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Stage Battle "LOVE" - Part 2
Shiki: (This is... what happened two years ago.)

[flashback begins]

[sfx: paper crinkling]

Nayuta: Oh? ... oh, awesome, Shiki. Where'd you find this record?
Shiki: I found it in that shop you told me about the other day, Nayuta-kun.
Nayuta: For real? ... it's nice that stuff's cheap, there, but you gotta dig through a lot of garbage.
Shiki: It's alright, it was fun. It was kind of like a treasure hunt. I kept sneezing from the dust, though.
Nayuta: I know, right? It's a total dump. [laughs]
Shiki: [laughs]
Shiki: [narration] (This was back when I was in middle school, and before I had been picked up by Saimon-sensei. I had run into trouble in the city... it was by total chance that Nayuta-kun helped me out. We became friends.)
[sfx: wind blowing]
Nayuta: Hey. This rooftop is pretty cool, huh?
Shiki: It really is...
Nayuta: I love looking at the sky from up here. I don't have to think about any of the crap going on down on the surface.
Shiki: Y-yeah...
Nayuta: It's pretty cool at night, too. All the lights in the dark make it look like a crowded dance floor. [chuckle] It's great. Even Kanata doesn't know about this place. It's my secret.
Shiki: Eh? Really?
Nayuta: Yeah. I've only told you about it, Shiki. You're the only one.
Shiki: [narration] (Nayuta-kun was the one and only person that I had ever managed to make friends with. He was probably... my best friend. Sometimes we met up on this rooftop in the the slums. Nayuta-kun had been born with a weak body, so he couldn't go outside very often. And... I'm just guessing, but... I think he didn't want his brother, Kanata-kun, to find out that he was meeting up with me.)
Shiki: Hey, Nayuta-kun.
Nayuta: Hm?
Shiki: ... um, that part-time job you mentioned... are you... still doing it...?
Nayuta: Oh. ... yeah.
Shiki: Don't you think it might be a good idea to call it quits...?
Nayuta: Nope. It pays really well. I don't want to be a burden on Kanata anymore... and more than that. Kanata's always... he's always lived for my sake.
Shiki: [narration] (Even before we had ever met, Nayuta-kun had already been taking part in some kind of clinical trial as a part-time job. It worried me, because... every time we met, Nayuta-kun looked so pale, like he might fade away at any moment. And then... one night...)
Shiki: [breathing heavily] Nayuta-kun! Is something wrong? You called me in a hurry...
Nayuta: I'm sorry, Shiki. I just wanted to make sure I got to see you one last time.
Shiki: ... huh?
Nayuta: And I wanted to finally give back that record I borrowed from you. It's over there. I set it near where you're standing.
Shiki: Oh... i-is there a reason you can't hand it to me yourself? Hey-- why are you standing up there? It might be dangerous, if the wind kicks up, then--
Nayuta: Then it might blow me off and I'd fall. Right?
Shiki: Nayuta-kun...?
Nayuta: [scoff] ... I'm sorry. Turns out you were right after all, Shiki. I can't do it any-- [cough]
Shiki: Nayuta-kun!?
Nayuta: ... look at my arm.
Shiki: --!? Don't tell me, that's--
Nayuta: It's being destroyed by the metal. I can't... I can't stop it. It got this bad really suddenly.
Shiki: That's...!
Nayuta: ... I can't let Kanata see me like this. I can't trouble him with that, too.
Shiki: Nayuta-kun...
Nayuta: ... so. [cough] I'm going to end it.
Shiki: What... are you saying...?
Nayuta: I'm... glad I met you, Shiki. [voice breaking] It was fun. Thank you.
Shiki: Nayuta-kun! Hey! It's dangerous-- hurry! Come down from there!
Nayuta: I'm sorry. I really am weak... I couldn't do it alone... but... I've decided that this is where it's going to end. ... Shiki, you're the only person who knows about this place.
Shiki: Nayuta-kun-- no, no, you can't...!
Nayuta: [deep breath] ... the sky... is so pretty.
Shiki: Nayuta-kun!!!
Shiki: [narration] ... I could have saved him, if my words had had more power. Back then... seeing how Nayuta-kun's arm had been destroyed by the phantometal... it was terrifying. If I hadn't been so scared, then I could have reached out for his hand. Nayuta-kun jumped like he was diving off of the stage... and he fell. And I was a coward. I took the record and I ran away without even looking back. I just ran. I left my precious friend to die.

