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Opening Show: cozmez Part

[sfx: men yelling, running, Kanata and Nayuta panting]

Kanata: Shit, these guys don't give up...!
Man 1: Hey! The brat went this way!
Nayuta: Kanata, this way!
Man 2: Get yer ass back here!
Kanata: Not a chance, jackass!
Nayuta: Kanata! Heads up!
Man 3: Hahaha, now, where d'you think you're going?
Man 1: [catching his breath] Haha... Givin' us the run-around like this... you little shits!
[sfx: punch, Kanata doubling over]
Nayuta: Kanata!!
Man 3: Acting like 'yer hot shit just because you got a phantometal, but you're still just brats, ain't you?
Kanata: [breathing heavily] ... don't you fucking dare touch Nayuta!
Man 2: Shut it! Hey, hold that other kid down!
[sfx: footsteps]
Kanata: Don't... you fucking dare... touch Nayuta!!
[sfx: Kanata rushing the men]
Man 3: What the fuck's up with this kid?
[sfx: Kanata flipping the fuck out on their asses, the men screaming]
Kanata: [breathing heavily] Don't fucking try me, you bastards...! [cough]

[sfx: slow footsteps]
Nayuta: Kanata... just a bit further. We got this.
[sfx: door opening]
Kanata: Ugh... made it... home...
[sfx: thud]


[sfx: train passing]

Kanata: Ugh...
Nayuta: Kanata? Are you awake?
Kanata: ... yeah. Nayuta.
Nayuta: You okay? You passed out.
Kanata: I'm fine, this is nothing. More importantly-- Nayuta, are you okay? How are you feeling?
Nayuta: Yeah, I'm fine.
Kanata: ... thank fuck. ... What time is it?
Nayuta: It's five.
Kanata: So I was out for about an hour...
Nayuta: Five PM.
Kanata: Huh? Then I was out for the whole day... ah, dammit. I'm hungry.
Nayuta: Me, too. But we don't have anything to eat.
Kanata: Ah... if I remember right, we got those guys' bags yesterday, right?
Nayuta: Now that you mention it...
Kanata: Maybe they'll have had something.
[sfx: rustling through a bag, pulling out something wrapped in plastic]
Kanata: Ooh. Jackpot.
Naytua: Oh? What'd you find?
Kanata: Custard cakes.
Nayuta: Ooh. Nice.
[sfx: plastic packaging]
Nayuta: Let's eat. I'm hungry.
Kanata: Yeah.
Nayuta: [muffled through a full mouth] Kanata.
Kanata: [also muffled through a full mouth] Hm?
Nayuta: Tasty.
Kanata: Mm.
Nayuta: ... Kanata. I'm sorry. It's because of me that...
Kanata: Don't say dumb shit like that.
Nayuta: ... [deep breath] Our performance yesterday was pretty good, wasn't it?
Kanata: Yeah. If we're getting paid, we make better illusions, too.
Nayuta: Speaking of getting paid... Kanata, didn't you say the other day that there was some big event going on? Para-whatever.
Kanata: Yeah. Paradox Live.
Nayuta: Yeah, that. When's that?
Kanata: C'mon, can't you remember anything? Ah, well. It's a month from today. It's a big one, so try to remember it.
Nayuta: Hmm... but it really is something. Ten billion yen as the prize. There's nothing you can't do with money like that.
Kanata: Yeah. We could eat as much delicious food as we want.
Nayuta: Ain't that a thought... [breath catching]
Kanata: Ah. You need water?
Nayuta: No, I'm good.
Kanata: 'Kay.
Nayuta: Thanks.
Kanata: ... and, if we had ten billion, we could go somewhere to find you a better doctor.
Nayuta: ... Kanata...
[sfx: rustling plastic]
Kanata: Here. Eat this.
Nayuta: I'm fine. You can eat it yourself.
Kanata: Don't be dumb. We've got to be prepared for the Paradox Live. Eat.
Nayuta: ... hmph. Thanks.
Kanata: Hey. What would you want to do with ten billion if you had it?
Nayuta: ... hm... what about you, Kanata?
Kanata: Me? I want... a house. A real big one. Clean and pretty. With a studio. We're gonna rise up and get out of this shithole we're in.
Nayuta: Nice! I think I'd want... a lot of clothes.
Kanata: Then we'll buy all the clothes you want.
Nayuta: Seriously?
Kanata: Seriously.
Nayuta: ... hehehe.
Kanata: ... hey. Those clothes over there. Were those always there?
Nayuta: Hehe. Nice, aren't they?
Kanata: Nayuta... you went off and bought them on your own again, didn't you? Don't we already have enough clothes?
Nayuta: I mean, it's fine, isn't it? We're gonna get use out of them on stage.
Kanata: We were going to use that money to upgrade our equipment-- aah! Come on... ugh, guess what's done is done...
Nayuta: Hehe. Sorry, Kanata.
Kanata: S'fine. Soon enough we're gonna have money to burn, after all. We won't have to live like we did when we were kids.
Nayuta: Right.
Kanata: People aren't going to believe it... if we had to go back to the way things were back then...
Nayuta: Hm?
Kanata: ... nothing. You're all I need, Nayuta. As long as you're here, I can do anything.
Nayuta: I feel the same. This whole world is garbage. There's no redeeming qualities.
Kanata: So let's rise up, just the two of us.
Nayuta: Yeah. ... so what kind of people are going to be turning up to that Paradox Live thing?
Kanata: Hell if I know. But whatever kind of people they are, it's gonna be a cakewalk for us, yeah?
Nayuta: Fair enough. ... ah. But. You have to promise me one thing.
Kanata: What's with the sudden formality?
Nayuta: I want you... to not overuse your phantometal.
Kanata: Ah?
Nayuta: It's just that recently... haven't you noticed that your trap reactions have been coming on faster than usual?
Kanata: ... I have no idea what you're talking about.
Nayuta: I think I heard, once, that if you overuse phantometal, it will start to swallow you u--
Kanata: That's got nothing to do with anything!
Nayuta: What are you getting mad about? I just-- ... I just don't want you to get bad, Kanata...
Kanata: ...
Nayuta: That's why I--
Kanata: ... ah, shut up! Trap reactions don't scare me! I'm not so weak that something like that's gonna kill me!
Nayuta: Don't put words in my mouth--!
Kanata: Look, Nayuta! This is our one chance to get out of here. When you're in a life or death match, there's no point holding back. You get that, don't you?
Nayuta: ...
[sfx: phone buzzing]
Kanata: ... the hell is it now...
[sfx: phone beeping]
Iori: [on phone] Yo! You doin' well? It's just lil' ol' me!
Kanata: ... ah. Hi.
Iori: [on phone] You think you can swing by my place? I'll be waitin'.
Kanata: [sigh] ... got it.
Nayuta: Who was that?
Kanata: Don't worry about it. Something came up is all. I'm going out for a bit.
Nayuta: Are you sure you're not hurt? I'll go with y--
Kanata: S'fine. You stay here.
Nayuta: ... fine. Got it.

