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Road to Legend Opening Show - Opening Show -Road to Legend-

Haruomi: [sigh] ... building a sauna was a great idea, wasn't it?
Chisei: Who'd have thought they'd let you build such an impressive sauna inside CLUB Paradox?
Haruomi: They say you should relax your body before going onstage to be in the best possible condition, right?
Chisei: Thinking about it, I'm pretty sure you can get food made here, too.
Haruomi: Hm. Those guys from Akan Yatsura do good work when they're not rapping.
Chisei: What's gonna happen with Raimentei during the tournament? You gonna close it?
Haruomi: No. I'll leave it in the hands of the part-timers and keep it open. I wouldn't want to inconvenience my regulars.
Chisei: Ahaha! You're very disciplined on that front, aren't you?
Haruomi: Hm.
Chisei: [sigh] ... it's about to start, isn't it?
Haruomi: Yes. I have high expectations for everyone we've gathered.
Chisei: We're broadcasting this show in real time all over the world, aren't we?
Haruomi: We are. Phantom lives have taken the world by storm and has gathered quite a bit of attention and passion directed towards them.
Chisei: It's practically gone mainstream compared to how it used to be, huh? At the beginning it was super niche and we were treated like we were totally disposable, remember?
Haruomi: So we were.
Chisei: If I hadn't met you back then, Shura... my life probably would've been really boring.
Haruomi: I can say the same. Your reaching out to me, and the first time we did a phantom live together, have changed my life in a major way. ... it wasn't really a joke, was it? When you said back then that you'd make me the happiest person in the world.
Chisei: Oh? Did I say something like that?
Haruomi: Don't play coy. I'm not about to let you pretend you don't remember.
Chisei: I'm just fucking with you, don't get so serious about it. ... but even so, we've really come a long way, haven't we?
Haruomi: It's still just the beginning. There's still a lot we need to do. For the sake of the new generation as well as ours, we need to make Road to Legend a success.
Chisei: You must be real disappointed about what happened with the last tournament, for you to go to all the trouble of organizing another big event like this on your own, huh?
Haruomi: The last Paradox Live was a scheme orchestrated by Alter Trigger.
Chisei: They put it on with the intention of investigating the affinity of phantometal with hiphop, after all, yeah?
Haruomi: I will not allow unnecessary interference in this tournament. This next generation of legends are a group of people who genuinely love hip hop.
Chisei: They sure are. I can't help but be excited to keep an eye on them going forward. How are they going to improve from here on out?
Haruomi: There's still a lot of improvement to be made, both by the artists and in the realm of the phantom lives. Until the time someone who can truly surpass us as Buraikan shows up, we'll have to bear witness with our own eyes.
Chisei: [stretching]
Haruomi: It's about time to get going.
Chisei: Alrighty! While we're at it, we may as well go all out!


[sfx: footsteps]
Itsuki: Rokuta, I've asked you to stick to the schedule, haven't I? I accounted for only thirty minutes for meal time at the catering.
Rokuta: Eh? But it was super good, Itsuki-nii! And it was all free! I basically had no choice but to keep eating!!
Itsuki: Seriously... Kei is waiting for us. We should hurry.
[sfx: Ryu noises, running]
Ryu: [approaching from a distance] Ratatatatata and now Ryu-kun, fastest runner alive, is now taking on the hallway sprint! There he goes! Even as we round the third corner, it's clear that this is much bigger than the previous Paradox Live, but the course is much the same! Can Ultra Megatron Ryuu-kun turn this corner at that speed!? NYOOM!!
[sfx: Ryu running smack into Rokuta]
Ryu: Ouch! Owowowow!
Rokuta: Awawa! Are you oka--...y?
Itsuki: ...! You're...
Ryu: What? What-what? What-what-what~? Ryu-kun feels like he's seen you somewhere, but he hasn't, but it doesn't feel like it at all~?
Shiki: [approaching] Ryu-kun!!! [panting] They asked the competitors to gather in the concert hall, and... um... who are these people...?
Ryu: Hmmm... ... ah! I KNOW! They're the wild turkeys Andre and Charlie!
Shiki: Um...? Ah, I'm sorry, is Ryu-kun bothering you...?
Rokuta: Ah, no, not at all.
Shiki: I'm glad to hear that... then, Ryu-kun, we should get going... Master's already furious...
Ryu: Roger! New finish line: the switch in the hall! Ultra Megatron Ryu-kun, coming in at jet-engine speed... AND AWAY HE GOES!!! Gallop gallop gallop gallop!
Shiki: R-ryu-kun, wait for me...!
[sfx: Shiki running after Ryu]
Rokuta: Ah... that was Zero... I didn't think we'd meet him somewhere like this...
Itsuki: Indeed...