[flashback ends]

[sfx: train passing in distance]

Shiki: ... I still have the record from that time... but... I... I don't have the right to act like I was truly his friend... I'm sorry... Nayuta-kun... [sniff] I'm sorry I'm still like this... I'm sorry I couldn't save you...
Nayuta: Hah? What the hell are you talking to yourself about?
Shiki: N-Nayuta-kun?!
Nayuta: I mean, yeah.
[sfx: plastic bag rustling]
Nayuta: This is my favorite place.
Shiki: ... y-you... you're... Nayuta-kun... aren't you? The real... Yatonokami Nayuta-kun... right?
Nayuta: Hah? Yeah.
Shiki: I knew it... you're... alive...? But back then... no, but... you just... got hurt. But something must have saved you...
Nayuta: [sigh] What?
Shiki: When I saw you at CLUB Paradox... I couldn't believe it. I thought it just had to be someone who looked like you. But... no... there's no mistaking it... you're the real Nayuta-kun... I'm so glad... that you're alive!
Nayuta: Huh? Back off.
Shiki: A-ah... I'm sorry...
Nayuta: Ahh. You... no wonder you seem familiar. You're one of the guys from TCW.
Shiki: ... yeah... I'm... Ando Shiki. Do you not... remember...?
Nayuta: Remember? What would I have to remember?
Shiki: --!
Nayuta: I don't waste time remembering every rando I see at shows.
Shiki: No... I'm... I'm your--!
Nayuta: My what?
Shiki: ... do you really... not remember...?
Nayuta: Seriously, what are you on about?
Shiki: You must be furious at me... and pretending you don't know me...?
Nayuta: Hah?
Shiki: Or... no... you lost your memory somehow...
Nayuta: Don't start dragging me into your conspiracy theories. Can you go away now? Move.
Shiki: S-sorry...
Nayuta: [sigh] I came here after such a long time only to get badgered by some weird kid.
Shiki: Um... Nayuta-kun...!
Nayuta: [sigh] What.
Shiki: ... no... nevermind... nevermind. Just knowing you're alive, I...
Nayuta: How nice.
Shiki: Nayuta-kun?
Nayuta: Get out of my face.
Shiki: ... yeah...
[sfx: footsteps, door opening]

[sfx: cawing birds]
Shiki: That's it... I knew it... Nayuta-kun is still alive, somehow... I'm so glad... I really am so glad... but... did he really... forget all about me...? No. It's... it's probably better that he forgot. I don't want Nayuta-kun to remember... someone who couldn't even save his best friend.
Yohei: Shiki. Hey, what's wrong, Shiki?
Shiki: --! Master...? Why...?
Yohei: You hadn't come back yet, which I thought was kinda weird. Figured I'd do some shopping and see if I couldn't find you.
Shiki: I'm so sorry... it's already so late...
Yohei: I ain't mad. ... but you look a bit different from the way you did when you left. Something happen?
Shiki: ... [sniff, choking up]
Yohei: H-hey, what's up?
Shiki: [crying] Master... today, I... I.. something both happy and sad happened... at the same time...
Yohei: ... ah. Got it.
Shiki: My... best friend... was alive after all... but... today, he told me... to go away and leave him alone. [crying]
Yohei: ... I see... ... I know it's rough. It's fine to cry, Shiki. You're fine.
Shiki: [crying]


Ryu: Boo hoo hoo... Ryu-kun... Shikki hates Ryu-kun...!
Saimon: I don't think that's the case, Ryu.
Ryu: Then Shikki... loves Ryu-kun?
Saimon: Indeed. Shiki loves you, and that's why he didn't want you to follow him.
Ryu: Huh? Why?
Saimon: [chuckle] ... that's just what happens sometimes. People are weak creatures. We can't live our lives alone. We don't want to lose the people we care about.
Ryu: ... hm.... hmmmmm? That's complicated, Boss.
Saimon: It is, isn't it? It is complicated. Loving someone... then losing them, and the loneliness that leaves behind... that loneliness can either be a source of strength or a fierce poison.
Ryu: Hm.... Boss is making all of this sound really complicated. Are you sure you're really a teacher?
Saimon: [laughs] You may have me there.


[sfx: passing train]
Nayuta: I'm back.
Kanata: Took you long enough. Where've you been?
Nayuta: ... a-ny-way.
[sfx: headbutt THUNK]
Kanata: Hngh!
Nayuta: Ah. Knew it. You're still running hot.
Kanata: You have got to find a new way to check my temperature...
[sfx: plastic bag rustling]
Nayuta: Aaaand... I got medicine, and something to eat, too. I bought some of that porridge you boil in the bag. I'll heat it up for you. And some hot spring eggs. You like those, right?
Kanata: Hnn...
Nayuta: You still have to rest more. If you don't get better, Kanata, it's gonna be a problem for me.
Kanata: Fine.
Nayuta: Hehe.
[sfx: turning on stove]
Nayuta: Kanata.
Kanata: Mm?
Nayuta: Our next match is against TCW, yeah?
Kanata: Yeah.
Nayuta: We gotta win.
Kanata: ...?
Nayuta: You and me. We'll win. We'll win, and take revenge on this shitty world.
Kanata: Yeah. Me and you, Nayuta. If we're together...
Nayuta: [giggles]
Kanata and Nayuta: We're unbeatable.

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