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Consolation Match "SHOWDOWN" - AMPRULE Part
[sfx: airplane takeoff noises, airport noises, footsteps]
Chungsung: I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, bocchama. All of the necessary boarding procedures have been completed. We will be departing imminently.
Dongha: I see.
Chungsung: Bocchama?
Dongha: [sigh] Let's go, Chungsung.
[sfx: walking]
Chungsung: To receive such an urgent summons from the company head... do you suppose he heard about the Paradox Live?
Dongha: What else could it be? That said, he has no interest in such vulgar music as hip hop. I don't imagine for a moment that he actually listened to it.
Chungsung: The head's interest lies in your performance, then, bocchama.
Dongha: ... mm. Whether I was able to beat him or not. Which of us was superior. That is the extent of my father's investment.
Chungsung: Bocchama...
Dongha: ... This battle was the first thing I had ever chosen to do of my own volition. I went on the same stage, wielding the same weapon, and I still... [holding back tears] lost to that mutt. Completely and utterly.
Chungsung: There's no need to say such--
Dongha: I don't need to be consoled! ... the results are what they are. I've been humiliated as a member of the Yeon family, and I'm going to face the consequences of the shame I've brought upon myself.
Chungsung: That being said, then I, too, should--
Dongha: Don't overstep your place, Chungsung.
Chungsung: --!
Dongha: What is your relationship to me?
Chungsung: ... I am your butler.
Dongha: The mistake of a servant is a mistake of the master. I alone bear the responsibility for losing this battle.
Chungsung: Bocchama...
Dongha: It is completely out of line for you to insist on taking on sharing the blame, you pig.
Chungsung: My humblest apologies.
Dongha: ... besides that. I am not returning home simply to be told off. We may have lost a battle, but the war is not over. I'll be certain to win next time. I intend to inform my father of this.
Chungsung: --!
Dongha: Did you expect me to hole up and cry in my room?
Chungsung: ... no, sir.
Dongha: Baek Chungsung. You should know more about the master you claim to serve.
Chungsung: Yes, sir.
Dongha: Let's go.
Chungsung: Very good, sir.
[sfx: footsteps]


[sfx: in-flight noises]
Chungsung: We will be arriving in approximately two hours and forty minutes. Would you like to sleep for the remaining time?
Dongha: I don't feel like sleeping.
Chungsung: Then might I trouble you with one small request?
Dongha: What do you want.
Chungsung: It is quite fortunate that there do not appear to be any other passengers flying first class.
Dongha: I said, what do you want?
Chungsung: A secret.
Dongha: Ha?
Chungsung: I would like you to tell me one of your secrets, bocchama.
Dongha: ... one of my secrets?
Chungsung: Indeed, sir. I already know your height and weight, your shoe size, even how many moles you have... but I would very much like to learn at least one thing about you that I do not already know.
Dongha: And you want me to tell you something?
Chungsung: Indeed. Was it not you who just said that I needed to know more about the master that I serve?
Dongha: ...
Chungsung: And it is as you said to the members of BAE. Knowing and understanding everything about a person is the very foundation of a team's bond.
Dongha: ... tch.
Chungsung: ... and if you will forgive your humble Baek Chungsung a moment of insolence, I would like to take this chance, starting now, to deepen my bond with you, young master, as we head into the next ba--
Dongha: Get to the point! What do you want to know about me?
Chungsung: ... bocchama, please tell me why you like candied apple.
Dongha: ...!?
Chungsung: I always thought it somewhat odd. A confection so commonplace and cheap has never had a place at the dining table of the Yeon family. Therefore, I would like to know when and how it came to grace your palate, bocchama. ... oh? Is something the matter?
Dongha: ...
Chungsung: If you do not wish to tell me then I will not push the matter further, but...
Dongha: ... it's a very mundane memory, and full of unbecoming sentimentality. There's no point in telling it.
Chungsung: That may as well be, but I would still like to know. Especially if we are to stand together on stage.
[sfx: Chungsung leaning in]
Chungsung: Won't you please share with me your secret... bocchama?
Dongha: ... ...! [backing away] You're so annoying! Get out of my face!
Chungsung: ... bocchama...!
Dongha: [sigh] ... ... it happened when I was seven years old, in the summer.