[sfx: knocking]
Iori: C'mon in!
[sfx: door opening]
Iori: Sorry for always botherin' you to come around.
Kanata: What do you want me to do.
Iori: [laugh] No need to be in such a hurry! Nobody likes a guy who only thinks about the bottom line, y'know?
Kanata: ...
Iori: Ah, y'er such a killjoy. Well, here's the deal. I hear tell that there's a guy around these parts who's got some dirtmetal with a really high concentration of pure phantometal in it.
Kanata: ... do you think I don't have anything better to do than investigate every rumor you hear?
Iori: Ooh, you're on edge today, ain't'cha? Don't sweat it. I already had Zen figure out your marks, more or less. Should be fine if you just go investigate a few of them. This is a bit of a big one, so I'll give you an advance on the payment. I need it done by tomorrow morning.
Kanata: The sun's already going down, though. You seriously want me to work without sleeping?
Iori: Oi. Watch your mouth. What makes this so different from every other time?
Kanata: ...
Iori: So! I'll probably be keeping you busy this month, but--
Kanata: ... no. Sorry, but I'm gonna have to pass on this.
Iori: How rare. You sure you'll be alright?
Kanata: Yeah. I've got a bigger opportunity lined up. Bye.
Iori: A bigger opportunity, huh? Hm...
[sfx: door opening]


[sfx: footsteps, barking dogs, door opening]
Nayuta: ... Ah. Welcome back.
Kanata: Yeah. I'm home.
Nayuta: ... did something... happen?
Kanata: Nah.
Nayuta: ... Kanata. I think you need to sleep for now. You're exhausted, right?
Kanata: Huh? ... yeah. I'll just do that then.
Nayuta: You go ahead and go to sleep. I'm going to step outside for a bit.
Kanata: ... Nayuta...
Nayuta: I know. I won't be long.
Kanata: ... come on... fine. I won't go outside. But you really need to learn how to sleep by yourself, already.
Kanata: ... shuddup.
Nayuta: I'll turn off the lights, then.
[sfx: lights turning off, getting into bed]
Kanata: Nayuta.
Nayuta: Mm?
Kanata: Tomorrow we're gonna start on our song. The one for the Paradox Live.
Nayuta: Got it.
Kanata: ... that's all. Night.
Nayuta: Good night.


