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Shuffle Team - Club CANDY
[sfx: footsteps]
Anne: Thank you for taking the time to come out today. I know you're busy.
Man 1: Not at all! I should be the one thanking you. Whenever we talk, I feel like I learn a lot.
Anne: Isn't that my line? To tell the truth, I wish we could talk more, but...
Man 1: I feel the same. If only we had more time...
Anne: Right? But maybe good times and sweet things are better when you're left wanting a bit more, right?
Man 1: How true. Well, maybe I'll come back to have more fun and a bit more sweet, sparkling time, yeah?
Anne: You mean it? Well, come back soon, alright?
Man 1: Of course. Well! Good night.
Anne: Yeah! I'll see you next time. Good night.
[sfx: door closing]
Anne: FINALLY! He's finally gone! [walking] Zen-san! I finally sent off the last lingering customer!
Zen: So you have! Good work today!
Anne: Same to you~. And? How were today's sales?
Zen: Please hold on a moment... let me see... ah...! This is... this is fantastic! We broke our best sales record!
Anne: Yay~!
Zen: It's all thanks to you, Anne-kun, that our patronage at CANDY is going up!
Anne: Of course~ I'm our number 1, after all.
[sfx: Iori's footsteps]
Iori: Now, what's all this? Looks like you guys are all excited!
Satsuki: Could hear voices from all the way out there... something happen?
Zen: Waka! And Satsuki, too. Listen to this. Anne-kun broke our sales records again!
Iori: Ooh, well ain't that cause for celebration? Genius! Brilliant! Cheers all around!
Satsuki: Ah! Well, I mean, no surprises that Anne could pull off something like that, I had my eye on her and all...
Anne: Thank you very much! Please feel free to keep the praise coming~!
Iori: And when something good happens, there's only one way to celebrate, isn't there?
Zen: Let me guess. Alcohol? [laughs] Waka, by any chance, were you just looking for an excuse to drink?
Iori: Now, now, let's not get caught up on the fine details! Anyway, let's celebrate our number-one cast member, Anne-chan, AKA, Sales Record Smasher Extraordinaire!
Anne: Yaaay~! I'm down to drink more!
Zen: How about we break into that bottle we got given at the work site the other day?
Iori: Ooh, sounds great to me!
Anne: Hooray~!
Iori: It's some real first-class whiskey, but why don't we start off with some shots?
Satsuki: Hell yeah! I'm down for shots, too!
[sfx: thwack, Satsuki whining]
Zen: Don't get ahead of yourself! You're still a minor, Satsuki.
Satsuki: But you didn't have to hit me, Zen-nii!
Zen: ... s...sorry. But no means no.
Satsuki: Geeze...
Anne: Juice will be enough for little boys, right? Alcohol is only for when you're an adult.
Satsuki: D--don'ttreatmelikeakid!! Just gimme a bit and I'll be able to drink you under the table, Anne!!
Anne: Heheh. So you want to drink together? When the time comes to ask me out, make sure you pay up for a real expensive bottle, then~
Satsuki: Y-yeah! Count on it!
[sfx: pouring drinks]
Zen: Waka, everything is ready.
Iori: Ah, much obliged. Now! To new sales records for Club CANDY. Cheers!
Anne, Zen, Satsuki: Cheers!
[sfx: glasses clinking]
Satsuki: Aaahahahha! Aaah!
Iori: Oi, Zen. You made sure that you only gave Satsuki the non-alcoholic stuff, right?
Zen: Uh... yes. Absolutely sure.
Anne: Well, there's such a thing as a contact high. Isn't that right, Sacchan?
Satsuki: [hiccup] Y-yeah!
Anne: [laughs] He's totally flushed red. How cute! But I suppose it's probably still a bit too early for him to be requesting[1] me.
Iori: Ah. Drinkin' with everyone every once in a while ain't too bad, is it?
Anne: Oh yeah! One of these times after the club closes, let's go have a karaoke contest!
Iori: Not a bad idea! Pretty good idea, but when it comes to us as a lil' group, don't you think we should do somethin' that better fits CANDY's vibes?
Zen: Something that fits CANDY's vibes... when you say CANDY, I sort of imagine... high energy. High energy means mental health. ... a healthy mind means a healthy body... I get it now! Why don't we make a rap track about muscle training!?
Satsuki: Whoa! That's a great idea!
Zen: Pushups... planks... Bulgarian squats... aim ever higher in training yourself!! [flexing noises]
Satsuki: Woooo! That's great, Zen-nii!! If only I could have muscles as glistening as that.... [flexing noises]
Zen: That's alright, Satsuki-kun! You just have to surpass the you of yesterday!! What do you guys think? Waka? Anne-kun?
Anne and Iori: Anything but that.
Satsuki: Eh?
Zen: Eh?
Satsuki: [quietly] What's wrong with it...
Zen: [quietly] Satsuki-kun, let's just you and I do our best with muscle training, alright?
Iori: Anyway, leaving muscles aside, ain't it interesting that we're supposed to make a song together?
Anne: It really is!
Iori: And with that in mind, the way I see it... how about we make a theme song for Club CANDY? Sounds good, right?
Anne: I like it! When you play it in the club, it would definitely hype everyone up and get things really flashy!
Iori: Right? A real ostentatious song to hype both us and the guests' spirits up!
Anne: Something... fabulous, and sexy, and full of energy... let's fill it with that kind of spirit!
Iori: That's good, good! Zen, Satsuki, don't you guys agree?
Satsuki: Huh? What was that?
Iori: You guys ain't listenin'!
Zen: I-I'm sorry...
Anne: We were saying we should come up with a song that we can play in CANDY to get people hyped.
Zen: I-I see!
Satsuki: As expected of Anne!
Anne: [giggles] Right~?
Iori: Great! Well, today's for celebratin', so let's put it to rest for now since we've come up with an idea. Startin' tomorrow, let's focus on makin' a real flashy song.
Anne, Satsuki, and Zen: Yeah!

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