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LIVE - Part 4

[sfx: restaurant noises]
Nayuta: Aaah! I'm full. Raimentei's ramen really is the best.
Kanata: Hey, Nayuta.
Nayuta: Huh?
Kanata: Considering we have 10 billion yen, why are we still eating ramen in a dump like this?
Raimentei Owner: Sorry you think it's a dump.
Nayuta: Who cares? When I woke up in the hospital, the only thing I wanted to eat was this place's ramen.
Raimentei Owner: Hm. I'm glad to hear that. Here. To celebrate... here. On the house.
Nayuta: Yay, gyoza! Kanata, you want half?
Kanata: Look...
Nayuta: [mouth full] Mm?
Kanata: Can I ask one thing?
Nayuta: Go ahead.
Kanata: Not you! The hell is Shura from Buraikan doing running a ramen shop somewhere like this!?
Raimentei Owner (Haruomi): ... there a problem with that?
Kanata: Yes!
Nayuta: Kanata, you gonna eat?
Kanata: Ah, I'm fine. He gave it to you, right, Nayuta? You go ahead and eat all of it.
Nayuta: Cool.
Kanata: But you. You didn't say anything, but you knew what was up with us, didn't you?
Haruomi: Hm.
Kanata: Why didn't you say something? You knew about our-- ... no. You knew about my secret, right?
Haruomi: What difference would it make if I did?
Kanata: ...!
Haruomi: I heard cozmez's music and I determined that your win was earned. Buraikan has accepted the challenge for the final battle. You have no right to complain.
Kanata: I--
Nayuta: Ah! Thanks for the food.
Kanata: Huh? You already ate all of them?
Nayuta: Ah? No. I saved one. Here.
Kanata: Hey, hold on a--mmffhsfgh!
[sfx: Nayuta force-feeding Kanata a gyoza]
Nayuta: You should eat, too, Kanata. They're good.
Kanata: ...
Nayuta: Shura, thanks for accepting our challenge for the final battle.
Haruomi: Yeah.
Nayuta: But, see... if you underestimate us, you might regret it.
Haruomi: Hm.
Nayuta: We're way powered-up compared to the stage battles. Right, Kanata?
Kanata: [hurredly swallowing] Yeah.
Nayuta: We're gonna show you a totally reborn cozmez in the final battle. I'm by Kanata's side now.
Haruomi: Hm. Not a phantom, but the real Nayuta, huh?
Nayuta: It'll probably have a way different feel.
Haruomi: Is that so.
Nayuta: We'll knock you flat on your ass.
Kanata: We'll show you hell.
Haruomi: Should I take that as a declaration of war?
Kanata: Sure would. There's people who want to hear our music, after all. ... after what happened, I thought I was gonna quit hip hop.
Haruomi: Hm.
Kanata: But someone said he wouldn't forgive me if I didn't sing, so I have to give a response to that. We'll fight one more time as cozmez. We'll go head to head with the legendary kings and take the throne.
Nayuta: Prepare yourselves.
Haruomi: Hm. I'll look forward to it. We'll be doing it seriously, too. Don't expect us to hold back.
[sfx: Kanata and Nayuta standing up]
Kanata: Thanks for the food. It was good.
Haruomi: Come again.
Kanata: The next time we meet isn't going to be here. It's gonna be on stage, Shura.
Nayuta: See you at CLUB Paradox.
Haruomi: Mm. Watch yourselves. We've been protecting that throne for ten years. You'll see the difference between our resolves.
Kanata: Hm. Later.
[sfx: door closing]
Chisei: ... ahhh, you didn't have to be so aggro. You're still as tactless as ever, Shura-san.
Haruomi: ... when did you...
Chisei: The least you could have done is thank them. The whole reason I'm able to do this right now is all thanks to them, isn't it?
Haruomi: ...
Chisei: Shura and Yasha of Buraikan! The legendary team, ressurected here!
Haruomi: Don't say things like that.
[sfx: restaurant noises]
Chisei: ... ahaha!
Haruomi: ... what.
Chisei: I'd have never thought Shingu Haruomi would become some old ramen shop guy.
Haruomi: Shut it. And whose fault is that?
Chisei: Mine. I'm Kuruzuryu Chisei, after all. Ahahah! All because I up and went and died and left you behind![1]
Haruomi: ...
Chisei: It's been ten years since I stood on stage with you, hasn't it?
Haruomi: ... yeah.
Chisei: You could've just found another partner.
Haruomi: ... not possible.
Chisei: Hm~?
Haruomi: Tch. No matter how many years go by, you're the only person who's going to stand beside me, Yasha.
Chisei: Same goes for me.
Haruomi: You say that...
Chisei: Ahah... you think you can fight, Haruomi?
Haruomi: Who do you think you're talking to? ... the time has finally come.
Chisei: Nice, isn't it?
Haruomi: Those cocky little brats aren't worthy of going against us. We're going to beat them until they cry on stage.
Chisei: You say that now, but remind me... who was it who ran around behind the scenes and leaked all that information about Alter Trigger's headquarters so they'd release that Nayuta kid?
Haruomi: ...
Chisei: You haven't changed at all.
Haruomi: Hurry up and disappear again.
Chisei: What? It's fine. It doesn't look like you're gonna have any customers coming in.
Haruomi: Don't say that. Business is doing fine.
Chisei: Then there should be no harm done in closing shop up for just a night. We can talk about the old times.
Haruomi: ...
Chisei: I bet you've got a lot to tell me about the past ten years, right?
Haruomi: ...
Chisei: ... I want to hear your voice. Partner.