[sfx: birds, train passing, keyboard tapping]
Nayuta: Mm... what are we going to do for the hook, though?
Kanata: Hm... you're right. We need to amp it up...
Nayuta: At this rate, just making the track is gonna take all day.
Kanata: Why are you acting like you're not used to it? We've been doing this since we were little, after all.
Nayuta: You look like you're in a much better mood than you were yesterday, Kanata.
Kanata: It's just because we're working on rap. I like rap. It lets us turn our shitty background into a weapon that we can use to take everyone else down.
Nayuta: Yeah. We definitely will.
[sfx: fiddling with buttons]
Kanata: It's not the upper part of the track... I think the hook should be something like... a dizzy feeling and super cold...
Nayuta: You're really good at making songs like that, aren't you?
Kanata: Of course. I'm a genius at this, after all.
Nayuta: Pfft. Don't get a big head, idiot.
Kanata: Heh... ah... hold on, hold on, I think I've got something!
Nayuta: Ah?
Kanata: Aaah, man, I'm not gonna be able to rest until it's done...!
Nayuta: It's good to be enthusiastic, but you shouldn't push yourself too hard, alright? We've got to go up against all of the other teams in this competition, right? That means we're going to have to make a lot of songs.
Kanata: I'll make as many songs as we need.
Nayuta: Right, but saying that, not just any song will do the job, you know?
Kanata: Of course I know that. We have to make songs based on the theme they give us for each round, yeah?
Nayuta: Sounds like a pain in the ass.
Kanata: Well. Whatever stipulations they put on us, it doesn't matter. We're going to win either way.
Nayuta: Right. But of course, we do have to go all-out from the get-go. We'll show them that our power is on on a completely different level from them. We'll shut everyone up.
Kanata: We'll hit them hard with our sick lyrics and track. Everyone else is just going to be blowing half-assed smoke for their lyrics, anyway. That shit isn't real hip hop.
Nayuta: Mm. Let's show those losers living the life of luxury what the real deal is.
Kanata: We're going to win.


Kanata: Is that Club Paradox?
Nayuta: Whoaaa. Lotta people.
Kanata: Pain in the ass... do all of these people got nothing better to do?
Nayuta: Wouldn't it be fun to rip all of them off?
Kanata: For real.
Nayuta: Well, whatever. The ten billion is as good as ours, so who gives a shit about the fine details?
Kanata: Haha... you're right.
Nayuta: Ah. But, you know...
Kanata: Hm?
Nayuta: Aren't these clothes nice?
Kanata: Ahh... I guess they are. Guess it's a good idea as always to let you dress us, Nayuta.
[sfx: crowd noises]
Kanata: Tch... more people are showing up... what a pain. Let's get our asses inside.
[sfx: walking]
Man 4: Hey! Look at those guys! Aren't those guys cozmez?
Man 5: For real!? In the flesh? I've never seen them before! Daaamn! Ah-- I wonder if they'd give me a handshake...
Man 4: Don't be an idiot! ... but doesn't Nayuta -- the younger one -- have sort of a dangerous aura to him in the flesh? ... ah, shit! Eye contact!
Kanata: Oi. What are you looking at, shitty four-eyes?
Man 4: Eh--?
[sfx: Kanata grabbing the mob]
Kanata: You had something to say just now, didn't you? Speak up and say it clearly, why don't you?
Man 4: Ah, no, I just...
Kanata: The fuck'd you say about Nayuta, huh!?
Nayuta: Kanata, just drop it!
Man 4: I-- I didn't say anything, it's fine...
Kanata: Tch...
Nayuta: Don't go picking fights with patrons, Kanata.
Kanata: [sigh] Fine.
Nayuta: ... but even saying that. People sure feel free to talk about us, don't they.
Kanata: Shit's the same no matter where we go. But it's not like we've ever had anyone else in our corner, anyway.
Nayuta: True enough.
Kanata: Nayuta.
Nayuta: Hm?
Kanata: I'm going to rise up out of here. But I can't do it alone. If you're not there, there's no point.
Nayuta: I feel the same way. Kanata.
Kanata: Let's break out of this shitty world. The two of us. Together. If that's what we're aiming for, I'll give it everything I've got.

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