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Shuffle Team - Rooftop Friends
Ryu: Rataatatatatatatatatata! Super Sonic Ultra Bazooka Blast!! [artillery noises]
[sfx: Ryu vocalizing shooting noises in the bg continues]
Shiki: N-Nayuta-kun... here, have some tea, if you'd like.
Nayuta: Ah.
Shiki: I'm sorry it's so noisy... Usually we don't have guests here, so Ryu-kun's a bit excited...
Ryu: Eh~?
Nayuta: --!?
Ryu: And here Ryu-kun was, thinking he was showing you proper hospitality as a guest!
Nayuta: --- Don't touch me...! I didn't come here to play with you!
Shiki: Ryu-kun, you can't, you're bothering Nayuta-kun...
Ryu: Eh? He's not here to play with Ryu-kun after all!?
Nayuta: Stop clinging to me! Calm the fuck down...!
Ryu: Aaaah, I'm wouuuuunded!
Shiki: N-Nayuta-kun, I'm so sorry...
Nayuta: S'whatever.
Ryu: Hey, Shikki! Ryu-kun wants tea, too!
Shiki: But just a minute ago you said you didn't want any...?
Ryu: Eh? When did Ryu-kun say something like that?
Shiki: You just said it...!
Ryu: Nothing to be done about it! So he'll just take Shikki's, alright? Gulp!
Shiki: Ah... alright... if that's what you want to do, Ryu-kun...
Nayuta: [sigh] Hey, Shiki. Let's get started on making the song.
Shiki: Y-yeah. ... um... Nayuta, you've already decided what you want to do, right?
Nayuta: For parts. But what do you want to do?
Shiki: M-me?
Nayuta: Yeah. You hadn't come up with anything last time, either.
Ryu: Ryu-kun thinks--!
Nayuta: I wasn't asking you! I was talking to Shiki.
Ryu: Ah, tragic...
Shiki: U-uh! Nayuta-kun, I'm so sorry. If you'd like we can go somewhere else--
Nayuta: No. When we tried to do it at our place, Kanata kept sulking whenever I wasn't paying attention to him and it was a big pain. You remember, right?
Shiki: That's... you're right, I'm sorry...
Nayuta: How many times are you gonna apologize?
Shiki: I'm... sorry...
Nayuta: ... I already told you. Instead of apologizing, speak up with what you want to do.
Shiki: I... ah, but, we can just do whatever you want, Nayuta-kun, and--
Nayuta: Seriously... it kind of pisses me off when you say shit like that, Shiki.
[sfx: footsteps]
Shiki: H-hey, where are you going? Nayu--
[sfx: door closing]
Shiki: ... I really am no good at all... even after Nayuta-kun has gone to such an effort to try and make a song with me...
Ryu: Shikki... Ryu-kun is sorry.
Shiki: No... you didn't do anything wrong, Ryu-kun. I'm the one who's wrong... but... just letting it stay like this would be worse. I wonder if he went there... ... Ryu-kun, I'm going out for a bit!
Ryu: Mm. Take care!


Nayuta: [sigh] ...
Shiki: Nayuta-kun!
Nayuta: Huh? ... Shiki. Why'd you come here.
Shiki: I thought you might be here...!
Nayuta: You caught me, huh?
Shiki: ... Nayuta-kun... will you listen to what I have to say?
Nayuta: What's that.
Shiki: Earlier, I was holding back, and I didn't express what I wanted to...
Nayuta: Yeah.
Shiki: ... but I... I want to make a song with you, Nayuta-kun.
Nayuta: You're not just forcing yourself to say that, are you? Because if you are just saying it, that's fine. We don't actually have to make a song.
Shiki: I'm not. I really want to do this with you. You're my precious friend, after all, Nayuta-kun.
Nayuta: ... heh. How odd, for you to call us friends. ... truth is, I've been thinking it might be good to try and make music here.
Shiki: Huh?
Nayuta: ... but then I thought, Shiki might have some bad memories of this place, so...
Shiki: Nayuta-kun...
Nayuta: But maybe I'm overthinking it.
Shiki: I'm sorr-- no, I mean... thank you for worrying about me.
Nayuta: Come on, you don't have to thank me for that.
Shiki: [laughs]
Nayuta: Don't laugh at me. [voice trailing into a laugh]
Shiki: But... [laughing]
Nayuta: Seriously...
Shiki: A lot happened... but we still have a lot of good memories of this place, right? It's a really important place.
Nayuta: True. ... from now on, let's make sure we only make good memories here.
Shiki: Yeah!
Nayuta: That said. Next time, don't hold out on me, alright?
Shiki: I'll try my best...
Nayuta: It shouldn't be something you have to try your best at, is it? A friend is something you shouldn't have to try your hardest for. That's what makes you friends.
Shiki: I see... ... you're right.
Nayuta: Mm. Then, let's meet up here starting tomorrow.
Shiki: Huh? Not today?
Nayuta: Well... ... to tell the truth, I'm kinda hungry. Wanna go get something to eat?
Shiki: Ah, then... how about Raimentei?
Nayuta: Heh. You got it. Let's go.
Shiki: Yeah!

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