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Shuffle Team - SUZAKU & KANATA

Kanata: [yawning loudly and dramatically]
Nayuta: Ah? Don't make such weird noises, Kanata.
Kanata: Sorry, Nayuta. I'm just feeling a bit out of it.
Nayuta: You're not doing anything today?
Kanata: Nothing at all.
Nayuta: Hm. Don't you have any plans?
Kanata: Nope. I don't want to do anything at all. I really just want to take it easy today.
Nayuta: I see. ... maybe after I do the laundry, I'll take a nap too.
Kanata: Sounds like a plan.
Nayuta: Mm. ... [laughs]
Kanata: Something up?
Nayuta: No, I just can't remember the last time we had the luxury of free time like this.
Kanata: You're right, huh?
Nayuta: This rules.
Kanata: ... ah!
Nayuta: Something wrong, Kanata?
Kanata: No, I just... felt a disturbance...
[sfx: distant footsteps, door knocking]
Kanata: ...!
Nayuta: The hell's that? Debt collectors?
[sfx: knocking continues]
Kanata: No way... you gotta be fucking kidding! Goddammit...
Nayuta: Hey, Kanata. You're not gonna open the door, are you?
Kanata: Just stand back, Nayuta.
Allen: [through the door] Hey, KANATA! Are you home?
Nayuta: ... that voice is...
Kanata: ... goddammit.
[sfx: door openning]
Kanata: The hell you want, SUZAKU?
Allen: KANATA! My bad, did I come a bit earlier than expected?
Kanata: Hah? The hell are you talking about?
Allen: Huh? We were gonna write that song together today, weren't we?
Nayuta: Hmmm.
[sfx: footsteps]
Nayuta: Later.
Allen: Oh, you're going out, NAYUTA? Take care!
Kanata: Hey, wai-- wait up, Nayuta! I'm going wi--
[sfx: Allen grabbing Kanata]
Allen: Hey, where are you going, KANATA? We promised, right?
Kanata: ... ... ... I only agreed at the time because...
Allen: Huh?
Kanata: Because you were drunk and crawling up my ass about it!
Allen: Eh?
Kanata: You wouldn't shut up, so I just said I'd do it to get you to leave me alone.
Allen: That's... I... but I came up with a lot of ideas for today...
Kanata: Sounds like a you problem. Do it on your own. Why are you so worked up about this?
Allen: Because your music has something that mine doesn't!
Kanata: And what of it?
Allen: Since the first time we had a stage battle, I've been thinking that I wanted to make a song together with you someday! If it's the two of us working together, I'm sure we can make an amazing song! Please!
Kanata: ... ah, fine! I fucking get it!
Allen: Yeah!
Kanata: I just have to do it and you'll go away, right? Fine! I'll make a song or whatever!
Allen: Oh! Thank you, KANATA! Let's make an amazing song!
Kanata: [sigh] ... ... why do you have all that crap with you?
Allen: Ah, this? I just brought the stuff I'd need to make a song.
Kanata: Is that so. Whatever. Just don't make a mess with it.
Allen: Got it! I'm coming in!


[sfx: The Sound of Voltage instrumental]
Kanata: There. Something like that should work.
Allen: The basic beat is good, but I want to work more on the hook.
Kanata: Yeah. Maybe if we loosen up the flow it should make it go over a lot smoother.
Allen: I think we should try a few different approaches on that part.
Kanata: Well, we have to make something. We won't know how it'll be until we give it a shot.
Allen: I agree. ... but as I expected, you're really amazing, KANATA.
Kanata: Where the fuck is that coming from?
Allen: Even making a track this quickly, it has a great sense about it, and the sound is on point too.
Kanata: Of course it is. But I didn't think you'd be able to keep up with me this long. It's not horrible.
Allen: Huh? Really?
Kanata: When I say not horrible, I just mean not horrible.
Allen: Even if it's faint praise, I never would have expected you to say anything nice about my skills. Thank you!
Kanata: Really, now.
Allen: Let's keep this flow going together and finish off an amazing song!
Kanata: Right, right.
Allen: Ah, it's already getting late. I'd better start getting ready.
Kanata: Yeah, let's just finish this off next t-- ... "getting ready"?
[sfx: Allen getting something out of his bag]
Allen: Ah, here it is.
Kanata: Hah?
Allen: If I keep it over here, I should have enough space.
Kanata: Hah?
[sfx: Allen preparing a sleeping bag]
Kanata: ... the fuck are you doing?
Allen: Oh? Ah! I came fully prepared to talk about hip hop until morning, so I brought a sleeping bag so I wouldn't have to worry about the time!
Kanata: ... I hope you don't think you're being funny.
Allen: Of course I don't! I'm planning to give my all to making our song! Let's do this! Isn't this great!?
Kanata: ... get...
Allen: "Get"?

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