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Road to Legend Opening Show - cozmez & Buraikan - Final Battle
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Kanata: [narrating] That day when, living in a garbage dump of a slum, we received an invitation from CLUB Paradox... that was when it all started. The 10 billion yen cash prize, and the privilege of challenging the legendary Buraikan. These were what we -- cozmez -- fought for, giving our all, and we grasped victory in the Paradox Live Stage Battles. cozmez and Buraikan's final showdown will happen today at CLUB Paradox.

[sfx: door opening]
Nayuta: Kanata, the catering here is crazy. Everything is so good. Here. I brought something for you, too. You do plan on eating, right?
[sfx: Nayuta eating]
Nayuta: [with mouth full] Mm. For real, this stuff is good.
Kanata: [sigh]
Nayuta: Hm? What's up?
Kanata: Aren't you forgetting something?
Nayuta: Forgetting what?
Kanata: That we're going against Buraikan in just a little bit.
Nayuta: Ah, is that all? I mean, sure, I'm a bit nervous, but I figure there's no use worrying about it. We already got this far.
Kanata: I mean, yeah, but...
Nayuta: And more importantly, I'm just really looking forward to standing on stage with you, Kanata.
Kanata: ...
Nayuta: You know, more than being able to fuck around with 10 billion, just being able to live and sing with you is what makes me really happy.
Kanata: Nayuta...
[sfx: knocking at door]
Allen: [muffled through door] KANATA! NAYUTA! I'm coming in!
[sfx: door opening]
Allen: It's finally here! Your battle with Buraikan!
Nayuta: ... he came in.
Kanata: The hell you want, SUZAKU?
Allen: What do you mean, what do I want? I came by to visit. I brought the others, too, but I figured that it would probably be a bit much for everyone to storm backstage together.
Kanata: You're already enough of a pain in the ass on your own.
Allen: But I didn't come alone! ... Nanashi? Why are you hiding?
Nayuta: ... Shiki's here?
Shiki: Ah... s-sorry for coming by before the performance... I'm being a nuisance, aren't I?
Nayuta: Not really. Come in.
Shiki: I-is that okay?
Nayuta: Kanata, you have a problem with it?
Kanata: ... [sigh] Do whatever.
Shiki: T-thank you! Ah... here. I brought an omamori[1], to help things go well for you two.
Nayuta: Hah? This is the first time anyone's ever given me an omamori.
Shiki: I-I'm sorry! It was out of line, wasn't it...?
Nayuta: When did I say that? I accept it. Thanks.
Shiki: Y-yeah.
Allen: But this is great, isn't it? This battle is being broadcast all over the world, it's in the news, it's even trending on social media! It's been all over the place for a while now!
Kanata: Hah. And I bet they're all talking about Buraikan this and Buraikan that.
Nayuta: Well, let them talk. Underdog victories are more satisfying, anyway.
Allen: But there's a lot of people expecting a victory from cozmez, too!
Shiki: You two really are amazing. T-to be honest, I wasn't sure if it would be okay for somebody like me to interrupt you before such an important battle, but... I really wanted to show my support, no matter what.
Allen: Same! Buraikan were why I started down this path, and seeing cozmez go up against them is really just... it's hard to even put into words, it's really affecting me... but anyway! Go have a good time!
Kanata: Of course we're going to kick their asses. That's what we've been preparing for.
Allen: I'm looking forward to it!
Shiki: Ah... I think it's almost time. We'll be heading out now.
Allen: Right. I'll be watching from the front rows.
Shiki: Nayuta-kun, Kanata-kun, do--
Allen: Do your best!
Shiki: -- your best!
Kanata: We don't need to be told by you.
Nayuta: If we're together, we're unbeatable, after all.


[sfx: crowd cheering, mic being tapped]

Announcer: Heads from all across Japan -- no, heads from all across the world -- have been waiting for this moment! Paradox Live: Final Battle!
[sfx: cheering]
Announcer: Without further ado, let's introduce the kings! The ones who pioneered the Phantom Live, the legends who continue to spark intense passion even today: Buraikan!
[sfx: cheering]
Haruomi: Sorry to keep you waiting.
Chisei: Let's hit 'em with a bang, shall we?
Announcer: And the challengers! Rising out of the depths of hell, fighting to escape life on the streets, the team who won the Paradox Live... cozmez!
[sfx: cheering]
Nayuta: Let's do this, Kanata.
Kanata: Yeah. No matter what happens, I'm going to keep singing with you, Nayuta. Let's go.
Announcer: The rules for the final battle are very simple. The team who receives the most cheers from the heads on the floor will be the ultimate winner! cozmez will be up first, and Buraikan after. Everyone on board? And are our judges ready?
[sfx: cheering]
Announcer: Alright, then let's get started! First up: cozmez! Show us what you've got!


[sfx: crowd cheering]
Announcer: Neither the reigning kings Buraikan nor the challengers cozmez backed down, giving them both a shot at victory in this battle of battles! But in the end, the winner of this battle is... ... Buraikan!
[sfx: crowd cheering]
Satsuki: [in crowd] That was so close! Buraikan are nuts!
Anne: [in crowd] Buraikan really live up to the title of legend...
Allen: [in crowd] But cozmez were great too!

Kanata: ... it didn't work, huh?
Nayuta: Guess legends are on another level.
Chisei: You put on a good show, cozmez. Here I was, thinking you guys were just a couple of cocky little shits, but it's been a while since I had this much fun.
Haruomi: Mm. I'm looking forward to see how you improve from here on out. We'll meet next in the Road to Legend.
Kanata: We'll get even stronger and scare the shit out of you next time.
Nayuta: Surpassing Buraikan doesn't seem that impossible, if you ask me.

[1] Those little very Japanese amulets in brocade bags.

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