- we're not gonna be satisfied with just that, right?
Kanata: --!
Nayuta: We still haven't gotten what we want yet. To put on the greatest phantom lives anyone's ever seen. To be the undisputed reigning champions. That's why. Until nobody will even think of asking us about money. Until they can only talk about cozmez's music. We want the same thing. Right? Kanata?
Kanata: Nayuta... ... do you still have that reporter's business card or whatever?
Nayuta: ... ... yeah.
Kanata: Give it here.
Nayuta: Why? You wanna file a complaint?
Kanata: No. I'm gonna apologize and ask her to redo the interview. This time I'll give proper answers, and say what they wanna hear.
Nayuta: ...!
Kanata: ... sorry. For making you put up with me all the time. ... I was being a brat.
Nayuta: ... Kanata...
Kanata: ... what? Why are you making that face?
Nayuta: Kanata. Did something weird happen to you while you were out?
Kanata: Nothing really. I had some pudding at a coffee shop.
Nayuta: And what else?
Kanata: That's all. What were you doing all the time you were gone?
Nayuta: Hm... snooping?
Kanata: Hah? What's that supposed to mean?
Nayuta: You tell me what happened first.
Kanata: No, I think snooping should go first!
Nayuta: Let me be, I just got home.
Kanata: 'I just got home' isn't an excuse!
[sfx: train passing]


Iori: What's up with you lot, wanting to talk the second we're all home? Somethin' must really be the matter.
Satsuki: ... alright! I ain't gonna mince words! Today, we saw you meet up with a member of the police, Zen-nii.
Reo: We figured there's only one reason you might go off to meet up with an old coworker.
Hokusai: We think you guys might be investigating the Alter Trigger company again without telling us about it. Is that true?
Iori: ... [laughing] I was wonderin' what it was you wanted to talk about! You kids' imaginations really are runnin' wild! Ah, I can't stop laughing!
Satsuki: This ain't a laughing matter!! We're serious!
Reo: You didn't tell us because it was dangerous, right?
Hokusai: If you're going to investigate, we want to help.
Iori: [still laughing] Nah, nah, you've got it all wrong! How would you kids even be able to help with those kinda investigation skills? Tailin' after Zen and thinkin' you weren't bein' super obvious about it!
Satsuki: Is that true, Zen-nii!?!
Zen: [sigh] I noticed immediately.
Iori: Zen was more'n just a police officer, he was undercover with the yakuza, after all! You ain't gonna escape a proper professional's notice like that. Am I right or what?
Zen: Yes... that's right.
Satsuki, Reo, Hokusai: [sigh]
Satsuki: Th- then why were you sneaking around!?
Zen: The reason for that is...
Reo: You don't have to treat us like kids. Or is there some other reason you can't tell us?
Zen: ...
Iori: Go on I wanna hear what you've got to say, Zen.
Zen: ... yes. [sigh] I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. It wasn't the Alter Trigger Company that I was looking into. I was doing research on Yuto Inukai from GokuLuck.
Hokusai: ... from GokuLuck?
Reo: Why...?
Zen: I apologize for not having told you before now, but he was a former colleague of mine from when I was on the police force. We were buddies, in the same precinct. He was my partner.
Hokusai, Reo, Satsuki: ...
Zen: ... I guess it's time I come clean about it. About Inukai. And what happened that day.

