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Shuffle Team - Beauty & Beast
[sfx: soft dreamy music; a faint echo filter over everything]
Anne: Satsuki-kun~!
[sfx: running]
Anne: I'm sorry! Did I keep you waiting?
Satsuki: You're the one who wanted to meet up. What is it, Anne?
Anne: I'm so sorry! I couldn't decide what to wear so I was late getting out of the house.
Satsuki: Is that all?
Anne: I mean... since I was meeting up with you today, Satsuki-kun, I wanted to look a little nicer than usual...
Satsuki: Don't be silly. I always think you look great.
Anne: Eh?
Satsuki: And besides, I think it's a real shame to lose out on time we could be spending together.
Anne: Satsuki-kun...
Satsuki: So, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?
Anne: It's just...
Satsuki: It's just what?
Anne: Can you... close your eyes... for a second?
Satsuki: Oh? Sure.
Anne: Um... the truth is, Satsuki-kun... Satsuki-kun... Satsuki-kun...
[sfx: Anne's voice fading away and being replaced with Zen's, dreamy filter fades away]
Zen: Sa-tsu-ki-kun.
Satsuki: Whaoaogh!
Zen: So you're finally awake, Satsuki-kun?
Satsuki: [screams] THAT'S TOO CRUEL, ZEN-NII!
Zen: You left me no choice. No matter how many times I called out to you, you wouldn't wake up.
Satsuki: Huh? What time is it? ... WHAT? It's already this late!? Oh shit! Oh shit oh shit oh shit! I'm supposed to meet Anne in five minutes!!
[sfx: Satsuki in a hurry]
Zen: Ah... come on! Hurry up and get changed, then!
Satsuki: Crap! It's super lame to show up late to a first date!!
Zen: You'll be fine not fixing your hair?
Satsuki: I'll just wear a hat, it's fine!! Ah! Crap! I can't make Anne wait for me!!
Zen: Give my regards to Anne-kun!
[sfx: door opening]
Satsuki: Right! I'm going!


[sfx: birds chirping, Satsuki running]
Satsuki: [panting] ... Anne's not here yet...?
[sfx: running footsteps approaching]
Anne: I'm sorry! I didn't keep you waiting, did I?
Satsuki: Ah-- no, I...
Satsuki: [internally] (Wait, what's up with this? This seems familiar!)
Anne: I couldn't decide what to wear so I was late getting out of the house.
Satsuki: (This is just like the dream I had today!)
Dream Anne: The truth is, Satsuki-kun...
Satsuki: (Could it be? Just like in my dream!?)
Anne: Hey! What are you talking to yourself about?
Satsuki: Ah-- ah! Nothing!!
Anne: Really? Your face is all red, though. Are you not feeling well?
Satsuki: N-no! Not at all! Nonononono it's all good! No problems!
Anne: Glad to hare it. Oh, here, let me...
Satsuki: Hah!?
Anne: I'll be quick.
Satsuki: (It's really just like my dream! Isn't it!? ... Alright! If I don't step up to the plate here I have no right to call myself a man!!)
Satsuki: [humming loudly, closing his eyes and making preemptive kissy noises]
Anne: Hey, I'm just trying to fix your bedhead for you. Why are you closing your eyes and leaning in like that? Are you pulling a funny face?
Satsuki: Huh? ... my... bedhead?
Anne: Yeah. Here, I'll fix it, just stay still a moment.
Satsuki: ... huh?
Anne: There! All done!
Satsuki: ... thanks.
Satsuki: (Crap, I was too caught up in my dream... aw....)
Anne: Up close, I'm noticing your shirt collar is all messed up, too. Did you oversleep, maybe?
Satsuki: Sorry...
Anne: C'mere, I'll fix it for you.
Satsuki: Oh-- uh, thanks...
Anne: If you're going to be seen with me, I just want to make sure you look presentable, is all~.
Satsuki: Um...
Anne: But. You didn't want to keep me waiting, so you hurried over, right? Thank you.
Satsuki: N-not at all!!
Anne: By the way, I'm sorry for running late.
Satsuki: W-what do you mean? Don't worry about it! I had just gotten here anyway!
Anne: [laughs]
Satsuki: W-what!?
Anne: [laughing] The way you said that just now, it kind of feels like we're on a date right now!
Anne: I'm just teasing you. We're making that song together today, right?
Satsuki: --! Uh! Yeah!
Anne: Since it's us, let's come up with something really great, then! Show me how cool you can be, alright?
Satsuki: Leave it to me! I'll show you my cool side, so be sure to keep up!!

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