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Consolation Match "SHOWDOWN" - 1Nm8 Part

[sfx: walking]
Rokuta: Huh? That's weird... I was pretty sure it was somewhere around here... you leave that park and hang a right and after that... ah, which way was it? ... ah, man. I better eat some of my candy before I pass out.
[sfx: Rokuta unwrapping some candy]
Shiki: ... huh? Rokuta-kun?
Rokuta: Huh? Shikki! That's great! What are you doing here?
Shiki: What am I... I'm just coming home from school.
Rokuta: Oh, are you?
Shiki: Rokuta-kun... you're alone today.
Rokuta: Right! I came to play! You said I could come play with the cats, right?
Shiki: ... that's right, isn't it? Well, do you want to walk the rest of the way together?
Rokuta: Yeah! What a relief! To tell you the truth, I was kind of lost. I couldn't remember the way to the bar.
[sfx: walking]
Rokuta: The Paradox Live was super fun, wasn't it?
Shiki: ... ah... yeah.
Rokuta: I can't believe Kei-chan's song lost.
Shiki: Sorry...
Rokuta: You don't gotta apologize. We got lots of support. It's super frustrating and sad that we lost, but... but the vibes were great! TCW were great! You were really cool, too, Shikki!
Shiki: ... thank you.
Rokuta: If we win in the comeback round, then we might get to go against you and your friends again, right?
Shiki: That's right. ... but, we don't plan to lose.
Rokuta: Us either! [giggle]
Shiki: [laughs] I suppose not.
Rokuta: For real!
Both: [laugh]


[sfx: cat meowing]
Rokuta: Aaah! It's so fluffy!!
Shiki: I'm sorry. You came all this way, but I guess Ryu is out on a walk...
Rokuta: It's fine! Shiki is here, and Spot[1] is here, right?
[sfx: meow]
Shiki: Ryu wanted to see you crumple another frying pan, so you can hold off on doing that until next time.
Rokuta: Hm?
[sfx: liquid pouring]
Shiki: Ryu-kun said that he wanted Rokuta to crumple him too, and he gathered a bunch of old frying pans from somewhere or another. Master was really mad, though...
Rokuta: Uh-- sorry, but what are you talking about?
Shiki: ... do you not remember? The last time we met you promised you'd show us...
Rokuta: ...
[sfx: meow]
Rokuta: ... ah! Ah, right...! I only remembered the kitty. Sorry, I kinda forgot...
Shiki: ...
Rokuta: I've been forgetting a lot of stuff lately, y'know? My head just feels kinda weird, and I forget what people ask me to do...
Shiki: Are you okay...?
Rokuta: Oh yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine! My body just uses up a lot of energy, so it's like I get really bad "gas mileage", that's all. ... oh, coffee! Can I have some? With lots of sugar and milk?
Shiki: Of course.
[sfx: drinking]
Rokuta: Wah! That was really good!! Shiki makes really good coffee!
Shiki: Thank you.
Rokuta: Hey, does anyone ever play that piano?
Shiki: Master plays it.
Rokuta: Ah, that guy with the really scary face?
Shiki: That's him. But he's really amazing. He can play a song back after hearing it just a couple times. He can play jazz and classical music without ever looking at the score. ... he's really cool.
Rokuta: Well, that makes me cool, too!
Shiki: Huh?
Rokuta: Playing songs after you hear them? I can do that, too! Kei-chan is better, but... is it alright if I play the piano?
Shiki: Ah-- go ahead.
[sfx: Rokuta walking to the piano, taking a deep breath, playing piano music]
Shiki: ... that's amazing, Rokuta-kun!
Rokuta: Heehe. Was that cool?
Shiki: Yes, it was lovely! Who was that song by?
Rokuta: Who was it by...? I can't remember, but it's been my very favorite song since forever. I played it a lot back when I was spending all that time at the Alter Trigger facility.
Shiki: ...
Rokuta: And, it's a special song. It's how I met Kei-chan, so it makes me happy.