Satsuki: Are you... for real?
Reo: He... beat you half to death, Zen-nii?
Hokusai: ... I don't want to believe it.
Zen: The Inukai that attacked me that day wasn't the regular Inukai. It's like another violent personality that lives inside of him... and maybe, the catalyst that caused that ferocious split personality to finally manifest was... ... my going traitor.
Satsuki: There's no way! That was just him taking his issues out on you!
Reo: For real!! Zen-nii, you fell in love with the old man's spirit and chose the Suiseki over the police force, right?
Zen: But that's just our side of the story. From his point of view, even though I was a member of the police force, I threw away my duties because I was lured in by the person I went undercover to infiltrate. As a police officer, that's the worst kind of betrayal.
Hokusai, Reo, Satsuki: ...
Zen: So I met up with an old colleague, to find out what had happened to him after that.
Hokusai: And what... did you find out?
Zen: Ever since my resignation, it sounds like he's been more trouble than ever. Naturally, he couldn't stay at his old department, so he ended up getting shifted from one placement to another.
Iori: And ended up smack in the prison where GokuLuck are from, then? Lucky for him he ended up there as a guard and not as a prisoner, huh?
Hokusai, Reo, Satsuki: ...
Zen: ... the thing about Inukai is that he's... he's a problem that I need to handle on my own. There's no stopping that split personality of his. I know that firsthand. ... [sigh] If there was any chance that he'd turn his crosshairs on any of you, I...
Satsuki: So that's why you didn't tell us?
Zen: Yes. Especially you, Satsuki-kun. I know you know Ryoga-kun. I didn't want to weigh down your mind with all of this before our battle.
Satsuki: ... that's it, then.
Reo: Right... I'm mad, now.
Zen: ...?
Reo: Did you think, if we knew that Inukai guy is a real piece of shit, that we'd be scared? Did you think we'd shrivel? Did you think we wouldn't be able to face GokuLuck with all our might?
Zen: That wasn't my intention...
Hokusai: But you didn't tell us, Zen. You tried to carry all of that pain by yourself.
Reo: You were underestimating us! And that's such a dick move!!
Satsuki: Is that why you were keeping secrets, Zen-nii!?
Zen: ...
Satsuki: If we'd known we were dealing with such a rotten son of a bitch, we'd have gone all the harder for it! I'm gonna have to kick his ass!
Reo: If you want to fight it out on stage, we're not going to lose, either!
Hokusai: Zen is our family. We'll protect our family. No matter how dangerous it might be. We're ready for it.
Zen: You guys...
Reo: You guys are always protecting us... but I don't want it to just be like that all the time.
Satsuki: Let us protect you every once in a while!
Hokusai: This is something we can do. We want you to believe in us.
Zen: ...
Iori: Sounds like we got us a game, set, and match. Zen. You're the one to beat today, yeah?
Zen: Waka...
Iori: [laughs] But for real, never thought we'd be getting chewed out by these boys. Things are gettin' real interesting all over again.
Reo: This isn't a laughing matter!
Satsuki: We mean business!!
Iori: Sorry, sorry. You don't gotta look so mad. From now on, we'll tell you everything about Inukai and Alter Trigger and whatever else. You're growin' up into proper young men now, ain'tcha?
Hokusai, Reo, Satsuki: ...!
Satsuki: -- oi! Leave it to us! We'll kick anyone's ass!
Reo: That's right!
Hokusai: Mm.
Hokusai, Reo, Satsuki: [laugh]
Iori: C'mon. Let's fix our focus on the next battle and get ourselves all ready for that.
Satsuki: cozmez have already given us a real hard time once before.
Reo: This time is our turn!
Hokusai: Hell is that way.
Iori: That's the spirit. Both hell and GokuLuck[1], it's all just a state of mind. Set off a bomb in one of the kilns in hell for one hell of a flashy fireworks display! Be they twins or the kings of hell[2] they'll be knocked flat on their asses. Right, Zen?
Zen: [sniffling] Y-yeah... That's right...!
Iori: Wha'ssa matter, Zen? What's with the waterworks?
Zen: I don't know... why am I...?
Iori: Hey, don't ask me.
Zen: [sniffling] It's funny, isn't it? But... I don't know why...
Iori: Y'oughta be laughin' instead of crying. What a pain in the ass.
Zen: [sniffling] Sorry... ... I think... I think I'm relieved.
Iori: Relieved?
Zen: Yeah. [deep breath] I followed what I believed in my heart to be right. I abandoned my duty in resigning from the police force. I hurt Inukai. What I did to him... maybe, on some level, I've always felt guilty about it. ... but... [laugh] I finally think maybe I did the right thing. I wasn't making a mistake.
Iori: Zen.
Zen: All of you guys. This family. Waka, Satsuki, Reo, and Hokusai... I'm glad I met all of you. Let's go win! We won't lose again! With this passionate spirit we inherited from the old man! We'll knock them down with Akan Yatsura's music! In a fair and square, head to head match!!
Iori: What a festival this whole scene is. Those who get loud, make merry, and have the most fun win! That's how Akan Yatsura roll!
Reo: We'll have cozmez shaking in their boots!
Satsuki: We'll have them cryin' out for mercy!
Hokusai: The strength of our bonds won't be defeated. We're family.
Akan Yatsura: Yeah!

[1] Hell (as cozmez always say it) is "Jigoku" and "GokuLuck" is written with the same 'goku'.
[2] Literally Enma, the ruler of hell in certain Buddhist religious traditions.

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