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Exhibition Show - Part 3
[sfx: dishes being washed]
Zen: Boss! Another highball.
Raimentei Owner: Got it.
[sfx: drink being poured]
Raimentei Owner: Are you doing alright? You're on your fifth drink already.
Zen: I just want to drink today. The boys aren't around.
Raimentei Owner: They were here just a while ago. They said something about how their investigation needed certain expenses... and they put the tab on you, esteemed customer.
Zen: ...! Those kids... [sigh] Boss, add a plate of gyoza.
Raimentei Owner: You're sure?
Zen: It's fine! Today's a cheat day, I figure.
Raimentei Owner: Is that so.
Zen: They're lumps of carbs, fried in fat. But it's fine. Today is... just...
Raimentei Owner: ... our gyoza are full of vegetables and are quite healthy. Please don't insult them. ... plate of gyoza for one coming up, then.
[sfx: frying]
Zen: [sighing loudly]
Raimentei Owner: Did something happen?
Zen: Can you tell just by looking?
Raimentei Owner: Mm.
Zen: [drinking] [sigh, setting class down] Hey, boss... do I... seem unreliable?
Raimentei Owner: With how much you've built up your body?
Zen: See, that's true! I have utmost confidence in my physical strength! [flexing noises] My muscles are doing well today, too! [flexing noises continue] -- but that's not what I mean!!
Raimentei Owner: What, then.
Zen: Hypothetically... if there were somebody, and you wanted to support them, but you couldn't... what would you do?
Raimentei Owner: ... well. That'd be a pain.
Zen: Exactly!! ... [sigh] And if that person... tended to take all those burdens on his own, and wouldn't open up, even if all they'd have to do is say something... but no matter what it is, I'd do anything. Even... even something that would dirty my hands... even though... I decided a long time ago... then... am I really that unreliable after all!?
[sfx: sizzling]
Raimentei Owner: Hm. I wonder.
Zen: Do you... kind of know what I'm talking about?
Raimentei Owner: Who can say? ... I think I may have known someone like that in the past. But that was a long time ago. Sorry about the wait. Here's your gyoza.
[sfx: sliding door opening]
Raimentei Owner: Welcome.
Kanata: Mm.
Zen: Huh? Kanata-kun...
Kanata: Huh?
Zen: And you must be... Nayuta-kun?
Nayuta: Kanata, who's this guy?
Kanata: We went up against him before. He's one of the guys from Akan Yatsura.
Nayuta: Ohh. The buff dude.
Zen: That's me! It must be fate that we've met here! Come here! Come sit with me! It's my treat.
Nayuta: Huh? For real?
Zen: Of course!
Nayuta: Sweet. C'mon, let's take him up on it, Kanata.
Kanata: But...
Nayuta: I'll take this seat, so you can sit behind the buff guy, alright, Kanata?
Kanata: ...

Nayuta: [eating] It's really good... heh. Takeout is good, too, but ramen is at its best when you eat it right in the shop.
Kanata: [sigh] So.
Zen: Hm?
Kanata: Why are you asking me questions about life?
Zen: Should I not?
[sfx: Nayuta continuing to eat]
Kanata: I mean, it's fine, but... have you been drinking since the afternoon?
Zen: [slurred] Sorry'bout that...
Kanata: No wonder you're fuckin' drunk...
Nayuta: Master! Another plate of gyoza. Kanata, you want some?
Kanata: No, I'm fine.
Nayuta: 'Ight. Just one order, then.
Raimentei Owner: Got it.
Nayuta: What luck, huh, Kanata?
Kanata: Huh? ... ah. Yeah.
Zen: Boss. I'd like another highball.
Raimentei Owner: Got it.
Kanata: [sotto voce] Seriously... isn't this just turning into me having to be this guy's sounding board?
[sfx: drink pouring]
Zen: By the way, Kanata-kun.
Kanata: What.
Zen: ... about... what you said, last time you met us at the club.
Kanata: Did I say something?
Zen: You said, that family should share everything...
Kanata: Ah.
Zen: I feel like it just hit me... and the answer is...
Kanata: Huh?
Zen: If you're family-- no! It's because you're family! That's why you should confide everything in one another!
Kanata: Mm.