[flashback begins]
Rokuta: Whoaa! There's so many people! And so many big buildings! I never knew it'd be like this outside!!
Itsuki: We've been quarantined away in that institution since we were children... but to be honest, it's a little overstimulating. I'm getting a little dizzy.
Rokuta: Are you okay, Itsuki-nii? Do you want to find somewhere to sit down?
Itsuki: No, that won't be necessary. We have to learn to learn to live in the midst of this... we'll have to find our own lodgings and work on our own.
Rokuta: I still think we ought to rest. Look, there's a bench right over there!
Itsuki: ... ah.
Rokuta: Here! I got some water.
Itsuki: I do not need it. I apologize for making you go along with my selfish whims.
Rokuta: I'm not! This is a decision we made together! You did nothing wrong, Itsuki-nii.
[sfx: Itsuki drinking water]
Itsuki: ... ah. When we were released from the facility, we were faced with two choices. As victims of their experimentation, we could either take advantage of the assistance programs offered by the government, live in an off-site facility, and attempt to rehabilitate. ... that was option one. Option two was to take a stipend offered to us by the government and be free to go. Perhaps, given our situation, this was not the most rational choice...
Rokuta: ... hehe. But we chose to be free.
Itsuki: Indeed. I can no longer stand to be under anyone else's control. Therefore...
Rokuta: It's alright, Itsuki-nii. A lot of stuff is gonna be really hard, but if we work together, I know we can handle all of it!
Itsuki: ... you are very strong, Rokuta.
Rokuta: But I get terrible mileage, heheh.
Itsuki: Heh.
[sfx: distant piano]
Rokuta: ... huh? Piano? I hear a piano!
Itsuki: In the middle of town...? Who on earth could be playing piano?
Rokuta: Let's go! Let's go see!

[flashback temporarily ends]

[sfx: meow]
Shiki: A street piano?
Rokuta: Yeah, one of those! They're all over the place now. I jumped right in and started playing, and everyone seemed really happy!
[sfx: meow]
Rokuta: There, there. Spot likes the piano too, doesn't he? Hehe. ... so, I decided to play that piano every now and again. It was always pretty popular, and sometimes people gave me money for it, too! So it was one of those days, when I was playing the piano like usual...

[flashback resumes]
[sfx: piano, the same song as earlier]
Kei: ... I'm sorry, excuse me, could you please let me through? ... this song... there's no doubt about it... Minori!? Minori, is that you!?
[sfx: piano stops]
Rokuta: Huh?
Kei: It's Kei! Your big brother!
[flashback ends]

Rokuta: I met Kei-chan that day because of this song. ... I'd lost some of my old memories as a side effect of all that experimentation. He said my real name was something like Minori or something.
Shiki: ...
Rokuta: Kei-chan said that he and I grew up in an orphanage together, as brothers. But... to tell the truth... it felt really weird to be called Minori. I like Kei-chan a lot, but I don't really feel like he's my brother.
Shiki: Rokuta-kun...
Rokuta: ... uh, sorry! I didn't mean to dump all of those old memories on you! I think I'm gonna head back for today.
Shiki: ... huh?
Rokuta: See you next time to crumple your frying pans! See you later, Spot.
[sfx: Rokuta petting Spot, then leaving in a hurry, opening the door.]
Rokuta: Oh, and Shiki, thanks for the coffee.
[sfx: door closing]
Shiki: Ah-- ... Rokuta-kun...


[sfx: door opening]

Rokuta: I'm home.
[sfx: Rokuta entering]
Itsuki: You're back late. Where were you? I thought I told you to leave a note with your location if you were going to go anywhere.
Rokuta: Ah... sorry, I forgot. I went over to Shikki's place.
Itsuki: You mean Shiki from TCW? Was Zero there?
Rokuta: Nope, just Shikki. And the kitty, uh... ... what was its name again...?
Itsuki: ... hurry and go wash your hands. We'll be eating dinner directly.
Rokuta: Yeah! Any side dishes?
Itsuki: Hm? ... Karaage. Yesterday you were talking without end about wanting to have some.
Rokuta: Huh? ... was I?
Itsuki: ...? ... do you... not remember?
Rokuta: Ah, sorry, I've been forgetting a lot of stuff lately--
[sfx: Itsuki grabbing Rokuta]
Itsuki: How long has this been happening?
Rokuta: How long...?
Itsuki: Don't tell me... since after the Paradox Live?
Rokuta: I mean, I guess maybe... but Itsuki-nii, you're making a real scary face...
Itsuki: Rokuta. You...
Rokuta: Wh-what is it?
Itsuki: ... how much of the last week do you remember?
Rokuta: ... uh...
Itsuki: You've been forgetting words on a regular basis. Just now, you forgot that cat's name even though you just saw it.
Rokuta: No, it's just--!
Itsuki: Tell me the truth. Is your memory--
Rokuta: You can't tell him!!
Itsuki: ...!
Rokuta: You can't tell Kei-chan... if he knew that the Paradox Live did something weird to me... then Kei-chan would blame himself again! He'd give up on the music he loves so much. I don't want that to happen!
[sfx: Rokuta falling to his knees]
Itsuki: ... Rokuta...
Rokuta: I keep making Kei-chan sad. I can't remember the past. I can't even really call him my brother.
Itsuki: ...
Rokuta: So please... don't tell him... I don't want him to get... more upset... than he already...
[sfx: Rokuta falling to the ground]
Itsuki: Rokuta...! Rokuta!

