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4th Anniversary Popup Store

On this page you'll find some information about the popup store that was held for the 4th anniversary!
In the near future we'll have a proper original writeup (my co-translator was able to go in person), but for starters: the official twitter account for the popup posted images of the special item displays, one per group, with special in-character commentary posted in the replies! These are archived (and in the case of the comments, translated) here!

BAE outfit designs

BAE: Outfit design sketches

"I really wanted to pull out all the stops for this event, so I wanted to create costumes that would make us feel good while we were wearing them!
There are a lot of varied pieces that pull from the 80s, the 90s, and Y2K too.
The overall vibe is kind of disco-y, but I tried to keep the silhouettes on-trend!" - Anne Faulkner

TCW's 4/7 Signboard

TCW: Bar 4/7 Signboard

"This was the sign we put out on the day we went to the live show.
I wanted to keep a tangible memory of the time that we all worked so hard together, so this is a precious treasure." - Ando Shiki

cozmez's lyric notebook

cozmez: "Two Crowns" lyric notebook

"That's not something you can just show off to people. Give it back, now." - Yatonokami Kanata

Akan Yatsura's calligraphy

Akan Yatsura: Post-Road to Legend Commemorative Calligraphy

"The brush strokes are full of aniki's spirit! And that spirit is overflowing with manliness! Aniki is so fucking cool!" - Satsuki Ito

VISTY's magazine cover

VISTY: Autographed "PUNCHLINE" special feature magazine

"This was from when we were selected to participate in the Paradox Live! A special cover featuring the four of us... I was really overwhelmed with emotion!" - Yamato Shogo

AMPRULE's bell

AMPRULE: Engraved bell that was not selected by Dongha

"I ordered two bells for Dongha-bocchama to select between for when he calls for me... because of my most egregious failures, it seemed that Bocchama was made to feel uncomfortable.
Presented before you is the bell that Bocchama used when he disciplined me, idiot that I am." - Baek Chungsung

1Nm8's piano sheet music

1Nm8: A song that brings back memories for the three of us

"This is a song that I wrote to play with Rokuta that is meant to evoke the memories I've made.
Not only did it lead to me being reconnected with Rokuta, from whom I had been separated, but it enabled me to connect with Itsuki as well.
To me, this song is a very precious one that I will never forget, no matter how much time passes." - Miyama Kei

GokuLuck's release request form

GokuLuck: Release request form

"Inmates need special permission to leave the prison; this is the application form I have to fill out." - Inukai Yuto