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Shuffle Team - Double Trouble

Iori: Ahh... that's it. Heh. Feels like it's shapin' up to be a good song, huh? ... ah.
Yohei: Hm? What's up?
Iori: Bad news. I left my tobacco behind.
[sfx: Yohei offering Iori a cigarette]
Iori: Oh, thank'ya! Can I bother you to light me up?
Yohei: Ain't got a choice, do I? Here.
[sfx: Yohei lighting Iori's cigarette, Iori taking a drag]

Iori: I was plannin' on having a nice long talk so I was planning on bringin' some papers but seems I left 'em in the lobby.
[sfx: taking a drag of the cigarette]
Iori: Heh. Danna, you're a real heavy smoker, ain't you?
Yohei: [taking a drag] I don't wanna hear that comin' out of you, you're no better.
Iori: [laughs] Hey, after this, I'll be countin' on you to fix me a drink.
Yohei: You're the same as ever, huh?
Iori: Sure thing! After all, I made all the effort of comin' all the way out to your bar! Hey, barmaster!
Yohei: Don't get carried away.
[sfx: footsteps]
Iori: You say that, but you're still gonna do it. Just danna bein' danna, yeah?
Yohei: Shut it.
[sfx: Yohei mixing a drink]
Yohei: There. A gimlet will suffice, I assume?
Iori: Just what I'd expect from danna! What will you be having, then?
Yohei: Scotch.
Iori: Ooh, good choice. C'mon, then. Cheers.
Yohei: Mm.
[sfx: clink]
Iori: Ahaha! This is it! You really do know me best, after all, danna.
Yohei: Heh. And to think, I used to think we'd never understand each other at all.
Iori: Ahahah. You mean back then. We did a whole lot of shit back then.

[sfx: record scratch to start flashback]
Yohei: Goddammit! It's your damn fault we almost got busted and into trouble!
Iori: Tch.
Yohei: Oi! Are you listening to me!?
Iori: Shut up.
Yohei: Think about what you did! The old man finally entrusted us to collect the money for him! The fuck you have to go that far for!?
Iori: If you hadn't been a chickenshit coward we could've done a better job.
Yohei: Better job my ass! After beatin' down a member of the family you got the nerve to say something like that?
Iori: Anyone makin' off with family money ain't a member of the family, they're just a shitty thief. We caught a bastard who betrayed the family's trust, and we made them pay for it. How am I at fault for that?
Yohei: The fuck!? It's not your place to make decisions like that! The old man said not to go overboard! Or did you already forget about that?
Iori: I didn't forget shit. Killin' that bastard wasn't overkill at all.
Yohei: Hah? You... are you tryin' to go against the old man?
Iori: Don't get it twisted. I'm entrustin' every part of myself to the old man.
Yohei: Then--!
Iori: And that's why I ain't lettin' it slide! That bastard tried to hurt the old man; he needed to pay with his life.
Yohei: With his life!?
Iori: What? Ain't you got that kind of resolve? [laugh] Chickenshit coward.
Yohei: The fuck you got to be proud of!?
[sfx: Yohei grabbing Iori]
Iori: ... hands. Off.
Yohei: You fuckin' brat, don't get so fuckin' ahead of yourself.
Iori: Hah?
Yohei: Going against the leader's commands... someone going loose cannon is nothing but a hindrance!
Iori: And what'd you know about that? You're just the new recruit brat who just does whatever he's told to do. It ain't your place to say shit.
Yohei: We're the same age, you bastard!
Iori: And we're on totally different levels. I got here on my own, I ain't the same as some fuckin' johnny come lately.
Yohei: I don't give a shit! You claim you've done all this shit, but you can't even handle a brat like me? Hah? Who's the brat now!?
Iori: Do you realize who you're talking to? Don't get cocky.
[sfx: Iori punching Yohei in the stomach]
Yohei: The fuck was that for!?
Iori: If a shitty kid isn't gonna listen, then you got no choice but to teach 'em by force.
Yohei: ... [laugh] Great. Sounds like... we're finally... on the same page!
[sfx: Yohei punching Iori]
Yohei: The fuck was the old man even thinking, teaming me up with this basta--
[sfx: Iori grabbing Yohei]
Iori: Count your blessings. If it weren't for the old man, I'd have killed you ages ago.
Yohei: Go ahead and try, bastard!
Iori: If you insist! I'll make sure that comes back to fucking haunt you!
[sfx: record scratch to end flashback]

Iori: ... and then since we had such beat-up faces, the old man found out we had fought, and whooped our asses all over again, didn't he? [laugh]
Yohei: He sure did.
Iori: Lookin' back on it now, they're pretty great memories. ... but I can't believe how soft you've gotten now, danna. [laughs]
Yohei: You're one to talk. You're real different from the person you were back then, too, Iori.
Iori: [laughs] ... just means lot of time's gone by.
Yohei: Yeah...
Iori: Well! Since we can shoot the shit like this now, I guess it all works out. A nice relaxed evening to reminisce about the past, yeah?
Yohei: Yeah. ... your glass is empty. You wanna keep drinking, right?
Iori: Well, I'll take you up on that offer. Let's drink the night away and catch up on all we missed, yeah?
Yohei: Heh. Stop fuckin' around.
[sfx: glasses clinking]

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