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Note that with the exception of Anne, all names are presented in Eastern order (family name precedes given name).

A New-School, Charismatic Team Consisting of Three Diverse Members
A team made up of three students who all attend the same private international university. They believe in living their lives as they see fit, without being constrained by stereotypes or conventional wisdom. They live together in a luxury apartment owned by Hajun. They specialize in genre-blending, cutting-edge hiphop that blends Japanese, English, and Korean lyrics and trends.

The Cat's Whiskers

A Solitary, Dignified Group Consisting of Four Members
With old friends and unitmates Saimon and Yohei forming the core, the current group was formed by the addition of Ryu and Shiki. They can oft be found working at Bar 4/7 ("Seven-Four"), a jazz bar owned by Saimon. They're acclaimed for their timeless compositions with a jazzy sound.


Downer Style Brothers From the Wrong Side of the Tracks With No Faith In Society
Orphans who grew up without knowing their parents' faces. After managing to escape from an orphanage, they survived by winning prize money in rap battles. As they've supported each other their whole lives, they are incredibly codependent. Their melancholy, realistic lyrics about their troubled lives overwhelm the listener.

Akan Yatsura

Tight-Knit Five-Man Gangster Unit
A five-man team with a strong sense of honor. They used to be members of a large yakuza clan that is no more, following a particular incident. With Iori at the center, this team has a bond that transcends blood ties. Their appeal is their intense, passionate music that brings together their different flows and overwhelms the audience.


Mysterious Legendary Unit, Pioneers of the Phantom Live Scene


Four-Man Idol Unit Fighting Their Way Back From the Brink
An idol group who, at the height of their popularity, were pushed to the edge of disbanding when their center left the group. Although each member has great skill, their now-gone center was such an outstanding force that they now stand in the shadow of his departure and are treated as leftovers. They're betting everything on their last chance to prove themselves as idols.


Zaibatsu Master-and-Servant Unit That Crushes All Resistance
A two-MC unit consisting of Yeon Dongha, Hajun's younger half-brother, and Baek Chungsung, the Yeon family butler. In order to crush Hajun of BAE in a phantom live, they took the mic with the aim of reigning as absolute champions. They are characterized by elegant music and aggressive, venomous lyrics.

Ethereal Three-Man Unit Led By an Overwhelming Genius
Three artists with incredibly high Phantometal affinity, capable of producing unique illusions. The leader, Kei, used to be the center of VISTY, but left the group for personal reasons. Now, the three members of 1Nm8 live under one roof. The otherworldly atmosphere they create while performing moves the heart of anyone who listens.

Criminal Four-Man Unit Coming From a Prison
The highest-ranking rappers in their "prison rap" scene, and their skills are renowned. They employ hard-hitting rap with lyrics biting back at society and their dissatisfaction at their own circumstances. Their stage presence, complemented by their radical lyrics and unique delivery, is overwhelming.