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Stage Battle "VIBES" - Part 1
Reo, Hokusai, Satsuki: ...!
Satsuki: Whoa, this is awesome! Isn't this already sick as hell?
Reo: Hehe, I bet everyone came to see ultra cutie Reo-kun~
Satsuki: No. Absolutely not.
Reo: What? Why not? After all, if they wanted to see a monkey, they could just go to the zoo.
Satsuki: You little shit! You--
Reo: Aha! He didn't deny that he's a monkey! Good going, Satsuki-chan, you dumbfuck! [laughing]
Satsuki: The fuck was that!?
Hokusai: You should stop, Reo. Satsuki, you too. Don't make such a scary face. Remember. What did we come here to do?
Reo: I mean...
Satsuki: ... Well, obviously! The reason we all came here was...
Reo: -- to give everyone a great time!
Hokusai: Mm.

Zen: 1067... 1068... 1069...
Iori: Ze~n, you do realize it's almost go-time, right? You can quit it with the pushups.
Zen: ... 1070! Hup! That's still not enough! Tonight, Akan Yatsura will be going up to bat! Anything less than perfect muscles won't do! [flexing noises]
Iori: ... [sigh] I have somethin' a bit more serious to talk about, though.
Zen: ... you mean...?
Iori: ... regardin' the attack on the family. Accordin' to intel I've gotten, it sounds like one of the culprits was in contact with Alter Trigger right before the attack.
Zen: So, it was as we thought...
Iori: It certainly does seem like they're the ones behind all'a this, don't it?
Zen: ...!
Iori: After all, it certainly don't seem like coincidence that we're doin' this right now, either.
Zen: Yeah... the Paradox Live... all of these stage battles are being orchestrated by none other than Alter Trigger after all, aren't they?
Iori: What they've got planned, or what they want from us... I don't have the full picture yet, but I know for certain they're tryin' to start something. So we know what we're up against and why we're here, yeah?
Zen: Then it would only be right to face it all head on, fair and square!
Iori: ... Zen...
Zen: Isn't that why we're here right now? Not for the sake of the underground work we do, but to take our chance to compete on stage as phantom rappers!
Iori: ... [scoff] Seriously... just what I'd expect an upstanding policeman to say, huh?
Zen: Former policeman, if you don't mind.
Iori: Gotta say, that attitude of yours is... a real help to me either way.
Zen: ...! Waka...
Iori: Any rate. There's no use planning on running and hide. We'll take that stage and bring light to what they're doin' once an' for all. That's the raeson we're--
Satsuki: Hey, guys!! The venue's already getting packed!!
Reo: It's just what you'd expect for the final stage battle!
Iori: Oh, is that so? Well, ain't that just great?
Zen: Today's results will determine who'll have the chance to take on Buraikan! This is the moment of truth!
Satsuki: Hey, Zen-nii. Have you been working out more than usual? You look great!!
Zen: [chuckles] I've been working on building up specifically for today! [flexing noises]
Satsuki: Whoa!! That's so rad!!
Hokusai: ... a face in his back[1]...
Reo: Hey, wait a second, what do muscles have to do with rap!?
Zen: They have everything to do with rap! Healthy muscles build a healthy soul! And rap is the song of the soul! You see?!
Reo: Augh, I feel like it's getting hotter in here!
Satsuki: But hey, if we win this, then we'll be taking the ten billion yen!
Hokusai: We have a great chance. ... I'm not giving up.
Reo: ... right? We'll win over the audience and take it, no problem. That's the raeson been doing all of this.
Satsuki: Right! We'll crush this battle! We'll show them we don't do anything halfassed! That's the least you gotta do if you plan on taking on Buraikan at the top! You've gotta be the best rappers, yeah!?
Hokusai: We're already the best. Always. Akan Yatsura is the best.
Reo: I love it~! I feel like I'm starting to feel the vibes getting all amped up!
Satsuki: Hell yeah!! I can't wait for our performance! Today BAE will be going on before us, right?
Hokusai: Mm. But that's all the more reason for us to keep our vibes up until then.
Satsuki: At this rate I'm gonna fuckin' blow up before our turn even comes!!
Reo: No surprises here, the monkey is a dumbass.
Satsuki: The fuck you say, you little shit!?
Reo: Don't get all scared when our turn comes just because you blew your load early, alright~?
Satsuki: What the fuck!? Go fuck yourself!!
Reo: Uwaaah, so crass~ Hokusai, Satsuki-chan has a dirty mouth again. You heard him just now, didn't you~?
Hokusai: Satsuki.
Satsuki: What!? I didn't do nothing!!
Zen: Good grief... I don't know if I should be nervous for them or not.
Iori: Ah, s'fine! I wouldn't worry about it. Our rap's going to blow all that uncertainty and anger away and leave us all in good spirits, yeah? A fleeting illusion that comes the cost of our lives and souls, though...
Zen: I think even that momentary illusion has the power to save people. That goes for it us as much as it does for the audience.
Iori: You havin' second thoughts?
Zen: Absolutely not. For you, for myself, and for the boys... we've got to keep on living, after all.
Iori: Y'think so? Then do you think it's time to show 'em what we got?
Zen: Yes. Let's win this battle.


