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Consolation Match "SHOWDOWN" - Buraikan Part

Haruomi: Geh, that's the stuff.
Chisei: Uwah, spoken like a real old man.
Haruomi: Shut it. Can't help talking like an old man if that's what I actually am.
Chisei: Heh. Surely you don't plan on aging at this rate forever.
Haruomi: Of course not. But more to the point, we need to focus on making this tournament a success. We'll give the youth with the energy for it a chance to show off, and make the phantom live scene a more of a permanent fixture.
Chisei: [laughs] Very impressive, mister legend. You're singing a different tune than you used to, huh?
Haruomi: That was your plan, wasn't it, Chisei?
Chisei: Maybe so. To cultivate and nurture a team that could surpass us-- that's why we wanted to have a big competition like this. ... by the way. Speaking as the tournament organizer and all, what are your thoughts on the battle thus far?
Haruomi: ... hm. BAE, cozmez, TCW, and Akan Yatsura... I certainly get the impression that they've become stronger since the last battle. Their bonds certainly were never in question of course, but they can still continue to evolve on the technical side of things.
Chisei: Keeping an eye on how they grow from here on out is part of our job description, too.
Haruomi: Mm.
Chisei: And then there's the consolation round, which is impressive in its own right. Seems we really pulled together a bunch of real interesting teams.
Haruomi: Correct. AMPRULE, 1Nm8, VISTY, and Gokuluck are... they have less experience, but we certainly chose very unique groups that won't be outdone by each other.
Chisei: Should we start with AMPRULE, then? Since they're the newest group out of the lot.
Haruomi: They're still quite a work in progress, but they have great sensibility and passion. That kid having the courage to go on stage at that age... it takes serious balls.
Chisei: No kidding. Even I wouldn't go so far as referring to my fans as "lowly insects".
Haruomi: But on the other hand, they're hardly without their shortcomings. I'm sure this is the first time they've experienced losing on such a large platform before.
Chisei: So what you mean is this time's loss is...
Haruomi: Indeed. This experience could either make or break them. This consolation match will be an important one for AMPRULE.
Chisei: I'm interested to see how they grow and how they manage to come back after getting beaten down. ... [stretching] Ahh... but if we're talking about the teams who've been around the shortest time, 1Nm8 aren't far behind.
Haruomi: As far as wild cards go, they're probably number one.
Chisei: That leader, Miyama Kei... he's really something, huh? I mean he's not the same kind of genius as me, but he's still a real genius.
Haruomi: [sigh]
Chisei: Hey, what's with that irritated face? I'm just being honest.
Haruomi: [sigh] Then please enlighten me, oh great genius Yasha-sama. What do you think of them?
Chisei: They're got a real pure sound that makes them stand out. When I heard 1Nm8's song, I felt like... it had a really strange vibe, you know? It felt kind of calm and healing, in a way. Like taking a cool bath after getting out of a sauna. Like being refreshed-- sort of like that, you know?
Haruomi: That's what the great genius is comparing it to?
Chisei: Heh.
Haruomi: [sigh] ... It does seem like 1Nm8's songs have a lot of peculiarities in the lyrics. Miyama Kei has a lot of charisma, but it feels like there's a bottomless power lying in wait. They're the kind of team that makes you expect something great from them.
Chisei: It's kind of scary to get engulfed in, isn't it?
Haruomi: Mm. They're one to keep an eye on in the next battle. The heads' expectations will be high.
Chisei: So, to keep it rolling, what about VISTY? Since they're a team of idols that Miyama Kei used to belong to and all. Ever since he left, their popularity tanked and they're right on the brink. I gotta admit, they strike me as a real out of left field pick.
Haruomi: They have a strong will to pull themselves back from the edge of disaster. After hearing their song, I felt like I wanted to bet on their chances. That's why they were chosen.
Chisei: And that's why they got put up against cozmez first thing? Honestly, I thought that was really cruel.
Haruomi: They fought very well for first-timers. I was very pleased that they were able to take the theme of "rage" and make it about frustration at their own shortcomings.
Chisei: Really pulls on the heartstrings. They proved they had real fighting spirit, even if they're idols.
Haruomi: Looking at the results, it's clear they moved a lot of the heads' hearts as well.
Chisei: 1Nm8's Kei is going to be in the losers' round as well. I wonder what kind of showing they'll make, with that in mind... They call their fans Stellas, right? I'm interested to see how well they can leverage their fanbase by involving them.
Haruomi: Mm.
Chisei: And then if we're talking about unexpected turns... heh. It sure is a bit surprising to invite a bunch of prisoners to participate, isn't it?
Haruomi: I'm not going to turn away anyone who qualified. Being able to participate regardless of where you come from is one of CLUB Paradox's foundational principles.
Chisei: Oooh, very cool~
Haruomi: Tch. Don't mock me, Chisei. So what do you think of the team?
Chisei: All of the prisoners are very wild, but honestly, I kind of like them. They've got a dangerous edge to them.
Haruomi: Their leader in particular-- Inukai. I was shocked by how different he was.
Chisei: For real, right? Well, I suppose you have to have a certain amount of strength to be able to tame a bunch of mad dogs, huh?
Haruomi: They seem poorly-matched, but when they come together to make a sound as a unified team, they pack an unbelievable amount of power.
Chisei: That whole thing about eating all comers alive who matter who they are has a ring to it, doesn't it? No wonder their battle was the most intense out of the first rounds.
Haruomi: Akan Yatsura went straight for the throat as well. Even if GokuLuck couldn't quite close the gap, it was still a good match.
Chisei: More than that, I think they can forge a tight relationship like Akan Yatsura's, then I have no doubt they'll be a real contender and a force to be reckoned with no matter what team they're up against. ... ahhh. Things are starting to get real steamy, aren't they?
Haruomi: Sure are.
Chisei: So. What do you want to do?
Haruomi: What do you mean, what do I want to do?
Chisei: About us. We're the tournament organizers, after all. Are we just going to sit back and watch?
Haruomi: Hm.
Chisei: Their performances are started to get real heated, and not only is the number of heads growing, their expectations are rising too. For a sauna-loving old man, you must really want to help them out, don't you?
Haruomi: [sigh]
Chisei: Let's do it, Haruomi. I'd feel really bad for them if they didn't get to see the peak that they were aiming for.
Haruomi: I don't intend to let them take the top. For the moment, anyway.
Chisei: Heh. If you say so.
Haruomi: I'm getting out. Once you get out of a bath, you need something refreshing...
Chisei: Beer~!
Haruomi: Working on a new song.
[sfx: footsteps]
Chisei: Hah?
Haruomi: Let's go.
[sfx: door opening]
Haruomi: ... partner.

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