[sfx: ambulence siren]

[sfx: door opening, footsteps]

Itsuki: Are you alright, Kei? Here's some water. You should drink something, at least.
Kei: ... thank you.
[sfx: Kei taking the water]
Kei: I'm sorry. I should be the one who holds it together.
Itsuki: Your brother collapsed out of nowhere. It's only natural that you find this upsetting.
Kei: Itsuki... I'm glad you were there with him.
Itsuki: According to the doctor, he's anemic. They plan to keep him overnight to monitor him.
Kei: ... is it really just anemia...?
Itsuki: ... Rokuta asked me not to tell you. However...

Kei: ... he's been losing recent memories...?
Itsuki: Mm. Apparently, he's having trouble forming new memories of very recent events.
Kei: ... why...
Itsuki: The reason is unclear. ... however, it appears that the symptoms began after the performance at the Paradox Live.
Kei: Then--!
Itsuki: I do not believe this is a coincidence. The competition required a tremendous amount of both physical and mental strength, unlike anything we had ever experienced before. Even I felt that it was remarkably different from the past.
Kei: ...
Itsuki: I tried to speak with the doctor, but he had nothing to say to us. It seems that all of the experimental data that Alter Trigger had was destroyed before the police could investigate. There's nothing to be done but wait and see what happens.
Kei: ... I wonder if this is punishment.
Itsuki: Hm?
Kei: Because I claim to hate phantometal, but I continue to use it, then this is--
Itsuki: It isn't. That isn't what's happening, Kei. This is a choice that the two of us made for ourselves. That the tragedy that happened to us will never happen again... that we'll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. Kei, do not make light of our resolve. No matter what happens, Rokuta and I will follow you. Without regrets.
Kei: Itsuki...
Itsuki: Allow me to lend you a shoulder to lean on. You need to get some rest. Rokuta will be worried about you when he wakes up.
Kei: ... I'm sorry. ... maybe just a little.
Itsuki: No need to apologize. I will be here to support you at the time you most need it. You need not shoulder the entire burden on your own.
[sfx: clock ticking]
Itsuki: (Kei... you are far too innocent. Such a beautiful thing is far too fragile. One day it will break. I am terrified that that day will come.)


[sfx: door opening, walking]
Rokuta: Whoo! I'm so glad to finally be going home!
Itsuki: You are overreacting. You simply spent one night in the hospital.
Kei: What were the results of the tests?
Rokuta: Uhh, they ran a bunch of tests, but I don't think they found anything unusual. It sounded like it was just anemia or something? But I'm hungry! Hey, let's go home and eat!
Itsuki: [sigh]
Kei: Alright. What would you like?
Rokuta: Karaage!
Itsuki: Are you sure that's a good idea after being sick?
[sfx: piano music]
Rokuta: Hey, that sound! I hear a piano!
[sfx: Rokuta running off]
Itsuki: Hey, ho-- Rokuta, wait!


[sfx: birds chirping]
Rokuta: Kei-chan, Itsuki-nii! Over here! Come, on, quickly!
Itsuki: Are you sure it's alright to get all worked up?
Rokuta: I'm fine~! I heard a really great song just now!
Kei: ... Rokuta...
[sfx: piano, same song as before]
Kei: ...! This song...
Rokuta: Yeah! From the time I met you, Kei-chan.
Kei: Rokuta...
[sfx: Kei stopping Rokuta]
Rokuta: Huh?
Kei: Is it alright if I play with you?
Rokuta: ...! Yeah!
[sfx: Rokuta shifting over]
Kei: Rokuta, about this song... it was really meant to be played as a duet. I'd been meaning to tell you... but I never got around to it...
Rokuta: A duet...?
Kei: So, shall we? Let's begin.
Rokuta: ... yeah!
[sfx: piano resumes; eventually Kei joins in on the second part]
[sfx: crowd gathering]

Girl 1: Hey, aren't those the boys from 1Nm8...?
Girl 2: First time I've ever seen a live performance like this...
[sfx: piano music comes to an end, crowd applauding]
Rokuta: [sigh] ... Kei-chan...
Kei: ... Rokuta?
Itsuki: Why are you crying?
Rokuta: ... I remembered. This song... was written by Kei-chan.
Kei: ... that's right. Rokuta...?
Rokuta: I always had a kind of funny feeling about it... I always loved this song, but it felt like something was missing. That's why... I played it so much, to try and find what was missing. Maybe if I played it, I could find it. ... what it was missing was Kei-chan, wasn't it?
Kei: ...!
Rokuta: ... [voice breaking] Kei-chan... I finally understand. Kei-chan is... my big brother. ... I don't understand. But I get it. I don't know why, but now I understand... why it makes me so sad... [cries] I'm so happy...
Kei: Mino-- ... Rokuta...