Allen: [sigh] ... hm...
Anne: ... hey, Allen, stop pacing back and forth like that! It's distracting.
Allen: A-ah. Sorry. I just can't seem to sit still.
Anne: I guess that's understandable. If we win, then a battle with your beloved Buraikan might be in the cards. They're the kings, right?
Allen: Yeah. Buraikan were the spark that lit the fire of my passion. They set it all off in one instant. I felt like they completely rewrote the music inside of me in one shot, you know?
Anne: Hehe. You're passionate about this, huh?
Allen: But you're nervous, too, Anne. How many times have you redone your lipstick at this point?
Anne: ... ah...
Allen: Heh. Hajun's the only one keeping a cool head about him, isn't he?
Anne: For real. I don't even crack jokes about it, he just never gets worked up about anything. Even after everything that's happened, he's still being just as secretive as always, and he gets so sensitive about even the slightest attempt to get closer. It's annoying.
Allen: Hey, Hajun. It's fine to do the perfect prince thing, but you know you can at least relax a little bit more in front of us, at least--
Hajun: ... please don't touch me!
Allen: ...!
Anne: Hajun...?
Hajun: I-- ... sorry. You just broke my concentration.
Allen: Oh. My bad.
Hajun: We have to win today. There's no other option. BAE has to be acknowledged as the superior team.
Allen: I mean, that's a given, but--
Hajun: Why do you think we're here?
Allen and Anne: ...!
Hajun: We're here to take revenge on a world that's cast us aside, right? Am I wrong?
Allen: That's... right. We came all the way here to be recognized as ourselves.
Anne: To prove that we exist.
Hajun: ... we'll win this battle.
Anne: Yeah. For the person I am now.
Allen: And for each other.
Hajun: ... we'll put our souls to the test and put our lives on the line.
Allen, Anne, and Hajun: Mm.


[sfx: crowd, calling out BAE's MC names]
[sfx: necklace chain clinking]

Allen: Alright. Time to kiss our metals.
[sfx: each of BAE kissing their phantometals in turn]
Allen: Ready?
Hajun and Anne: Yes.
[sfx: Anne's first verse on BAE's "F△Bulous"]
Hajun: --! [choking, heavy breathing]
Anne: ... Hajun?
Hajun: [breathing speeds up]
Allen: [distant] Hajun? What's happening to you? Hajun... Hajun...!
Hajun: [choking, collapsing]
[sfx: crowd screaming]
Allen and Anne: Hajun? Hajun!

[1] If you squint at it, you can kind of make out a face shape (eyes and a mouth, at least) in the back muscles of really bulked-up muscular guys. This is what he's talking about.

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