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Paradox Live: The Animation

Paradox Live's anime adaptation, Paradox Live: The Animation, began airing in October 2023 with a single 12-episode cour. This page is a central resource for all things related to the anime!

The series is scheduled to premiere at 23:00 (11:00 PM) JST every Tuesday in the 2023 Autumn anime season, except for a scheduled one-week break where no episode will air on November 14.

The series has been picked up for English-language international distribution by Crunchyroll, and may be distributed by other holders in various Asian regions. Subtitled episodes go up at 00:00 JST on Wednesdays, one hour after the Japanese release of the episode. A special edition stream VOD is available for video rental via Mahocast and Zaiko.


Check out my Episode Guide for a rundown of each episode as it aired!

Prerelease Information

For a recap of when things were announced in the leadup to the anime's airing, check out my Anime Pre-release page!

Oshi Quizlet

In preparation for the release of the anime, a shindan quizlet was released to help newcomers determine who their oshimen might be. I translated and mirrored it here!