[sfx: piano music]
Itsuki: It's a lovely song.
Kei: Itsuki? Is Rokuta asleep again?
Itsuki: Yes.
Kei: I'm glad to hear that.
Itsuki: Kei, are you alright?
Kei: I'm alright. ... Even if it's only a little bit at a time, Rokuta is starting to remember... I should be happy about that much for now, but...
Itsuki: About that. I wanted to talk to you about something.
Kei: Mm?
Itsuki: Let's sit on the sofa to talk. ... Kei. This is only a theory. I have no proof of it. But that said, please listen to me.
Kei: Understood.
Itsuki: I've been thinking about what happened today. ... I wonder if Rokuta hasn't truly lost his memory after all.
Kei: Huh?
Itsuki: The memories may still be somewhere in Rokuta's mind, but they've been suppressed by the influence of the metal, such that he can't access them. That's the conclusion I've come to.
Kei: ... the influence of the metal...
Itsuki: Yes. It is known that phantometal can influence human memory.
Kei: Right.
Itsuki: One such example of this is trap reactions. If metal has the ability to force its users to recall their memories, then it follows that it would follow that it may be able to do the opposite as well.
Kei: That makes sense.
Itsuki: If this kind of forceful locking away of memories is the source of Rokuta's amnesia, then that would be why he cannot access his memory at will.
Kei: Then... you're saying the memories are still there in Rokuta's mind, but the metal is what's preventing him from truly remembering them. Is that it?
Itsuki: That's correct. When Rokuta regained his memory today, that was what made me believe this to be the case. Kei. The song you made seemed to counteract, or even cure, the negative effects of the metal.
Kei: ...? Are you serious...?
Itsuki: If that ability was manifest in the aftermath of the Paradox Live...
Kei: The Paradox Live...?
Itsuki: Yes. I can only assume that was what triggered it. I'm sure you felt it too, Kei. Something special-- something different than you'd ever felt on stage before.
Kei: ... Rokuta and you, Itsuki... I feel like I've connected with you through music. Stronger than ever before. ... really...
Itsuki: Performing as as 1Nm8, the three of us connected to each other through the music we've created. It is the product of three souls resonating with each other. If that can temporarily weaken the negative effects of the metal, then...
Kei: It can do something like that...?
Itsuki: And not just for Rokuta. Your music has affected me, too.
Kei: Itsuki, you, too...?
Itsuki: It happened at the performance at the Paradox Live, and while I was listening to the song you played today as well. I do not believe this is a coincidence.
Kei: What happened...?
Itsuki: I felt like I was seeing the world with a completely different resolution[2]. Perhaps it was a glimpse of what normal humans see all the time. I could see it all. If only for a moment, my own memory went back to normal.
Kei: ...!
Itsuki: ... I do not mean to say something unlike myself, but today, I feel like I believed in fate.
Kei: Fate...
Itsuki: The fact that the three of us met that day. That we're able to be active as 1Nm8 now.
Kei: Itsuki...
Itsuki: Kei. Rokuta. Me. All of us has lost something different, but there's only one way all of us can get back what we've lost. Connecting through 1Nm8's music. That's... the only thing that can save us.
Kei: ... but if we do another show and something happens to our memories in the aftermath, then...
Itsuki: I'm prepared for that!
Kei: ...!
Itsuki: I'm willing to lose everything to try and take back what the metal has taken from me.
Kei: Itsuki...
Itsuki: I told you this while we were at the hospital. I will do everything in my power to make sure that what happened to me is never going to happen to anyone else. That's the choice that Rokuta and I have made.
Kei: ...
Itsuki: There's no time to hesitate, Kei. No matter what, Rokuta and I will go with you. You are precious to the both of us.
Kei: ...
Itsuki: Give the word, Kei, and we'll fight by your side.
Kei: ... fate... I see. Perhaps it is fate that brought the three of us together. I don't want anyone to suffer anymore. I don't want anyone to feel sadness. In pursuit of that... it's true, it may be necessary to give up everything.
Itsuki: Kei...
Kei: How cowardly of me to say I wanted to save the world while being unwilling to lose it in the process... ... thank you, Itsuki. I feel like I'm finally ready. As 1Nm8, we'll win the Paradox Live, destroy the phantometals, give our everything.... and put an end to this warped world.

[1] Kurobuchi Maou DX > Kuro, or Black-Spotted Demon King DX > Spot, as I translate it. Rokuta actually calls him "Kurobuchi", but you get the point.
[2] Literally like a printer/image resolution.

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