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Shuffle Team - Opening
Basically Everyone: Cheers!
[sfx: glasses clinking, chatter]
Allen: Ah, man, I feel great! Kanata, for real, congrats on winning! We've got a lot to talk about, huh?
Kanata: Stop it. Go away. You're way too close and way too loud.
Anne: Allen, stop making an ass of yourself. You don't hold your liquor that well, so be careful, alright?
Zen: [laughs] But I understand the feeling. Not that long ago we were rivals going head to head, but now being able to celebrate together each other now feels great.
Saimon: As they say, yesterday's enemies are today's friends, right? And today we're all here to celebrate cozmez's victory, and--
Allen: Hey!
Saimon: Hm?
Allen: I just had a great idea! I bet if we break down the lines between our teams and make some songs together, we'll make something really cool! Don't you think so?
Kanata: I do not.
Allen: I want to use hip hop to connect with everyone even more!
Iori: Ooh, sounds fun! Why don't we give it a shot?
Kanata: What?
Iori: And if we're gonna do it, why not go all in? Gotta keep it interesting, after all! So: how about doing a shuffle!
Allen: Ohh, that's a great idea!
Kanata: The hell are you talking about?
Nayuta: Beats me.
Allen: I'm all in! Let's do it!
Hajun: [Sigh] And he's already drunk, isn't he.
Anne: But it does sound like it might be fun, doesn't it? I'm down.
Satsuki: T-then I'm in too!
Reo: Oh? Pervy monkey boy Sacchan, what's with the stupid grin?
Satsuki: Shutupgoaway!
Reo: Ahahahahah! Your face is all red!
Hokusai: [laughs] Satsuki... cute.
Zen: Being friendly with each other can only be a good thing! If everyone else is okay with it, then I'm in as well!
Saimon: What do you guys think?
Shiki: I...
Ryu: Ryu-kun and Shikki will be doing it!
Shiki: Um, I guess... but... will that be okay?
Yohei: I'm not doing shit. I have no intention on changing up my style.
Saimon: Now, now, don't be like that. It will be fine, Yohei. This may well be just one more form of connecting people to each other through music, after all.
Yohei: ... tch... cheap shot... but still, if we're mixin' up the teams, then we don't even know who we should buddy up with.
Iori: No worries, Danna! Times like this are the perfect chance... ... to play the King's Game~!
Yohei: ... hah? The fuck are you on about?
Iori: Wait for it, wait for it! Hey, Zen! We brought those chopsticks from the club, right? Bring 'em over here.
Zen: Right away!
Kanata: You seem to be forgetting that we didn't agree to shit.
Nayuta: Why are you acting like we're just going to go along with this?
Iori: Kyahahahaha! You certainly get caught up on the details, don't you? What's the matter? Oh, let me guess-- you can't make music with other people? How disappointing~ Even though you're supposed to be the winners and everything!
Kanata: Hah? No fucking way. Fine! You want music? I'll make music! Bring it on!
Nayuta: Hey, Kanata--!
Iori: Ahaha! Now that's more like it!
Nayuta: [sigh] ... anyway. What on earth is the King's Game, anyway?
Anne: It's kind of like... we all draw lots, and the person who wins the draw can give orders to everyone else and everyone else has to obey, that's the rules.
Ryu: Ah! So if Ryu-kun becomes king, he can make Master drink a whole glass of whipped cream while doing a handstand! YAAAAY~!
[sfx: thwack]
Ryu: Ow!
Yohei: Not a chance in hell!
Ryu: Violence!! Violence isn't the answer!!
Saimon: Now, now, Yohei...
Iori: So, for this, we'll let the king choose what teams they want. You can choose to team up with someone of your choice, or make other people team up with each other.
Zen: Waka! I've brought what you asked for!
Iori: Ooh, much obliged. Well, then, shall we?
[sfx: everyone preparing to draw lots]
Iori: Go on three. One, two, and--!
Basically Everyone: Who's the king!?
Hokusai: Ah. Me.
Iori: Alright, Hokusai. You can draft whoever you want, or you can make someone else form a team. Whatever y'like.
Hokusai: Whatever I like...? What should I do...
Reo: Pick me! Hey, Hokusai, if you're gonna make a team, want to do it with me?
Ryu: Ryu-kun and Shikki too!
Shiki: M-me too?
Ryu: Eh!? Does Shikki have a problem with it? Could it be... you hate Fuu-chan!?
Shiki: N-not at all... but...
Hokusai: But?
Shiki: It's just... I'm sure someone like me would just be dead weight...
Hokusai: Why would you think that? I always have fun when I'm with you, Shiki.
Shiki: Eh?
Hokusai: I'd be delighted if you joined.
Shiki: R-really?
Hokusai: Do you not like being with me?
Shiki: O-of course I do!
Hokusai: I'm glad to hear that. There, there.
[sfx: Hokusai petting Shiki]
Hokusai: I look forward to working together, Shiki.
Shiki: Y-yes!
Ryu: Aaah! Why is Shikki getting special treatment? Ryu-kun wants petting too-meow! Purr meow!
Hokusai: Heheh. Good boy, good boy.
Reo: Hey, Hokusai, what about me?
Hokusai: You can always have pats too, Reo. Good boy.
Reo: Hehehehe! So the four of us are locked in, then.
Satsuki: I feel like it kind of suits Hokusai, don't you, Zen-ni-- --?
Zen: [crying] A beautiful friendship... transcending the boundaries of our teams! It's so amazing!! It's so great!! [sob]
Yohei: ... I'd heard tell of it, but seeing it in action is... he really does cry easily, don't he...
Iori: S'all good, not to worry! So we'll go on pickin' teams like this. Everyone, return your lots, if y'don't mind.
Kanata: Isn't one enough.
Iori: The more teams, the more fun, yeah? Now, c'mon, you guys can start cheerin' up any time now.
Nayuta: Somehow, I feel like nothing we say matters.
Hajun: [chuckles] Are you just now realizing this?
Nayuta and Kanata: What's that supposed to mean!?
Iori: Alright, alright! One more time on three. Everyone, take your pick.
Basically Everyone: One, two, who's the king?

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