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Shuffle Team - Hokusai with Akan Catsura
[sfx: video game controller clacking, game-end jingle]
Reo: Agh, we lost...!
Ryu: WE ARE LOSE... Shikki and Fuu-chan's team attacks were executed perfectly!
Hokusai: Heheh. Shiki. Thank you for the assist.
Shiki: We.. we only won because of you, Hokusai-kun...
Hokusai: It was a joint victory. I had fun.
Shiki: Y-yeah!
Reo: Hey, it's not fair for only Shiki to get headpats! Hokusai-- me, too!
Hokusai: Reo also did a good job. Pet pet.
Reo: Hehehe~ Hey, I know we said that would be the last round, but why don't we do one more?
Hokusai: Are we... not making the song?
Reo: We don't have to rush it.
Hokusai: Then that's fi--
[sfx: phone buzzing]
Ryu: Ding-ding! Fuu-chan has a message on his phone~!
Reo: What's up? Who's it from?
Hokusai: It's from Zen-nii. He seems to need me for something... excuse me for a moment.
Reo: Hah? Right now?
Hokusai: I'll be right back. We'll continue later.
Reo: Fiiine. Then I'll just leave it on this screen.
Ryu: Ryu-kun can be a good boy and behave well, too!
Hokusai: Mm. I'm glad.
Shiki: Um... be safe! Take care.
Hokusai: Mm. I'll be going now.
[sfx: sliding door closing, footsteps walking away]
Shiki: Hokusai... is so nice...
Reo: What prompts this all of a sudden?
Shiki: Ah, uh-- b-back when we were determining teams... Hokusai-kun said it would be fun to team up with me.
Reo: Ahhh. Hokusai always knows how to say just what you want to hear. He really knows how to spoil a person!
Ryu: Whenever Fuu-chan pets Ryu-kun, he feels A+ happy~!
Reo: Right~? Hokusai makes everyone feel totally at ease around him.
Ryu: Mm~! ... then! This calls for Operation: Gratitude!
Shiki: Ah... do you mean... we should thank him for all he does?
Ryu: Bingo bingo!! A great undertaking to repay Fuu-chan!
Reo: Sounds good to me! Let's do it together!
Shiki: Y-yeah!
Ryu: Now then! As for the big idea for the plan... ... let's hear it from Shikki!
Shiki: Huh? Uh-- uh... maybe we should... do something like, give Hokusai something he'd like as a present...?
Ryu: Okiedokey! Next up, Reo-Reo!
Reo: Hm... ... Hokusai is always giving us headpats, so maybe we should give him headpats in return too?
Ryu: Sounds like an idea that'd deserve headpats~!
Reo: How about you? Do you have any ideas, Maou?
Ryu: Let's see... I've got it! Everyone will be kittycats!!
Shiki: We'll be... cats...?
Reo: I like it! We're all super cute anyway, so let's do that!!
Shiki: Huh!?
Reo: If we're gonna do something for Hokusai, it's gotta be cats!
Shiki: But... aren't we all... humans?
Shiki: Where did you get th--?
Reo: How cute! We all get different colors!
Ryu: Shikki will have this pair, 'kay!?
Shiki: I-I have to wear them too...?
Reo: Sure do!
Ryu: Does Shikki not want to thank Fuu-chan?
Shiki: I... I do, but...
[sfx: sliding door opening]
Ryu: Ah! Fuu-chan returns!
Reo: Ah, really? Hurry up, let's get ready quick!
Ryu: Fast fast, Shikki! Hurry!
Shiki: A-ah...!
[sfx: footsteps]
Reo: [quietly] On my count!
Hokusai: I'm b... ack... ...?
Ryu and Reo: Welcome back-nyan!
Shiki: [sounding like he wants to flee the country] ...
Hokusai: ...!
Reo: Could it be... a cold reception?
Ryu: Chilly like a blizzard!?[1]
Shiki: A-ah! Hokusai-kun! Please wait, we can explain--!
Hokusai: Hold on. ... don't take it off.
Shiki: ...?
Hokusai: It's so... cute.
Reo: Hehe. It suits us well, right? Feel free to keep praising us~
Hokusai: Kitty ears that match the color of your hair... it suits you perfectly, Reo. So cute. So cute.
[sfx: Hokusai petting Reo]
Reo: Hehehe, that tickles~!
Ryu: Ryu-kun brought the cat ears!
Hokusai: Very well done, Ryu. You did great.
[sfx: Hokusai petting Ryu]
Ryu: Nyan~! Purrpurrpurrpurrpurr~!
Hokusai: Shiki. You too.
Shiki: !? ... me?
Hokusai: They suit you very well. There, there.
[sfx: Hokusai petting Shiki]
Shiki: Ah... eh... I...
Hokusai: Hm?
Shiki: I just... wanted to do something you'd like, Hokusai-kun...
Hokusai: Is that... why you put on cat ears to welcome me back?
Shiki: Ah... yeah... but... this is really all thanks to Ryu-kun and Reo-kun...
Ryu: Operation Pretty Kitty Gratitude for Fuu-chan: Mission Great Success!
Reo: Didn't the name of the plan used to be different? Heheh. Whatever, it's a great success!
Ryu: Yay~! WE ARE WIN! Ahahahahahaa! Ratatatatatatapow! Pewpewpewpewpewpew!
[sfx: Ryu noises continue unabated]
Shiki: Ryu-kun...! It's dangerous to run around like that...!
Ryu: Uwah, wah, woah! [tripping and falling]
Shiki: Ryu-kun!?
Hokusai: Are you okay?
Ryu: Ryu-kun... SAFE! But... what about the game console? Is it gone?
Reo: Ah! The screen is dead!
Hokusai: No, it's fine. It just got unplugged.
Shiki: That's... a relief...
Reo: I was worried for a second there...
Ryu: Sorry, Fuu-chan... Ryu-kun caused trouble!
Hokusai: It's all alright. I'm glad everyone wanted to make me happy. Everyone. Come here. Thank you all. Pet pet.
Shiki: Ah--! Are you... sure this is alright?
Reo: Hokusai's pets are the best~!
Ryu: [cat noises]
Reo: Hey, pet me more!
Hokusai: Heh. Petpet.
Ryu: Aaahh~ Yes, there, there, more~! Nyayahaha!

[1] Not a literal translation of this exchange, but gets the point across.

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