[flashback begins]

Dongha's Father: Dongha, you understand why you have been called here, don't you?
Dongha: ... yes, father. I failed to place first in the end-of-semester exams.
Dongha's Father: ...
Dongha: ...! I'm very sorry! I'll do better! I'll be sure to place first next time!
Dongha's Father: Is that all you have?
Dongha: Huh...?
Dongha's Father: It should be a given that you should be at the top by a large margin. The gulf between those who reign at the top and those at the bottom should be vast, and yet you cannot even make claims to that level of competence.
Dongha: Father...
Dongha's Father: Do not disappoint me, Dongha.
Dongha: ... I won't...
Dongha's Father: There will be no second chances. You understand there will be consequences should you fail again, don't you?
Dongha: ... yes.
Dongha's Father: You are dismissed.
Dongha: Father--
Dongha's Father: Did you not hear me?
Dongha: ... my apologies, sir. I'll see myself out.
[sfx: Dongha walking away, door opening]
Dongha's Father: [sigh] Hajun always placed first without issue... perhaps I was too hasty in cutting him off, after all...
Dongha: ...!
[sfx: door slamming]
Dongha: ... [choking back tears, crying] ... "Hajun", "Hajun Hajun Hajun"! Why is it always him!? I hate him! I hate him so much! If it weren't for him... if it weren't for him...!! [crying]

Present-Day Dongha: [Narrating] Come to think of it, Chungsung, you weren't present at the time. I believe you were probably running some sort of errand for my father. There was nobody there to comfort me even if I cried, so I went to cry by myself in the garden gazebo...

Dongha: [crying]
[sfx: footsteps approaching]
Hajun: ... why are you crying?
Dongha: ...!?
Hajun: ...! ... Yeon Dongha...?
Dongha: ... who are you, onii-chan[1]? Why do you know my name?
Hajun: I'm... ... a very distant relative of the Yeon family.
Dongha: Have I met you somewhere before...?
Hajun: ... no, I don't believe we've ever met. But of course, there's nobody who doesn't know the face of the heir of the Yeon family, you know?
Dongha: ...
Hajun: You look awful. Your eyes are all red.
Dongha: --! [sniffle]
Hajun: Why are you crying?
Dongha: ...
Hajun: You can talk to me if you want.
Dongha: ...

Present-Day Dongha: [Narrating] When I came to my senses, I ended up telling him everything. The expectation that I would always be the best, to excell at studying, to be number one at everything I did. About the days I spent without any freedom at all. The fact that my father had just scolded me, comparing me to a brother whose face I didn't even know.

Hajun: I see. ... that's rough.
Dongha: Yeah...
Hajun: Do you... wish you could leave?
Dongha: ... I don't know. But for one day... just for one day, I wish I could be a normal kid.
Hajun: ...
Dongha: I want to be free to go outside. I want to play with friends. I want to do... what I want to do, when I want to do it.
Hajun: ... wait here a moment.
[sfx: Hajun walking away]
Dongha: Onii-san...?
[sfx: bike wheel]
Dongha: Onii-san... that's...?
Hajun: A bike. We're going to go out on this.
Dongha: ...! ... but I don't know how to ride a bike... Father said I shouldn't ride bikes because I'd get hurt.
Hajun: It's fine. I'll give you a lift, you can just ride behind me.
Dongha: ... really!? B-but... after today, I'm going to start having a tutor come from now on...
Hajun: Well, that seals it, doesn't it?
Dongha: ...?
Hajun: I can only be here for one day, but for this one day, I can be your frien-- no, I can be your big brother.
Dongha: ...!
Hajun: What do you think of that?
Dongha: ... I...
Hajun: Come on. Let's go.
[sfx: Dongha climbing onto the back of the bike]
Dongha: Y-yeah...
Hajun: I'm taking off.
[sfx: bike in motion]
Dongha: --! It's fast, too fast!!!
Hajun: Just hold tight onto me and don't let go.
Dongha: Ah--!