Nayuta: So, Kanata. What now? Wanna go fuck around again like we did last time?
Kanata: Nah, that's a pain.
Nayuta: Mm. Right? ... hah... now that we have money, there are all these things we haven't been able to do before, but...
Kanata: Right... we've already eaten yakiniku, sushi, teppanyaki...
Nayuta: I don't get what the big deal was supposed to be.
Kanata: Right? It's all just a lot of pointless waste of time, and it's all such a pain in the ass...
Nayuta: ... pfft. Heheheh.
Kanata: What?
Nayuta: Remember when we stayed at that luxury hotel the other day, and you kept complaining that the bed was too soft and you couldn't sleep?
Kanata: Shuddup. You were the one who was so fascinated with that jacuzzi, weren't you?
Nayuta: Ahh, that thing was really weird... ... heh. But in the end, I think we're better off like this.
Kanata: Like what?
Nayuta: Hm... eating at Raimentei every now and then... sleeping on a hard bed in a room that's a little bit better than before... and also, as long as I've got Kanata, then everything else doesn't really matter.
Kanata: ... oh...
Nayuta: I had a lot of time to think about it while I was at the hospital. What do I really want? ... it wasn't money, or to be famous. I want to do hip hop with you. I want to convey our feelings to someone who needs it, someone who's crying somewhere.
Kanata: ... Nayuta...
Nayuta: So I was thinking. Let's just keep as much of the money as we really need. As for the rest...
Kanata: Let's donate it.
Nayuta: Knew you were gonna say that.
[sfx: car approaching, screeching brakes]
Nayuta: The hell's with that car?
Kanata: Fuckin' dangerous... you wanna look where you're drivi--!?
[sfx: car door opening]
???: You're Yatonokami Kanata and Nayuta, right?
Kanata: The fuck you want?
???: You'll be... coming with us.
Nayuta: Hah? The hell you think you are?
Kanata: Wearing weird masks like that. Show your faces, you cowa--
???: That's a secret~
[sfx: bottle spraying]
Kanata and Nayuta: [coughing and choking]
Kanata: Fuck... the hell...?
Nayuta: Kana...ta...
[sfx: both collapsing]