[sfx: frying]
Zen: I don't know how much those kids know about the risks of using phantometal... but if they found out that we've been lying to them, and blamed us, saying we've been using them... I wouldn't have an answer for that.
Kanata: I don't get what you're getting at. Does this have something to do with how you've been whining that you want Suiseki-san to rely on you for more?
Zen: Exactly! Ah-- how-- wait, how did you know I was talking about Waka? I went out of my way not to mention him!
Kanata: It's really easy to tell even if you don't bring him up by name.
Zen: ... eh...?
Kanata: Were you really under the impression it wasn't obvious?
Zen: ... I, uh...
Kanata: [sigh] You...
Zen: Yes?
Kanata: You're going off about wanting him to trust you, but what about you?
Zen: Huh?
Kanata: [sigh] ... listen. When we went looking for Nayuta, I asked those guys what they would do if their own family had been lying to them.
Zen: You... That's...
Kanata: ... and then they just laughed at me.
Zen: ...?
Raimentei Owner: Sorry about the wait.
Nayuta: Ooh, it's here! Thanks for the food! [eating] Ehehehe... the freshly fried ones are the best.
Kanata: They said that even if you're family, it's fine that there are somethings you can't tell each other. All the more if it concerns their lives.
Zen: Our boys... said that?
Kanata: Yeah. And that if they're being lied to, then it must be a lie being told for their sakes. A lie to protect their family. And they wouldn't question that.
Zen: ...
Kanata: And if it's for you and Suiseki-san, they already made up their minds that they're willing to put their lives on the line.
Zen: ...
[sfx: washing dishes]
Zen: [ugly crying]
Kanata: Eugh! Where's this coming from!? Fuckin' gross... why are you crying in broad daylight like this!?
Zen: I... [sob] ... must seem so uncool now...
Kanata: ... no, you were already uncool the second you asked for my opinion...
Zen: Those boys... they already understand what it means to trust someone! But here I am, daring to doubt Waka's trust in me! [sob] Even though... the one who couldn't trust people from the bottom of his heart... was me all along!! [sob] I'm so ashamed!!
Nayuta: ... Kanata, why are you making the buff dude cry?
Kanata: I'm not! He started crying at a revelation he had on his own!
Zen: Kanata-kun!
Kanata: Ow owowowow! Are you trying to crush my hand!?
Zen: You're right!! I understand now!! Family isn't just about sharing everything!! It's about accepting everything!!
Kanata: Yes, that's great, I'm so happy for you! ... your face is way too close...
Nayuta: Waaah. He's sweating a lot.
Kanata: Stop watching from the sidelines and help me!
Nayuta: No way! He's sleeveless and everything.
Kanata: ...! Nayuta, you're done eating, aren't you?
Nayuta: Yep! I ate them all.
Kanata: Then let's... go home. Nayuta.
Nayuta: Heh. Got it.
Kanata: Thanks for footing the bill.
Zen: Ah-- Kanata-kun!
[sfx: sliding door opening and closing in a hurry]
Zen: Ah... he left...
Raimentei Owner: Here.
Zen: ... water?
Raimentei Owner: To sober up.
Zen: ... thanks. Sorry to make you see something so embarrassing...
Raimentei Owner: Hm? Is something wrong?
Zen: Ah, no, it's just... the gyoza that Nayuta-kun ordered are untouched... I... thought he said he ate them all...
Raimentei Owner: Should I take them back?
Zen: No, it's fine! I'll eat them. [munching] [laughs] Mm! They're good! Carbs and fat are a tasty combo!
Raimentei Owner: ... I already told you...
[sfx: sliding door opening]
Raimentei Owner: Welcome.


Hajun: ... then I'll see you next week.
[sfx: footsteps, distant city noises]
Hajun: ... [sigh] This place is still as much of a dump as ever.
[sfx: footsteps approaching]
Iori: Now, I'm fairly certain this ain't the kind of place a fancy young master like the son of the Yeon Conglomerate should be, is it?
Hajun: You're...?
Iori: Haven't seen each other since the opening show, have we?
Hajun: ... indeed.
Iori: I know you're worried about the sufferin' that the trap reactions cause, but... I can't recommend that back-alley doctor.
Hajun: Oh, don't tell me-- you were following me? That's quite a bad habit to be in.