Present-Day Dongha: [Narrating] It was the first time I ever rode a bike, and the first time I had ever left the mansion without asking permission. The sound of the wind, the scenery rushing past, the summer heat, the smell of dirt and grass, the feeling of pressing my cheek against someone's back and feeling that warmth... all of it... I had never experienced anything like it.

[sfx: marketplace noises, people talking]
Dongha: What is this...?
Hajun: It's a market. They sell food, clothes-- basically anything you could ever want.
[sfx: disembarking the bicycle]
Hajun: We'll leave the bike here and go in.
Dongha: ... okay. ... ah... ah! Ah! It's a really busy place, isn't it? There's so many people... and all these decorations... is there some kind of festival today?
Hajun: Heh. Not at all. It's like this every day.
Dongha: Why aren't the stores inside a building...?
Hajun: Because it's an open-air market.
Dongha: I didn't have any idea there was a place like this so close by...
Hajun: Amazing, isn't it?
Dongha: Yeah!
Hajun: I thought so, too.
Dongha: What do you mean you did, too, onii-san?
Hajun: ... it was a long time ago, though. Anyway, do you want something to eat? I'm getting hungry.
Man 1: You there, young man! Might I interest you in some tteok-bokki?
Woman 1: How about some fried cheese, young master? Real popular today!
Dongha: Whoa, everything looks really good...!
Hajun: What would you like? Pick whatever you want. I'll pay.
Dongha: But... I don't know what's dangerous or what's bad for me to eat...
Hajun: Still very overprotective, aren't they...
Dongha: Huh?
Hajun: Nothing, just talking to myself. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone; what do you want to eat?
Girl 1: Hey, wait for me!
Girl 2: Well, hurry up then! [laugh] Mister, I'll have one of those.
Girl 1: I want one too! Pick out a big one for me!
Dongha: ... ah! Onii-san, what's that round red thing?
Hajun: Ah, that's a candied apple. It's an apple covered in a candy coating.
Dongha: Ah...!
Hajun: Heh. You want one?
Dongha: Yeah! I... I want to have a candied apple!

[flashback ends]


Dongha: Just one day of freedom... one day with a stranger being my big brother. ... I didn't realize until a while later that it had been my half-brother all along. That was the only time before or since that I've ever called him onii-san.
Chungsung: Is that so... all that happened while I was away.
Dongha: Now you should understand why I hate him so much. He gave me one taste of freedom and then left me to die. He never came back for me.
Chungsung: Bocchama...
Dongha: ... ... you just dug up something I don't like to think about. I'm going to sleep. Wake me when we get there.
Chungsung: Yes, bocchama.


[sfx: knocking]
Dongha: ... it's Dongha. I have arrived home, Father.
[sfx: footsteps]
Dongha's Father: You already know why I have called you here. I heard that you lost to Hajun in that Paradox Live thing.
Dongha: ... yes, sir.
Dongha's Father: ... are you not going to explain yourself?
Dongha: ... no. What you have heard is the truth.
Dongha's Father: Then I suggest you forfeit the next round. I have been told that you will be going up against prisoners. Leave the vulgar music to vulgar people. I will not permit you to tarnish the Yeon name any further by indulging in such frivolous music. It would not do for a member of the Yeon family to lose in such circumstances.
Dongha: ... [deep breath]
Dongha's Father: Remind me of who you are.
Dongha: ... I am Yeon Dongha, heir to the Yeon conglomerate.
Dongha's Father: Indeed you are. And that's why--
Dongha: And that's why I can't walk away from this defeat.
Dongha's Father: Hm?
Dongha: If I run away from a battle just because I lost one round, then won't people will see the Yeon conglomerate as spineless?
Dongha's Father: ... hm.
Dongha: I refuse to run away from my destiny. I will take on the next battle with the name of the Yeon conglomerate on my shoulders. I will definitely win, and challenge my brothe-- Yeon Hajun once again!
Dongha's Father: This sounds like a tremendous waste of time to me.
Dongha: ... I see. Well. If you'll excuse me. Have a nice day, father.
[sfx: footsteps, door closing]
Dongha: ... [sigh] Chungsung! We're returning to Japan at once!
Chungsung: Arrangements are already in place, sir.
Dongha: ... what's with that smile on your face?
Chungsung: ... heh. You were most impressive, bocchama.
Dongha: ...! Were you eavesdropping?!
Chungsung: I simply have very good hearing.
Dongha: ... I'm not a child anymore! Did you think I was going to come out crying?
Chungsung: Not at all, sir.
Dongha: ... let's go. Don't keep me waiting.
Chungsung: At your command, sir.