Kanata: ... hnn... ... where the hell is this...?
Nayuta: Kanata?!
Kanata: Nayuta!? Is that you, Nayuta!?
Nayuta: Kanata!?
Kanata: Shit! It's so dark, I can't see anything...
Nayuta: Kanata! Kanata, are you okay?
Kanata: Yeah... sees like there was something in that shit they sprayed... those mask guys must've kidnapped us.
Nayuta: Hah? Why!?
Kanata: I have n-- ah, shit...
???: Fufu. It seems you're awake.
Kanata and Nayuta: --!
???: Yatonokami Kanata and Nayuta... do you know why we've brought you here?
Kanata: You want the ten billion.
???: Now, why would you think that?
Kanata: What other reason could you have?
Nayuta: We're not giving you the money.
???: What do you mean by that?
Nayuta: We're donating it.
Kanata: For the sake of other kids who are like us.
Multiple ???s: Oh...
???: Then, I suppose I have no choice. I'll have to have the two of you...
Kanata and Nayuta: ...!
??? (Anne): Enjoy yourselves!
[sfx: light clicking on, party poppers]
Nayuta: Too bright--!
Allen: Surprise!
BAE, The Cat's Whiskers, Akan Yatsura: Kanata, Nayuta, congratulations on winning the stage battle!
Kanata and Nayuta: ... huh?
[sfx: footsteps]
Anne: Hehe! Are you surprised? I was supposed to play the boss of some kind of organization or something.
Kanata and Nayuta: ...
Satsuki: What'd you think of our performance?!
Reo: Sorry we had to grab you in such a rough way.
Hokusai: The medicine we used shouldn't have any lingering effects. So you should be fine.
Anne: And by the way! I was also the driver! Smooth ride, huh?
Satsuki: Anne-san! It was a very exciting drive!!
Anne: Thanks~
Kanata: ... huh...?
Nayuta: ... uh... Kanata...
Kanata: You assholes! What the fuck do you think you're doing!?
Allen: Don't worry, it's just a party! A party! We all wanted to cheer cozmez on before the final battle!
Kanata: ... please tell me you didn't...
Allen: Yeah! I was the one who came up with the idea--
Anne: And then everyone else pitched in~!
Hajun: The acting could have been improved, but...
Allen: We figured that if we just invited you normally, you'd totally blow us off, right?
Kanata: ...
Iori: [clapping] Well! No more time for messin' around, let's get into the real deal~!
Reo: Everyone helped to get things prepared~
Satsuki: Let's party!!
Hokusai: We brought a champagne tower.
Iori: Then tonight we party until daylight! Let's get everyone's spirits up~!
Kanata: H--what?
Zen: [crying] Giving away the prize money to children in need!! That's so good! I'm so touched!! You're truly amazing!!
Kanata: ... what? ... what?
Zen: In exchange, I've put in the elbow grease and cooked a lot for tonight! Be sure to eat a lot! Fuel those muscles!
Kanata: ... no, we just ate...
Zen: Ah! Nayuta-kun! You need to eat, too! You're skinny... you're so skinny!!
Nayuta: Huh.
Zen: We'll have to pack you full of nutritious food!!
Nayuta: ... hhhuh.
Saimon: [chuckles] Perhaps it's a bit of a rowdy welcome. Sorry for surprising you.
Kanata: ... s'fine...?
Yohei: The hell you lookin' all surprised for? We were all worried about you, y'know. After listenin' to that soul-bearin' sound of yours, and then you turned down the final battle... ... well. Any rate. Good for you, getting your brother back.
Saimon: You really did your best, Kanata-kun. And welcome back, Nayuta-kun.
Yohei: Kick Buraikan's asses with your brand new sound!
Kanata: Yeah.
Nayuta: We'll send them straight to hell.
Ryu: Beepbeepbeepbeep! Reaction detected!! Reaction detected!!
Nayuta: Eh? Huh? ... wha-- what's with this guy? Get out of my face...
Shiki: I-- I'm sorry, Nayuta-kun. Did he surprise you?
Nayuta: Eh? I mean, it's fine, but...
Shiki: Let me introduce you. This is my friend... Natsume Ryu-kun.
Ryu: Beepbeepbeepbeep! Alright! Scan complete! Ghost #0 is a real person! You passed the test!!
Nayuta: Hah? Of course I am.
Shiki: Ryu-kun, the Nayuta right here now is...
Ryu: Ryu-kun is suuuper hungry! Shikki, food time! Let's go find something tasty~!!
Shiki: B-but...
[sfx: background chatter]
Nayuta: It's fine, Shiki. We can handle ourselves.
Shiki: T-thank you.
Satsuki: [in the background] H-h-hey. Do you maybe, uh, want to, make music together? Wait, no, that sounds weird, I mean, as rappers--
[sfx: various people laughing at Satsuki]
Anne: [in the background] Sure, why not?
Satsuki: [in the background] Eh!? Really? You're sure?? Eh? Huh?? For real? Eh!? Huh? What!?
Nayuta: ... heheheh.
Kanata: Hn? What's up?
Nayuta: You look like you're having fun.
Ryu: [in the background] Ryu-kun wants to have fun too!
Kanata: Huh?
Hokusai: [in the background] How about this?
Nayuta: I'm happy for you. You made friends.
Ryu: [in the background] Oh, Fuu-chan~
Kanata: ... no, not particularly--
Nayuta: You met a lot of people while you fought it out in the Paradox Live, Kanata. You took a step outside of a world that was just us... you saw all kinds of new sights. So. What'd you see?
Kanata: ... a lot of things.
Nayuta: Heh. You've gotten strong, Kanata.
Kanata: ... mm.
Nayuta: You're my Kanata, after all.
Kanata: ... Nayuta.
Nayuta: I'm not going anywhere from here on out. I'll be at your side forever.
Kanata: Yeah.
Nayuta: If it's the two of us...
Kanata and Nayuta: We're unbeatable!
Allen: Oi! What are you guys doing!? The party can't start without the guests of honor!
Hajun: This is a party for cozmez, after all.
Iori: C'mon, c'mon, hurry it up! All these people who lost to you are lying in wait~!
Zen: Waka! Stop trying to scare them!! This party is supposed to be to cheer them on!
Iori: It's just a joke~ A joooke!
Satsuki: If you don't get your asses over here we're gonna eat all this food before you do!
Reo: No need to be shy~
Hokusai: I'd like to talk to the two of you more.
Allen: Here, Kanata! Over here!
Hajun: Nayuta. You, as well.
Anne: Something nonalcoholic to start, okay?
Kanata: Ah. ... uh...
Nayuta: ... thanks.
Saimon: Well then. To cozmez's new journey.
Iori: To success in the final battle!
Kanata: And all of us are supporting you all the way, too!
Kanata: All of you...
Allen: Raise your glasses.
Hajun: Lead the toast.
Anne: If you don't mind.
Kanata: ... eh? ... well.
Nayuta: Heheh.
Kanata and Nayuta: Cheers.
Everyone: Cheers!!
[sfx: laughter, chatter]
Iori: [in background] Hey, danna! You ain't drunk already are you!?
Yohei: [in background] Shuddup, who asked you.
[sfx: laughter, chatter]

[1] If you find this confusing and would like some elaboration on what is going on with Chisei, I have written a short page about the matter here.

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