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Shuffle Team - 48 & cozmez
Kanata and Nayuta: Hah?
Kanata: Don't fuck with me! Nayuta and me with 48?
Iori: Aw, don't make that face! The rule is that the King must be obeyed, right~?
Hajun: Indeed. I'm certain that I will perform perfectly no matter who I am paired up with; but perhaps it may be a bit difficult for the two of them?
Iori: I see... [wildly insincerely] It'd be a reaaaal shame, but if that's the case, we'll have to change it to someone who's up to the task...
Kanata: Hah!? Are you looking down on me!? I'll prove you wrong!
Nayuta: Hey, Kanata!
Kanata: Let's do this, Nayuta.
Nayuta: [sigh] ... well, we can't just take an insult sitting down, can we.
Iori: Then it's decided! Have fun getting along~!
Nayuta: "Get along"?
Kanata: With this asshole?
Hajun: There is no need for aggression. I've simply been wanting to understand what it is about you that has caught Allen's attention.
Kanata: The hell?
Hajun: And I would like to know how the winners -- that is, you two -- make songs. Would you be amenable to talking over a meal tomorrow?
Nayuta: Hah? What are you after?
Hajun: We need a place to meet to make music, won't we?
Nayuta: Yeah, but...
Hajun: I have a restaurant that I'm quite fond of that's nearby. Let's go there. Oh, rest assured, though, I will be footing the bill of course.
Kanata: [sigh] ... we're not being given a choice... fine. We'll go.
Hajun: Thank you very much. Well! Let's work out the details later, shall we?


[sfx: drinking]
Kanata: That's great. Oi! Get me another!
Waiter: R-right away, sir.
Hajun: Heh.
Kanata: The fuck you lookin' at?
Hajun: Nothing at all! [holding in laughter] Please, by all means, enjoy the meal to your heart's content.
Waiter: Here's today's amuse-bouche.
Kanata: The fuck?
Nayuta: Eh? It's got a weird sour taste. And besides that, it's one tiny piece on a bigass plate like that? Is that really enough?
Kanata: No way anyone's getting full off that. Ain't there anything else?
Hajun: Ah, you can only directly order bread and drinks at places like this.
Kanata: And you enjoy eating at places like this?
Hajun: That's simply the way things are done. Now, the next course will be here soon. Please be patient.
Nayuta: Hey, the bread's here! Bet we can fit a bunch in our pockets to take home.
Kanata: Hell yeah. Grab as many as you can, we'll eat them tomorrow for breakfast.
Hajun: You can ask them to ask them to wrap some up for you, if you want them that badly.
Nayuta: Who cares that much?
Hajun: I do.
Kanata: Fine, then. Don't fuckin' forget, though.
Hajun: Of course not.
Nayuta: Kanata, check out this soup. I can't explain the taste.
Kanata: Hah? ... you're right.
Nayuta: Right? It's weird.
Kanata: For real. Do rich people like this crap?
Nayuta: Ah. The meat's here.
Kanata: The hell is this? Is this all?
Hajun: I suppose it's not surprising, but I didn't expect for you to truly lack even the most basic manners.
Kanata: Fuck your manners. I'll eat however I want.
Hajun: You truly are like filthy rats.
Kanata: [through full mouth] The fuck you calling dirty rats?
Nayuta: [indistinct]
Hajun: Yes, yes, but please chew with your mouth closed. It's quite disgusting.
Kanata: !?
Hajun: Once you have finished swallowing, we can talk about the song.
Waiter: Thank you for being a patron today.
[sfx: door opening]
Hajun: What did you think after experiencing the meal?
Nayuta: Iunno. It wasn't bad.
Kanata: Never tasted anything like a lot of that before.
Nayuta: Yeah.
Hajun: I see.
Kanata: But that water was pretty good. Kinda tasted like lemon.
Nayuta: Heh. You drank a lot of it.
Hajun: You do realize that water was supposed to be to wash your hands with, yes?
Kanata: Hah?
Hajun: It's a finger bowl. To put it in words you might understand, it's like sink water.
Kanata: The fuck? Why didn't you say so sooner?
Nayuta: Did you invite us here just to make fun of us!?
Hajun: I, for one, had a lovely time. Truly, I now understand the upside of being so hungry that you don't care about how you're perceived.
Nayuta: The fuck you mean by that?
Hajun: I meant what I said. Well. I have to catch my taxi.
Kanata: Hey, wait up! We ain't done here!
Hajun: Aren't we? Leave it for when we work on our song. If you'll excuse me.
[sfx: car door opening and closing]
Kanata: You bitch... I'll make you pay for this...
Nayuta: This time, we'll show him a taste of hell.

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