[sfx: car in motion]
Dongha: ... hm? You're going the wrong way, Chungsung. The airport is that way.
Chungsung: Indeed. I thought I might take a small detour before the flight, if you will permit me such an indulgence.
Dongha: ... whatever.

[sfx: car door opening]
Chungsung: We have arrived.
Dongha: We didn't go very far. ... this is...!
Chungsung: [chuckle] Did I guess correctly? I assumed that if I was looking for a covered open-air market within biking distance from the mansion, this would be the one.
Dongha: ...
Chungsung: There is no telling if it will be the same one as it was that day, but...
Dongha: ...!
Chungsung: There is a stall selling candied apples.
Man 3: Hey, welcome!
Chungsung: Hello. I would like one of the finest candied apples you can provide.
Dongha: No. Two. ... he'll take two.
Man 3: You got it. Here you go, young master, two of our finest and freshest fruit!
[sfx: Dongha thrusting one out]
Dongha: Chungsung.
Chungsung: ... bocchama?
Dongha: What are you staring at? Hurry up and take it.
Chungsung: ... is that alright? For me to intrude upon bocchama's memories with Hajun-sama--
Dongha: I already told you, didn't I? It was a long time ago. It was a mundane thought and unbecomingly sentimental.
Chungsung: ...
[sfx: Chungsung taking the candied apple]
Chungsung: It's beautiful.
Dongha: Hah?
Chungsung: This candied apple is, I mean. It's a humble candy sold at a street vendor's stall, but look. It's almost jewel-like in its beauty.
Dongha: ...
Chungsung: It is both sweet and sour. The fruit of original sin. Adam and Eve defiled themselves by taking a bite in pursuit of knowledge, casting away the idea of living in paradise with God the Father. They chose the freedom and suffering that comes with living on Earth.
Dongha: ... What are you talking about?
Chungsung: I have only one thing I would like to say. Even if you are to walk into the very depths of hell, Dongha-sama, I intend to be by your side as you do.
Dongha: ...
Chungsung: Because I am your butler.
Dongha: Of course.
Chungsung: Then. Shall we both partake of the fruit of sin? [laugh] To be graced with a gift from bocchama! It would be a waste to eat it! If only I could put it under glass, keep it safe forever, dare only to gaze upon it as much as I could ever want, feast upon it only with my eyes!
Dongha: [angrily takes a bite] Don't make it weird. It's just a candy apple. Hurry up and eat it.
Chungsung: But I need to prepare my heart to-- what are you doing?
[sfx: Dongha grabbing the apple back]
Dongha: Eat it or I'm going to throw it away!
Chungsung: Please, give it back! I will gratefully accept it right away!
Dongha: You have ten seconds to start eating! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four!
Chungsung: Yes, like that--!
Dongha: Eat it! That's an order!
Chungsung: Bocchama~!

[1] As you probably know, you can call strangers "big sister" or "big brother" in Japanese in a way you can't in English. Dongha does not know who Hajun is, he is referring to Hajun like this because he's an older kid.

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