[sfx: audience cheering during basically every moment of downtime so I'm not going to write it every time]
Announcer: All of the heads gathered here today, how are you all feeling?! I know you guys can't wait any longer, so let's get this show on the road! Paradox Road: Road to Legend!
Announcer: We've gathered here today a hand-picked selection of great hip hop teams that will be fighting in the stage battles! Better not blink-- let's get into it!
Chisei: After taking on every round, the ultimate winning team will be awarded...
Haruomi: Control of CLUB Paradox.
Announcer: What kind of people are going to be the ones to take the top? Let's introduce the teams that will be participating! First, the teams who participated in the last Paradox Live, the four teams standing at the forefront of the hip hop world! First up... BAE!
Haruomi: They're a team who are able to synthesize various genres and bring them all together into an articulate final product. They're a team with a very high hip hop IQ. We look forward to seeing how they evolve in the future.
Chisei: MC SUZAKU! Give us a statement, if you don't mind.
Allen: S-shura-san! Yasha-san! It's an honor to be able to talk to you! A Buraikan record is what set me off down this road, and--
Chisei: I see, thanks! But while we've got you here, why don't you show your enthusiasm to all the heads out in the audience?
Allen: Ah, right... [clears throat] We're going to prove ourselves through our music for sure this time! Everyone, keep an eye on us!
Announcer: Thank you! Now, next up...
Allen: Also, Shura-san, Yasha-san, can I get your autographs later...?
Chisei: Ahaha, okay okay! You got it! Just hold tight.
Announcer: Next: The Cat's Whiskers!
Haruomi: A team with elegant tracks and a skillful approach to their beats; their restrained but impressive choice of words are worth paying attention to.
Chisei: MC Kotonoha!
Saimon: The songs that we will be singing are songs that move heaven and Earth alike with little effort. Through our music, I believe that we can connect people, and the world. Underestimating the power of the classics may catch you by surprise, so I advise the other teams to be mindful of us.
Announcer: Quite the intelligent and biting comment, wasn't it? Next, last time's winners: cozmez!
Haruomi: Their lyrics spun from authentic experiences are the very essence of hip hop. There's no doubt that they're the real deal.
Chisei: MC KANATA!
Kanata: Just watch. We'll win this time too.
[sfx: Kanata forces the mic off to Iori]
Iori: And next up is us, Akan Yatsura~! Everyone's in good spirits, I hope?
Announcer: Robbed of my announcement by those straightforward vibes taking the mic!
Iori: Oh, you sure do know how to roll with the punches, Mr. MC.
Announcer: Well, why don't you say a few words, too?
Iori: Akan Yatsura are back again with a bang~! It ain't our way to end everything on a sour note. We look forward to your patronage while we come at 'ya hard!
Haruomi: As is plain to see, they're a team whose overwhelming vibes are their greatest weapon. Getting the audience on your side lends you incredible power as a participating team.
Chisei: MC Kashira! Your vibes are immaculate today as well!
Iori: Haha, much obliged!
Announcer: And now, the first of the newcomers to this competition... VISTY!
Haruomi: Underneath the catchy, glossy modern vibes, I can feel a lot of potential for hip hop hiding under the surface.
Chisei: MC SHOGO!
Shogo: Everyone here at the venue, and everyone who's watching the broadcast as well! Can you see me alright? Well, then... our Stellas are our source of energy! This is Shogo, Visty's big brother!
Announcer: As to be expected from a team of idols, you're really good at fanservice, ain't you! Keep it up like that!
Shogo: I hope that through our music, we can give everyone in the world a dream to believe in. We're looking forward to your support!
Announcer: And after that is AMPRULE!
Haruomi: A team entangled in a contrast of prestigious vibes and a whirlwind of negative emotion tied up in distorted lyrics. I'm excited to see the form those emotions will take.
Chisei: MC lil Empera! A few words, if you please!
Dongha: Are you trying to tell me what to do?
Announcer: Ooooh, feel that sadistic aura in the air! Please, by all means, feel free to speak your mind!
Dongha: ... hm. You fool. Listen up, you braying animals. Listen to my music. I'll crush the competition until no trace of those insects remains.
Announcer: We're not done yet! Next up, GokuLuck!
Haruomi: To be honest, they're fierce, and are going to up up a serious fight. Their songs leave you with the impression that your ears have been assaulted by the anger loaded into their tracks.
Chisei: Mc Hancho!
Yuto: Ah... I wanted to thank all of you, for giving us such an opportunity, th--
Kenta: Oi, Inukai, stop running your mouth about boring shit. Move!
Yuto: M-Mikoshiba-ku--!
[sfx: Kenta wresting the mic away from Yuto]
Kenta: Listen up you fucking small fries! GokuLuck are gonna take everything, so feel free to just stand by and tremble in fear! [hyena laugh]
Announcer: How exciting to have all of these forceful personalities one after another! Last up are... 1Nm8!
Haruomi: Their purity is a strength, but it may be a vulnerability as well. They're a fascinating team, made up of unusual artists the likes of which you don't often see.
Chisei: MC 7!
Kei: For the sake of the new world about to be born... 1nm8 will win.
Haruomi: These eight teams will be our competitors this time. From here on out, these eight will fight it out in a tournament-style competition. Going soft is not an option. There's only one rule: bring your all to the fight.
Chisei: No matter what team it is, there's no time to play around. If you want to take the top, then now's your chance. Surpass us if you can!
Haruomi: Paradox Live: Road to Legend... think of this tournament as the first page in a new history. Everyone here is paying witness to the birth of a legend. Watch carefully.

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