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Anthem Pre-Release Content Calendar Sugoroku

As a means of announcing dates for pre-release contents and information for the then-upcoming third album "ANTHEM", a sugoroku board was posted-- basically a very simple board game. I translated and typeset it here, with a transcription below!


  • 1. Saimon comes to help out at Bar 4/7, so Kanbayashi prepares a meal for him.
  • 2. VISTY hold a Stella Live and get energized by all of the Stellas. Move Forward One Space
  • Stop. 2/1: Special Contents
  • 3. Anne struggles with drawing up ideas for a design, so Hajun brews them some herbal tea and they take a break. Move Forward Two Spaces
  • 4. Nayuta is washing his favorite clothes when a strong wind blows them away, and he becomes depressed. Skip a Turn
  • 5. Dongha organizes his private library of Hajun Countermeasure Notes, and is very pleased.
  • 6. Inukai is depressed after forgetting to record a travel program, so Ryoga offers him a cigarette.
  • Stop. 2/10: Special Contents
  • 7. While on a walk, Rokuta asks Kei to buy him some karaage, satiating Rokuta's heart and stomach alike
  • 8. cozmez eat to their hearts' content at Raimentei and so they're both in a good mood. Move Forward One Space
  • 9. Kenta gets banned from a game for being too toxic, and Shion laughs at him for it. Move Backwards Three Spaces
  • 10. Chisei and Haruomi are feeling refreshed after spending time in the sauna. Move Forward One Space
  • Stop. 2/23: Special Conents
  • 11. Shiki drinks Ryu-kun's Special Komodo Dragon-Style Strawberry-and-Blowfish Juice, and now his stomach hurts. Return to Start
  • 12. Itsuki finds a mysterious loose screw in teh kitchen, and decides to search the house. Move Backwards Two Spaces
  • 13. Chungsung brings lunch to Dongha at school. He is punished for being one second late. Move Forward Two Spaces
  • 14. Hokusai wins a sukiyaki set in a store lottery. Akan Yatsura have a lovely dinner. Move Forward One Space
  • Stop. 3/1 onwards: Bonus Stage
  • 15. On Iori's suggestion, Akan Yatsura all go to karaoke. The room is as lively as a festival.
  • 16. Positive reviews of Raimentei start getting around, and Haruomi has to deal with crowds. Skip a Turn
  • 17. Shogo obtains a limited-edition cake and enjoys a snack with the rest of VISTY.
  • 18. Allen comes to the record store, but forgot his wallet at home and has to go back to retrieve it. Move Backwards Two Spaces
  • Goal 3/27: Paradox Live 3rd Album "ANTHEM" releases!