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[sfx: birds chirping]

Anne: Where'd you get this picnic mat? It's so cute~!
Reo: Hehe! When I said we were going to have a picnic, Aniki got it for me~
Ryu: This thin vinyl~ It looks just like a magic carpet! Ryu-kun is the most lovely of them all! Wahahahahaoooo! rollrollrollrollrollrollrollrollrollahahahaha!
Reo: Come on, don't roll yourself up in it! I was just about to open up my bento and take a picture of it.
Ryu: Just try and stop me if you can! Waaaaaaaaaah!
Reo: Hey, hold on!
[sfx: Reo trying to catch Ryu in the bg]
Anne: Nayuta-kun, you come over here, too.
Nayuta: [sighs] ... what about the song.
Anne: If we want to make a song together, then we have to get to know each other a bit better! C'mon, sit down, sit down!
Nayuta: ...
Anne: Tadaa! I brought a 'gram-worthy healthy bento coutesy of Hajun!
Reo: Woah! The vegetables look like flowers!
Anne: Isn't it great?
Reo: But my bento isn't gonna be beaten when it comes to cuteness! Tadaa! Look! Zen-nii's special Character Bento[1]!
Ryu: Wah! Kitties!
Anne: Awesome! That's so cute!
Reo: Hehe!
Ryu: Pick me! Ryu-kun brought tons of snacks, too!
[sfx: plastic bag]
Reo: Hey, isn't that that limited-edition pistachio cider?!
Anne: Huh?! I've never seen it in person before! Didn't this stuff sell out like immediately?
Ryu: Huh? It was all over.
Anne: That's so cool! Can I get a picture of it!
Reo: I want a picture, too!
Ryu: Sure~! But be sure to get a picture of Ryu-kun, too!
Anne: Then why don't we all get a picture together in that case?
Reo: I agree! I brought my selfie stick!
Ryu: Yaaaay! Ryu-kun will be the center of attention and Nayu-Nayu will be the backup dancer~!
[sfx: Nayuta being manhandled]
Nayuta: Huh? Wh-- wait!
Anne: Reo-kun, is everyone in frame?
Reo: Yep! Taking the picture now!
[sfx: camera shutter going off repeatedly]
Anne: Thank you! Tag us when you upload it later, okay?
Reo: Sure thing! ... huh? Nayuta, you're not smiling at all in any of these!
Ryu: Nayu-Nayu has been pouting ever since we played the King's Game, hasn't he~?
Reo: Huh? I mean, the teams are already decided, you may as well just accept your fate.
Anne: Hey, come on. We're all here, now, let's just have a bit of fun. Have some of your bento, come on, eat up!
Reo: Right~? You know, isn't it interesting that all of the people in charge of each team's fashion are here.
Ryu: [talking through a full mouth] Ryu-kun is in charge of fashion for his team?
Anne: I feel like... how to put this? Fashion isn't something easily defined.
Reo: I know what you mean! [to Ryu] Where'd you get that modified jacket from?
Ryu: [chewing and swallowing] Ryu-kun just decided to make Ryu-kun's outfits more interesting.
Reo: You made it yourself? It's super impressive if you can sew!
Anne: Reo-kun, you seem to be fond of street clothes; do you not remake them yourself?
Reo: Ah, I'm not good at stuff like that... but if I can come up with a design, I can have other people work it out for me.
Anne: I see!
Reo: I don't want to have to make any compromises when it comes to looking cute, after all.
Anne: I get that! You want to really be able to express yourself as much as possible.
Reo: Right! Anne, you sort of seem to have a style that's really outside the box. What're you trying to convey?
Anne: I think the most important thing is to be authentically yourself. It's super important that I always be me.
Reo: I totally agree. I really like the way you use your accessories.
Anne: I'm happy to hear that!
Reo: You're really good at pairing items, right? I want to be a bit more adventurous on that front, but...
Reo: Then how about you come with me one of these days to go shopping at a few of my favorite outlets?
Reo: That sounds great!
Nayuta: Hey. What about the song?
Ryu: Come on, Nayu-Nayu~! If you're always gloomy like that, you'll fall in the rankings[2]!
Anne: What does that mean?
Reo: Who knows?
Ryu: So, unto Nayu-Nayu, Ryu-kun bestows his jacket~! And hope the weather will be better tomorrow~!
[sfx: Ryu throwing his jacket over Nayuta]
Nayuta: Hah?
Reo: Hey, Nayuta, oversized jackets look great on you, though!
Anne: The colorful pattern on the lining really makes him look a lot more playful... I like it!
Reo: For sure! He has his own style, and he knows how to convey it really well.
Nayuta: Hah?
Anne: I've been thinking-- you made all your outfits yourself for a long time, didn't you?
Reo: Huh? That's so cool!
Nayuta: ...
Anne: It's super cool to make your own outfits and make them really stand out, isn't it?
Nayuta: ... ... Hey, what about the song.
Anne: Hehe. Even if you turn away, I can still tell that you're blushing from the way your ears turn red, you know~
Reo: How cute~ He's getting all embarrassed!
Ryu: Teretere Bozu[3]!
Nayuta: ... [angrily eats]
Reo: Ah! Mister Teretere Bozu just ate the last piece of tamagoyaki!
Nayuta: Hmph.
Ryu: This truly is a world where the strong devour the weak.
Reo: And I was looking forward to eating it, too. ... I can't possibly do my best when I'm so down.
Anne: Nothing to be done about it, then! Why don't we start packing up... and head to karaoke!?
Nayuta: What?!
Reo: Yeah! Let's go!
Ryu: Ryu-kun wants to put on an astronaut costume and play the cymbals~!
Anne: Then it's decided!
Reo: Let's get going!
Ryu: Nayu-Nayu, you're coming too~!
[sfx: Nayuta getting manhandled]
Ryu: Yaaay~!

[1] Character bento, or kyaraben, is a a bento box with the food decorated to look like animals or cartoon characters.
[2] I'm not sure, but I think this might be a joke about how Nayuta is fairly consistently the most popular character in JP popularity polls, lol
[3] Embarrassed is "teretere", hence Ryu's play on words. A teruteru bozu is a hanging doll made by children when it's raining, supposed to be a good luck charm to make it sunny. This is also presumably why he sang the little jingle about weather earlier-- his large white coat draped over Nayuta would kind of resemble a teruteru bozu.

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