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Yohei: I refuse to back down on this. It goes against my very style.
Hajun: I see you are still desperately clinging to that stubbornly pride of yours, aren't you? Did you learn nothing from our stage battle?
Yohei: The fuck was that? Right back at you, punk. You can feel free to knock it off with the fear of commitment anytime now.
Hajun: Pardon me?
Yohei: You keep changing shit just for the sake of changing it. Don't you have a driving policy?
Allen: ... so it's come to this...
Hajun: Wanting to broaden my horizons and continue to build upon that is my driving policy.
Yohei: Ain't that just fear of commitment?
Hajun: If you continue to be afraid of change, you'll never reach the top. A gear that never moves will inevitably rust.
Allen: I understand what Hajun is saying...
Yohei: Fine-tuned traditions have their own way of standing out, and that's never gonna rust, no matter what.
Allen: Mmm...
Saimon: My, my, Yohei. Let's remain civil, alright?
Yohei: [ignoring Saimon] Tch. And here I was, thinking you knew what you were talking about when we went up against each other, but...
Hajun: My, my! It seems we finally have the same opinion about something! It seems to me that we will not be able to get along.
Saimon: What an undertaking this has become... if it goes on this way... I fear it may have serious consequences for our dinner...
Allen: [stomach growling] ... ah! My bad. I'm just kinda hungry....
Saimon: Mm. ... Yohei, Yeon-kun. Whether you put pineapple in the sweet and sour pork or not, isn't either way fine?
Yohei: In what fucking world would that be fine!?
Hajun: You should put pineapple in. I refuse to compromise on this.
Yohei: Hmph!
Hajun: Hmph!
Saimon: [sigh] ... my apologies, Sugasano-kun. After you went to the trouble of letting us use your apartment.
Allen: Ah, it's fine! Thank you very much for coming over just to work on a song with us. And even helping out with the cooking...
Saimon: Yes, but... it seems we still haven't made much headway on either front...
Hajun: Well, please, feel free to simply stand by with the others. I do not mind at all if you leave everything to me.
Yohei: If I do that then you'll just go ahead and add pineapple!
Hajun: And what's so wrong with that? It will add another flavor to the dish, and it has the added advantage that the acid will make the meat more tender.
Yohei: "Added advantage" this and "added advantage" that... don't you ever feel passionate about one thing!?
Hajun: I would say that this is the result of my being passionate.
Yohei: A guy who keeps jumping on new trends and ideas every time he stumbles across them is not passionate.
Saimon: We do talk about linking old ideas to new ones, but knowing about the new itself could be valuable as well...
Hajun: (Aren't you just being pigheaded?)
Yohei: (The fuck was that!?)
Allen: ... that's it!
Saimon: What is?
Allen: It's not every day you see such a passionate exchange of deeply-held opinions, backed up by such strong personal conviction!
Saimon: Indeed. Perhaps, in that way, our approach to our styles is similar.
Allen: Paying that much attention to just one ingredient in the whole dish and going head to head over it... that's exactly what style is all about!
Saimon: It certainly is, isn't it? Starting from the place where our beliefs clash may be a good place to begin the songwriting process.
Allen: If we learn about each others' deeply held beliefs, we can set off a chemical reaction that will help us understand and respect each other, right!?
Saimon: I agree.
Yohei: [in the background] ... the fuck would you know?
Hajun: [in the background] I simply believe that I know more about food than you.
[in the background] What's with your bitchy little comebacks!?
Hajun: [in the background] It's just that I know that pineapple absolutely belongs in sweet and sour pork.
Saimon: I think this has gone on long enough.
Yohei: No! Absolutely no pineapple!
Saimon: [clapping] That's enough, Yeon-kun, Yohei.
Hajun and Yohei: --?
Saimon: Nothing good can come of butting heads blindly. That's as true of cooking as it is for composing music. Don't you agree?
Yohei: ... that's...
Saimon: I have a proposition. Why do you not simply both make it the way you want to, individually, and then offer it to everyone, and then we can discuss our opinions after we've tried both? How does that sound?
Hajun: Hm.
Saimon: I believe taking this crucial first step will make your cooking, and the music we'll be creating from now on, even better. Don't you?
Allen: Saimon-sensei...!
Hajun and Yohei: ...
Hajun: Ah--
Yohei: Uh. ... ... my bad. I was lettin' my anger get the better of me.
Hajun: ... my deepest apologies as well. I was being the most stubborn out of everyone.
Allen: Amazing... one idea got two totally different styles intermingling... ... that's it! That's how we should...!
Saimon: Sugasano-kun?
Allen: Everyone! As soon as we're done eating, we have to start on the song! I've got a great idea!
Yohei: What's with that? ... why are your eyes all sparkly all of a sudden...
Hajun: Heh. That's just what Allen is like whenever he gets an idea. It seems he got a particularly good idea.
Saimon: Ahahahah. How very interesting. So that's how it is. Well, everyone; shall we have dinner now?

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