Iori: Not at all, not at all! It's just a coincidence! I just happened to be passing by on my way to do a bit of business, that's all.
Hajun: Hm.
Iori: Heh. ... judgin' by your face, you don't believe me. Well, suit yourself. Either way. You really oughta stop seeing that doctor. I heard he used to be a researcher at Alter Trigger, but there's word on the street that he's been selling fake drugs for jacked up prices.
Hajun: I do not see how this is a matter that concerns you. If you've got no business with me, then--
Iori: Hold 'yer horses! I do have some business with you. That sweet little love letter I gave you after the last stage battle-- you had a chance to read it?
Hajun: By that, do you mean the proposal you gave me about allying myself with you to scare the Yeon Conglomerate?
Iori: Right on the money! That little propsal. ... well, it's you we're talkin' about, so I figure you've put in the research already. The people backing the Paradox Live, the ones who developed the phantometals-- they made all of this. The Alter Trigger company.
Hajun: The former Alter Trigger was dissolved after the side effects of phantometal use were identified, though.
Iori: S'right. But... they've been keepin' up their research on metal under the table. You oughta know this, right? It was the kind of research that gets government funding. It's not something they're just gonna let drop. But of course, there's also funding that happens under the table, too.
Hajun: What is it you're trying to say?
Iori: The Yeon Conglomerate is among those who are secretly funding them, is what I'm sayin'. You don't look surprised.
Hajun: Not at all. That sounds like something they would do. I don't need your assistance to get my hands on the records of the slush funds that the Yeon Conglomerate has been passing around. And besides that... my family are not the only ones who funded them, are they. The Suiseki did as well, didn't they?
Iori: Ooh, scary! So you've dug that deep.
Hajun: This level of investigation is basic. [giggle] You must keep your fangs sharp if you plan to take revenge, you understand.
Iori: Hah! Guess I gotta hand that to you! Why'd they ever let someone as smart as you go as their successor? I guess the Yeon Conglomerate don't have their priorities straight.
Hajun: Now, are you trying to pay me a compliment?
Iori: Of course I am! So then... what do you think?
Hajun: What do you mean, what do I think? About what?
Iori: About taking part in the Paradox Live. Do you think we were all just chosen by dumb luck?
Hajun: I suppose it's not really luck.
Iori: Mm. It's the Suiseki group for us, and BAE have the link to the Yeon Conglomerate. Danna-- Yohei, I mean... his unit, TCW, are facing a buyout of their bar for 10 billion yen, the exact same amount as the prize money, and as for those cozmez kids... ... well. I can't say for sure.
Hajun: So you're saying that the teams who were selected are, for the most part, connected in one way or another to Alter Trigger?
Iori: It's nice that you catch on quick. Why did we get picked? What's Alter Trigger planning to do beyond these little battle performances? It's good to keep things like that in mind.
Hajun: You do not have to tell me this. And, moreover.
Iori: Hm?
Hajun: I have no intentions of joining forces with you. My grudge against the Yeon Conglomerate is a rather personal matter to me. There is no point if I can't bring them to their knees with my own abilities.
Iori: Is that it? What a lovely way of lookin' at it. But I do hope you ain't pushin' yourself to do everything on your own. Nothin' good comes of putting yourself in that kind of position, for you or for your comrades.
Hajun: Hm. ... then our conversation here is over, isn't it? What a horrible atmosphere this place has. I'll be taking my leave.
Iori: Very businesslike of you, ain't it?
Hajun: I simply don't like wasting my time.
Iori: [sigh] ... your friends sure must be somethin' to be able to get along with you.
Hajun: What do you mean by that?
Iori: It means you have just the loveliest personality~! Don't read too much into it!
Hajun: Hmm.
Iori: Oh! Since we happened to meet here, I'll tell you somethin' real interesting.
Hajun: ... [sigh] And what is that?
[sfx: Iori stepping closer]
Iori: Lend me your ear for a second. ...
Hajun: ... huh!?
Iori: Ahah! You finally look surprised!
[sfx: phone buzzing]
Iori: Oh, I'm gettin' a call. Well, excuse me.
[sfx: beep]
Iori: ... ah, s'you, Reo. ... that so? How'd it go? You get anything?
Hajun: I really do not understand what's going on inside his head... but... Hm. Thank you for the information.

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